Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wordless Wednesday!

Canada has tall ships too!


  1. Wed Dec 28th,
    "Morning, MaryLu."
    Well ... Bless your heart !!! Did you put this picture in to bless/excite your 'Canadian friends', perchance ???? It worked !!! I've never seen this one before ... but was most excited to see all of the red, maple leafs (our Canadian sympbol), along with our Country's flag ! Thanks, MaryLu !!! What a neat photograph ... I just might have to make this my desktop wallpaper for a while ! Too cool ! I love the ship, the clouds, sky, water, rocks, and seagulls !!! Notice how they are leaving the night behind (see the stars) ... and then coming into daylight ! Just love it !!!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Take care, and, God Bless,
    In Him, Brenda Hurley

  2. Holy moly, it is already Wednesday?! This week is flying by!

  3. Emma, your comment made me laugh :)

    Brenda, you're right! There are stars behind them. I wouldn't have noticed that.

    There are so many sails!! It's beautiful, with the red leaves, and the water and sky around them.. MaryLu, would you ever set a story in Canada?

  4. Love it! My new desktop :D

  5. Oh, I'm so glad you all liked this one! I thought it was Gorgeous! I was stunned to find a picture of a Canadian ship! Not to mention the beautiful sky and water.. and like Brenda said, dawn is breaking, pushing the darkness aside.

    A story in Canada? Hmm.. You never know. I know Canada has some really interesting history. I just don't know much about it. Funny, but I don't know of any books set in Canada. Why is that?

    And yes, Emma. It's Wednesday. LOL

  6. I don't know of any books set in Canada either... but maybe that's because we're not in Canada? I don't know.

  7. I love this picture. It looks so cool!

  8. Love this picture! Like Brenda, I was excited to see my country's symbol and colours on the ship. A story set in Canada would be intriguing... :)
    We live in a small town on the shores of Lake Huron, and along our beach there are tales of shipwrecks and mystery just waiting to be told.
    Every summer a bag-piper plays his pipes from the top of the lighthouse at the harbour... remembering the story of a ship lost in the storm long ago. Because of the storm, the sailors had no visual of land, and as night fell, lost hope of being saved from the wild waters. They suddenly heard a sound in the distance, and steered the ship in that direction until they found land. A lone piper stood on the beach playing his pipes, leading the crew to safety. I think a local author has put the story into book form, and now our town features the lone bag-piper, playing his pipes at sunset. :)

  9. Oh, I love that story, Caroline! I know there are many exciting tales like that one set upon the Great Lakes. I mean.. some of those Lakes are like oceans, anyway. Someday, I'll have to do research on Canada and see what I come up with. It's a whole area that's completely untapped in the Christian Market.

  10. Caroline, that's an awesome story! :)

  11. Ahhhh....Canada! I met three very interesting Canadian band members and they were really all the mean talk of Canada's trash!

  12. Caroline, that is a very neat story!
    This is reminding me of The Last of the Mohicans...Lake Huron...isn't that mentioned?
    Of course there was no bagpipe players...and they weren't on ships...nevermind! lol