Saturday, March 10, 2012

Win THREE free books or an Amazon Gift Certificate!

CONTEST is OFFICIALLY OVER!  Thank you all for entering.

Winners are: Caroline McAllister, Micah Widdis, Amanda Davis, Heather Manning, Teresa Matthews, Kelli, Jennifer Whitney, Tracy Cooper, Faith Hope and Cherry Tea, and Barb Hudson!!

I'm have a huge contest to try and bump up my fans on Facebook and also gather more Newsletter subscribers!

I'm giving away TEN 3-book prize packages. Yes.. that's ten lucky winners! The books will come from my awesome collection of wonderful reads that I'm sure you'll enjoy!  They are all new Inspirational Romances.

Here's all you have to do to enter

Your name will be entered for each thing you accomplish. That's 7 times your name could be entered. 

Also, when I reach 750 "Likes" on my Facebook Fan Page, I'll be selecting FIVE names who will each receive a $20 Amazon Gift Certificate!  So, tell your friends!! 

When you accomplish any of the tasks above, please either leave a comment on this blog post or send an email to with your name, email, and precisely what you did, and your name will be entered the appropriate number of times. Sound good?

Will you help me??  
Contest ends Friday March 23rd!!!! 


  1. Hey! I am Lydia and I liked 10 of your books on amazon! My email is

  2. Linda Valenzuela
    signed up for the newsletter
    liked your Facebook page

  3. I signed up for the newsletter.

    Liked on Facebook.

    Shared on Facebook.

    Shared on Twitter.

    Bought Charles Towne Belles Trilogy
    plan to review and post on my blog.

    I also have some of your books on my TBR/Wishlist.

    Liked several of your books on Amazon.

    Did not see how to like on B&N.

    I liked several of your books on CBD.


    Thanks for the great giveaway!
    Have a Blessed Day,
    Patricia aka Mamaw

  4. Hi, I am Paula. I signed up for the newsletter, liked on facebook and liked 5 of your books on Amazon. Thanks for the giveaway.

  5. Hello MaryLu, cant believe another Paula got here before me, I too am Paula from Ga and I am love to read good books. I found your site today on facebook and love the nautical scenes and talk. thanks for sharing your blog,reviews and book giveaways. I have signed up for the newsletter and also liked you on facebook, please enter me in your drawing.
    Paula O(

  6. My name is Leah D.
    I liked your books on Amazon.
    I tried to like them on Barnes and Noble but I didn't see where to do it.
    I have also written reviews to almost all your books on Amazon and on Goodreads.
    I signed up for you newsletter.

  7. Hey Marylu! Nice contest! Especially since I'm going to win
    My email is I know, I made the email up when I was 12. Super tacky, but I don't really want to go through the trouble of changing it...Haha!
    Anyway, I signed up for your newsletter, liked you on facebook, liked I think all of your books on amazon, Liked them all on barnesandnoble, and wrote a review on amazon for the redemption!

  8. Oh, wait, the review on amazon was for the restitution, not the redemption. I got the titles mixed up! :)

  9. Hi MaryLu I just signed up for your newsletter. I had already like ML:SRoFB. I liked 6 of your books on amazon. I also put up a review of THE REDEMPTION on amazon.

  10. Hi MaryLu! I "Liked" your FB page a few days ago, posted your FB Swashbuckling page on my FB, signed up for your newsletter, "Liked" "Surrender the Night" at Amazon, and am now, leaving a comment! LOL! Will review and post after I read. Best wishes!


  11. Hi MaryLu!

    Signed up for your newsletter.
    Liked your facebook page.
    Recommended your books on twitter (link:!/gwengage)
    Liked "Surrender the Heart" on Facebook.
    Liked "Surrender the Heart" on B&N.
    Review to come later. :-)


    Thanks for this opportunity to win some great books! :-)

  12. Hi I signed up for the newsletter

  13. Hi, I liked your facebook page

  14. Shared your facebook page on facebook. Not sure how to do it on Twitter

  15. I signed up to receive your newsletter.

    I liked you on Facebook.

    I liked your books on Amazon.

    I liked your books on Barnes & Nobel

  16. Shared your page on Facebook. :-)

  17. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! I've got all your names entered the appropriate number of times in the contest. If you end up doing anything else.. just leave another comment or shoot me an email.
    God Bless!

  18. Hi MaryLu,
    I signed up for your mailing list on your website. Please enter me in your contest.
    Your blog and website are very beautiful and fun places to visit.
    Nice job!

  19. I already subscribe to your newsletter. Thanks for hosting the giveaway :) :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather ;)

  20. I like your author page on Facebook, too :) :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather ;)

  21. I shared your FAcebook author page on my Facebook page...AND I'll also post a link this giveaway under that same post ;) :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather ;)

  22. Hello MaryLu! I just shared your link to my Facebook page... Thanks! :)


  23. I liked your Facebook page. :)

  24. I liked you on Facebook and you have several reviews posted by me on Amazon plus lots of other places.
    jrs362 at hotmail dot com

  25. signed up to your newsletter with my email: balintnati(at)gmail(dot)com

  26. liked your page on FB: Natália Anna B.


  27. shared your page on FB!


  28. shared your page on twitter:!/heysowhathey/status/178886912973602816


  29. Liked 'Veil of pearls' on Amazon, I was the 28th liker.


  30. Liked Veil of pearls on B&N: added to favourites and liked on FB.


  31. Hi MaryLu,

    Thanks for the chance to read your masterpieces...I 'liked' your books on

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  32. I signed up for the newsletter, like your page on facebook and also shared the page on facebook.
    Kacie Woodmansee

  33. Hi Mary Lu,

    I signed up for your newsletter
    I liked your on facebook.


  34. There's always room on my bookshelves for more of MaryLu Tyndall.I'm doing the first four things and if I haven't yet reviewed the last book of yours I read, I'll do that.
    Love you, MaryLu!

  35. I just signed up for your newsletter.
    I am a bit curious as to what might be in it...hopefully it's more or less like the blog, which I used to follow quite regularly. I have to admit I've been out of the loop for a while, got out of the habit while doing a lot of traveling. Hopefully I'll be around more often these days. BTW finally got to read the Destiny series recently. Yesterday at Sunday dinner I lectured my family on everything I learned about the War of 1812 from your books haha!

    Diane S.

  36. Hey! Wow, this is too awesoe a giveaway to pass up! Let's see...I am already signed up to get your newsletter, I like your page on FB, I've shared about your page on FB, shared about your page on Twitter, liked your Surrender to Destiny series on Amazon, and wrote a review for Surrender the Dawn. :-) Thanks for all the extra ways to enter!

    ~ Katie

  37. Hi, I am already signed up for your newsletter. I liked all your books on Amazon, but couldn't figure out how to on Barnes and Noble. I liked you on facebook. And I believe I have written reviews on almost all of your books on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Thanks for the contest! I just recently read your Restitution and loved it!! :)
    -S. H.

  38. Hi everyone! Just want you to know that although I can't respond to each of you personally, I've been writing your names down and entering you in the contest!
    Thank you so much!!!
    God Bless! MaryLu

  39. I liked your facebook page and liked your post about your giveaway. I also shared the giveaway on my blog but couldn't see how to become your friend. I liked Surrender the Night on Amazon. I've not read any of your books yet but when I do, I'll review it.
    Does that give me four entries?
    purensimplenatural at gmail dot com

  40. Awesome! Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway! I like your FB author page and I liked 8 of your book on Amazon!

    crazi.swans at gmail dot com

  41. i've emailed a list, now adding the
    'likes' at B&N for each book...
    way to go MaryLu ~ you know how to write and how to run a great contest!

  42. here's my newest twitter share of your FB Swashbuckling Romance page!!/_eHope/status/180354157805453313

  43. too funny...
    i've been liking your links at B&N not realizing every one is being added to my own FB page! saying Faith Hope Cherrytea has liked this link :)) come visit and check it out!

    sooo ~
    you are getting a large airplay by me both at FB, twitter & BN ~

    hoping it blesses you...

  44. Blesses me? Yes! Thank you so much FHCherrytea... aka, Sharon!!
    Love your google name, by the way!

  45. MaryLu, I am a new fan. I just finished reading all three of the Surrender series and LOVED IT!!! I did all of the seven tasks for the contest. I so can not wait to read more from you.

    Ashley Roberts

  46. just one more wee tweet!/_eHope/status/180792318243250176

    and a wee encouragement to like w/ a FB post :) but i'm out to sea on how to post a link to that one!

  47. Hi Ashley!! Thanks for dropping by. I'm so glad you loved my Surrender series!!! I've entered you in the contest.

    And waving at Miss Faith hope and CherryTea. Thanks for the TWEET!! You're a doll!

  48. Hi I'm Malvina.

    Signed to your newsletter.
    Liked 'Veil of pearls' on Amazon (34)
    Liked your page on facebook : Melvina Anthony


  49. Hi Marylu!

    1. Signed up for your newsletter.
    2. Liked you on Facebook.
    3. Liked all of your books on Amazon.


  50. I have done all of the following:

    *Sign up for my newsletter at my website
    *Like MaryLu Tyndall: Swashbuckling Romance on Facebook
    *Share MaryLu Tyndall: Swashbuckling Romance on Facebook
    *Share MaryLu Tyndall: Swashbuckling Romance on Twitter
    *Like any of my books at Amazon
    *Like any of my books at
    *I have Written a Review on any of your books


    Ladette : kerrclan-7 [at] att [dot] net

  51. Hey Captain,

    I am proud to say that I did all of the above...

    1. I follow your newsletter
    2. I liked your facebook page
    3. I shared your facebook page
    4. I shared your page on twitter
    5. I previously liked all your books on Amazon
    6. I also have liked your books on Barnes and Noble
    and finally...
    7. I have already written a review on Barnes and Noble, Goodreads (but I can't on Amazon cause I haven't purchased anything off of there)for all of your books :D


  52. Thanks everyone!! I've got you all down!

  53. I have signed up for your newsletter, liked the Facebook page and shared about you on Facebook. :)

  54. I liked your FB page, shared your FB page, signed up for your newsletter, and wrote a review on Surrender the Night (on Amazon and Goodreads)!