Friday, August 19, 2011

Casual Fridays!

Whenever I'm not promoting a book or giving a review, I'd like to open up Fridays for any questions of comments you all have. Or anything you'd like to discuss!  I'll tell you a bit about my week and what I'm up to, and please do the same!  It will be a nice way to end the week.

This week, I've been working furiously on Veil of Pearls. It's due Sept 9th (I got a one week extension!)  and it's coming along. First draft is done and I'm going through each line, each paragraph, each scene to add, tweak, expound, alter, whatever it needs!  I think you're going to like this one. At least I hope so. The theme is Fear of Man. It's about compromising one's principals and beliefs in order to be counted among the popular crowd. I think there's a lot of that going around these days, don't you?  I know I struggled with it as a young girl. I mean, who doesn't want to be liked? valued?  The trouble comes when you try and gain that from a fickle crowd that wants you to comform to their idea of being "cool".    My heroine gets into a heap of trouble when she gets caught up in a world of parties and dances and plays and gorgeous gowns and handsome men. It's not so different than a young girl today who drinks or smokes or offers herself just so she will be liked by the "in" crowd.   Can you relate? Know anyone like that?

Well, other than writing, I've gone on walks, done a lot of praying, talked to my Mom in Tenn twice, cooked, cleaned, gone grocery shopping, pulled weeds, talked with my kids, and brushed my cats. Yes, and both yelled and cried at the news on TV! Oh, and I hosted a Bible study in my home last night.  Ah, the exciting life of an author!! 

What about you?


  1. Fri Aug 19th,
    "Morning, MaryLu."
    Just finished reading "Surrender the Dawn" ... good work, MaryLu ! I "purposely" tried 'taking longer to read it' ... just so it wouldn't be over so quickly !!! Really enjoyed the historical-part about Francis Scott Key, and him penning the words to create your National Anthem -- "The Star-Spangled Banner" ... very interesting, and something I did not know.
    Very much looking forward to "Veil of Pearls" ... and yes, the story sounds totally relatable to our day-and-age. But, your stories are always relevant to 'now'. I'm sure in many various ways, we "all" struggle with -- trying to 'fit in with the crowd', to be liked, and to be popular. Standing up to first being true to God, and, then - to yourself ... is not easy. (Especially, when others don't always understand.)
    Yes, the news has hardly been anything to brag about of late, has it ? Very discouraging, to say the least. However, we knew these perilous times would come, in the latter days. We just keep praying, and, looking up.
    Sounds like you've been a busy girl; right up to hosting a Bible study. Way to go !!!
    Speaking of "brushing cats" ... Misty is overdue for some "serious brushing" ... there is fur everywhere, including some being swallowed down her little throat !
    Well .... keep-on -- adding, tweaking, expounding, altering ... and I'm sure you'll be ready by Sept 9th ! Have a great wknd.
    Take care, and, God Bless,
    In Him, Brenda Hurley

  2. Beautiful cover and sounds like a great book!

  3. I like the idea of casual Fridays. :-)
    And your book sounds *fantastic*, as always!
    For me, most of my week has been consumed by preparations for the new semester that starts next week. :-P I also went and saw the movie "The Help" last night - it was very well done and impactful.

  4. Veil of Pearls sounds great, MaryLu, I can't wait to read it. As I already told you, I finished reading 'Surrender the Dawn' last night and I loved it. You have made history interesting for me. I hated it growing up, too boring. I have already posted 14 reviews. I had to stop to get some sleep. Anyway, my week consisted of preparing for my grandson's birthday party, catching up on my scrap booking, writing in my journals, doing laundry, fighting off ants, working on my granddaughter's quilt and writing/editing devotions. Now, I need to sit down and prepare my Sunday School lesson. Busy, busy, busy! :)
    God bless your weekend! *hugs*

  5. Thank you so much, Brenda. I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I loved Luke and Cassandra's story! And many people don't know the story of how our national anthem came to be.
    Yes, it is hard to stand apart for God these days because we will be made fun of and we won't be popular. Especially hard for kids.. which is why I'm writing this story.
    Thanks D'anne!
    Sapphire, is it time for school to start alread? My goodness. I know things will get busy for you soon. I'll check out "The Help". I hadn't heard or it before. I saw a great movie recently. "Soul Saver". Highly recommended.
    Debbie, you sound very busy too! Quilting and devotions and ants!!
    Enjoy your weekend, ladies!

  6. Hello! My week was interesting. My grandfather and cousins on my ma's side of the family came out to visit us and then on Thursday headed up to see Mount Rushmore.
    They left while I was at school, which I wasn't too happy about.
    It was my first day of school and today is my second. Today went better because I've found I am completely capable of the work and I'm determined to do it right. People's prayers must have been answered because I'm totally okay with school now. I love it again! Yay! lol I decorated my locker with photos of my family and a "Never give up" poster to keep me sane.
    This weekend I have to go school shopping and on Sunday is Church of course. We've lived here two years and have gone to three different churches. The first had like fifteen people and that wasn't what we were looking for. The next was good at first but suddenly his sermons got long-winded with nothing satisfying. I wasn't hearing God so we changed chruches again. Now the church we go to, only once so far, seems to be the right one. The message was straight from the Bible, we sang hymns and modern songs, and they did communion the way I knew in New Hampshire. So I can't wait to go to church this time!
    As for Veil of Pearls, I can't wait! I can't imagine how hard it is and how much stress comes from writing a novel. I couldn't even write an introduction paragraph for my essay today without feeling like I was going insane.
    I can say without having to think twice that there's a lot of people compromising their principles and beliefs in order to be cool. You are right. Everyone wants to be liked. However, I met someone today that I oberserved without her knowing just by overhearing her too-loud chatter. She's one of the "cool" ones but she has NO values. She insulted me without knowing it and I later ovserved that she acted all innocent like what she'd said earlier never happened. Too innocent I rolled my eyes a LOT in 45 minutes--not that she saw me! She can be wrapped as "A wolf in sheeps clothing." I'm glad I don't want to be "cool" because I don't want to be anything like that girl.
    Anyways, I love the theme of Veil of Pearls. You're absolutely right that a lot of young girls need the message I'm sure you'll have wrapped up in that novel.
    I'm sure it will be wicked good like the rest of your books.
    I have finished Surrender the Dawn and I LOVE it! I must read the whole series again! Luke was always my favorite!
    Oh, and what was on the news on TV?

  7. Oh and the above comment is mine. I forgot to sign my name. lol

  8. MaryLu, the topic of your post this morning, meaning the main theme in Veil of Pearls, was not so coincidental when I read it. Just last night, I went to my youth group and the topic was on compromising and being able to stand up under peer pressure... also on conforming to others. So, when I read this this morning it hit me square in the gut and heart. It's always been something I've struggled with personally, but the extra message from God this morning after the amazing message last night was a reminder for me to not conform to what others want and not try to be something I'm not.

    I don't think I know of a single person in my life and age group right now (14-18ish) who doesn't struggle with compromising and giving in to peer pressure, honestly. Both females and males do, just in some different ways.

    Anyway, I'm looking forward to a relaxing weekend and cannot wait until Veil of Pearls comes out! It sounds great!

    Nicole S
    P.S. I finished reading Surrender the Dawn - it's one of my absolute favorites! Great work! :)

  9. Abigail, I'm so glad to hear that the first couple days of school have gone well! And that you are comfortable and confident that you can keep up and do the work. I'm also glad you think you've found a church. IT seems to be harder and harder these days to find a church where God's Spirit is present and God's Word is preached. I'm sorry to hear about that girl at your school. Thrilled that you recognize her behavior and don't want to be like her. We should pray for her and all like her. I fear for this generation. I really do.
    What's on the news? Nothing but bad stressful stuff! Our economy, no jobs, unrest, attacks in Israel, Syria and even Europe on fire with protests! Come, Jesus!

    Nicole, it must have been a God-thing because Thursday night I had no idea what I should post about.. so just rambled on about Veil. I have struggled with this too my whole life.. I'm finally better now in middle age but it's really been a long journey. Looking back, I see how trying to fit in caused me great pain and heartache. And I've also learned that I only care now about pleasing God. Peoples opinions are like waves at sea... they come and go, swell and dip, make alot of noise and then fade. They are of no consequence. Hang in there. Keep your eyes above!

  10. Yes, there is a lot of Fear of Man going on around these days. I agree. Its funny because when it comes down to the day you have to answer to God it will only matter if you had Fear of the Lord. :)
    I dont think that I have ever went to the extreme to be like the "popular" crowd, because I new I didnt like those kids. However, I understand how many people are like that- almost everyone. (especially young ones) The pressure is heavy. I guess with strong faith you will turn to God's approval instead.
    My little sister should really read this story...if only she would read something other than mysteries. Humm.
    Cant wait to read Veil of Pearls!

    Sounds like your week was busy, MaryLu. My moms birthday was on Wednesday and my aunt and grandma are visiting on Saturday. But usually I dont have anything going on. Although, I do get to be with my little baby brother all day. :) Which is a blessing that never fails to bring me joy.

  11. I finished Surrender the Dawn too. I realised I knew more about this war than I thought I did. I knew the story behind the Star Spangled Banner and how the writer was imprisoned on ship and how he saw the flag and penned the song. I didn't realise it was this war I though it was the war of independence.
    loved the story.
    this past week I did some study but not enough. went shopping for interview clothes only to come home empty handed Seems slacks or dressy pants dont have a waist for those like me who tend to lose the weight there and have a waist! So frustrating as all my skirts and slacks are to lose thanks to losing weight which I do appreciate.
    I am now in the job hunting game.

  12. Tori, how cool that you love being with your little brother! Usually siblings fight and don't get along. That is so sweet!
    And good for you for not caving into the pressure to comform to this world.
    Jenny, yes, most people think that the Star Spangled Banner was written in the Revolutionary War.
    Congrats on losing weight! That's not easy. But it's too bad you can't find pants that fit. I have that problem because I'm really small but don't want to wear Teenager clothes! What sort of job are you looking for?

  13. Im looking for admin work. I have to admit it was getting sick that started me losing the weight then I wanted to keep some of it off. Of course not wanting chocolate has really helped!
    my issues is I lose weight around the waist first and most things at present dont have a waist on them.

  14. I'll be praying for a great job for you, Jenny! And getting sick is a great way to lose weight. You must have been sick if you didn't want chocolate!!

  15. I LOVE that cover! This past week was all about getting Matt ready to leave for college. He left on Saturday. I missed you last night! Hope to see you soon.