Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wordless Wednesday!

Hang on! Rough seas ahead!


  1. It looks so real and adventurous! I like it a lot.

    Shelby Z.

  2. Awesome! I do believe I will be gettin' a bit sick up in me crow's nest; the waters be a bit choppy fer me taste. Permission to abandon me post 'til we pass this here storm, Cap'n? LOL

  3. Me again. Just wondering if those are sea monsters in the background.

  4. Thanks Shelby!
    Debbie, premission granted to come down on deck until the waves subside a bit! And no. Me thinks they be palm trees and the like, not sea monsters. However, we best get the guns ready just in case! Sharp shooters to the tops!

  5. This is sooo awesome! I want to be on that ship, pirates and adventures are screaming from it!
    Whats that in the background- a sea monster?
    Really like this! Reminds me a little of Blackbeard's ship- from POTC

    I got your bookmarks and magnets, MaryLu. Thank you. I put them around my library. Hope some people pick them up!
    Have a great weekend!