Thursday, March 29, 2012

When did Charles Town, South Carolina change to Charleston?

Charleston, South Carolina was originally named Charles Town after the British monarch King George I. However in 1783 after the American Revolution, the city was in turmoil due to many returning Loyalists (loyal to Britain) seeking to return to their home and set up permanent residency as well as British merchants wanting to sell their wares. Attacks on Loyalists were all too common. By June of that year four men had been murdered.

Dr. David Ramsay observed that "A spirit has gone forth among the lower class of people to drive away certain persons whom they call Tories". In July public meetings of the laboring classes called for the expulsion of the British merchants and Tories. Instead the city legislature changed the name of the city from Charles Town to Charleston and corrected the pronunciation to sound more like "CHAHLston" as a way of announcing their independence from Britain.


  1. Thurs March 29th,
    "Morning, MaryLu."
    Thank-you for this piece of history. I did not know that about the changing of 'Charles Town' ... to 'Charleston' (or 'CHAHLston' as they pronounce it).
    Never really being a 'lover of history' in years gone by ... I think Pearl Harbour opened my eyes up, last year. Suddenly ... history is becoming more interesting to me !!!
    There now ... I've just learned something "new" again, today !!!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Take care, and, God Bless,
    In Him, Brenda Hurley

  2. Thanks for posting this little bit of history. After going to Charleston last year and then reading "Charles Towne Belles", it brought that info to life. And I believe I remember that mansion that you posted the pic of. Those homes were just gorgeous! Wish I could've taken the time to tour them all. :) Have a great day, MaryLu!

  3. Wow, I had no idea! That is very interesting. I have never been there, but I always wanted to visit!

  4. Hmm...I didn't know that. Thanks for sharing. It amazes me how much you have gotten me to actually enjoy history. Hehe Keep the facts coming!

  5. I've always loved history :) Thanks for starting this new "series"! I'm excited.

    I have a question.. In your book series it's called Charles Towne, with an e on the end. Is that just a different spelling?

  6. That is so interesting! I never knew that. Thanks for sharing! I had always wondered why they changed it. :D

  7. That's right, Brenda. You visited Pearl Harbor, didn't you? I've been there too. Very sobering. But I've always loved history.

    Angi, isn't Charleston gorgeous? I could have stayed another week.. so much to see. I never made it out to a plantation.

    I'll try to keep these short and interesting each week. We'll see. Thanks for stopping by, everyone! Makes me feel that at least I'm not posting in vain.

    And Sarah, Charles Towne Belles was just a different spelling. Some history books have the 'e' on the end.. others don't. I sort of liked the 'e'. Made it seem more historic. ;-)

  8. I've been wondering about that, but haven't taken the time to look it up. Thanks for sharing. ;-)

  9. Okay : ) I like it better with the e on the end, too.

    And no, you're definitely not posting in vain!! Sometimes I forget or don't have time to check blogger, and then I've got like a week or two worth of your posts to read, but I do read them eventually. I don't always have something to comment, but I do read them and love them!