Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Christians bullied in America-only the beginning.

When I first saw this video, I wasn't terribly shocked. I mean, we are seeing more and more prejudice toward Christians and people who hate Christians spouting off their claims on TV, the internet, and YouTube. It seems to be a new trend in America. When I was growing up, being a Christian was pretty mainstream and those who didn't believe in Jesus weren't angry about Christian's beliefs and visa versa. That's one of the biggest advantages of our free speech society. We can each believe what we want and state what we believe without fear of being bullied or castigated for our beliefs.  Those days are over.

What really shocked me about this video was the place where this speech took place.  Dan Savage is an American author, journalist and editor who writes the internationally syndicated relationship and sex advice column, Savage Love.  Recently he ventured forth on what he calls an anti-bullying crusade throughout the country. In particular, he focuses on bullying gay people.

 Sounds great! I'm also against bullying anyone! Whether for race, size, personality, religion, gender, sexual orientation or anything else.  But as it turns out Mr. Savage had an ulterior motive in a speech he gave at a High School Journalism conference last month.  Yes, I said High School.

I've copied the video below. I warn you, there is adult language used. (yes, I said High School)
And the people you see walking out are people (probably Christians) who oppose what he is saying.

Yes, I said this was an ANTI-BULLYING speech.  Why do I show you this? Because twenty years ago, this man would have been escorted out of this high school for foul language and defaming a religious belief.  Both of which would have been completely suitable at an atheist rally or even standing on a soap box in the middle of Times Square. I still do believe in Free Speech!. Just not when you cowardly hide your agenda behind a the guise of a good cause in order to indoctrinate a group of impressionable kids. And where were the teachers? The principal?  If you want to have a discourse on what you perceive as fallacies in the Bible or certain doctrines, then be man enough to engage in a professional mature debate with a Bible expert. Not fling your hate-filled drivel at a bunch of young people.

Folks, this is just the beginning. Know your Bible. Be able to give an answer to those, like this man, who pluck verses out of context and spout untruths.

And you will be hated by all for My name’s sake. But he who endures to the end shall be saved.  Mark 13:13


  1. Tues May 8th,
    "Morning, MaryLu."
    Wow !!! I cannot believe this guy was even 'allowed' in to the HighSchool in the first place ! Like ... generally (I would hope), that 'someone' had already heard this guy speak before, and knew in advance what he would be saying and talking about. Did the School just 'think' that Dan Savage was a 'safe' and 'good speaker' ... because he is internationally known ???
    You are absolutely right on what you shared MaryLu ... 'years ago' -- he would have been escorted out of the bldg. That kind of language would NOT have been tolerated. And, zeroing in on -- both knocking the Bible and its teachings, along with Christianity ... it was neither the right time nor place for Dan to be spouting off -- to young, and impressionable 'kids' !!! And, how he went about it, was all wrong !
    And absolutely ... yes ... 'where' were the teachers, 'where' was the Principal ??? Shame on them for not putting a stop to Dan S and his inappropriate message !
    But, I truly applaud and condone the 'Christian students' who did get up and walk out, standing up for their faith and beliefs !!! Good for them !
    Well, this was certainly an 'eye-opener' !!! Most concerning and unsettling.
    One day though, Dan S (along with all the rest of us too), will stand before God, and give an account of his life, words, actions and deeds. And we already know, "WHO" will have the final say !!!
    Thanks for sharing this with us.
    Take care, and, God Bless,
    In Him, Brenda Hurley

  2. MaryLu,
    Sadly, my daughter was one of those unfortunate students present at this journalism camp and she was very hurt and offended at what he had to say as she is an amazing Christian girl living for the Lord. She did indeed feel bullied by this speaker. I would say that the toughest part for her though was the fact that many of her peers, to include thiose she thought to be Christians were cheering right along with Mr. Savage. It was truly disheartening.
    I agree with you ladies though, i'm frustrated that those in charge of the conference did not use better discretion in picking their Keynote! I assure you though there has been much backlash as it has been all over the news here in Seattle, so at least that is a little encouraging. But I also agree that it is a bit chilling and a look at things to come...very sad.
    Thanks for letting me share! Blessings, Cheryl

  3. Yes, I knew this would shock you as much as it did me, Brenda! Just the beginning I fear for Christians.

    Cheryl, wow. Your daughter was there? I'm so sorry she had to go through that. Bless her for being one of the ones with the courage to leave.. especially when the majority stayed, and even some of those she thought were Christians. I wonder if they were just afraid of being made fun of or if they truly don't know the Lord? Either way, it's very sad.. but Jesus Himself told us that in the last days some who called themselves Christians will fall away under the pressure.
    Glad to hear there's been some backlash.. I'm praying this man receives no other offers to speak anywhere. Especially not with young people.
    Thanks for sharing your story with us! God Bless!

  4. Wow. We need to pray for this fella. I fear for his soul.

  5. Tues May 8th ....
    Hey, Michelle ... yes, I have already been doing just that ... praying that the Lord will get a hold of him, and change him from the inside-out. He definitely needs much prayer !!!
    In Him,
    Brenda Hurley

  6. Sad to see so much hate from someone speaking against bullying. False peacekeeping is one of Satan's most powerful weapons. I think you are right Mary Lu, we must know our Bible, know the New Testament and the command to love God, love others. Thank you for sharing, it makes me more aware of what my children are up against. I can only hope that when faced with a situation such as this one that my kids would have the courage to stand up and leave as well. Praying Savage finds the Savior.


  7. Yes.. good idea. We need to pray for him. From what I know about him, he's a gay activist who hosts some radio show on sex. He needs to know he is loved by Almighty God.

    Interesting, Angel.. False peacekeeping. I never really heard that term but how true. I see much damage done in the world in the name of "peace" when in reality there is no peace.

    Hugs to you all!

  8. It seems that Americans who aren't Christians are trying to erase our presence upon this land. How sad would that be if it were to come true! But apparently America's intolerance towards Christians is tolerable. Why have we been sleeping? Why aren't we fighting back?!

  9. Exactly, Eszter! I was wondering the same thing! When did Christians become wimps!

  10. I'm not the type to turn the other cheek. This guy needs needs to be knocked on his ass. I'm getting tired
    of these wimps holding the American people hostage with their filthy language and atheist/muslim rhetoric.

  11. I totally understand your anger, Dan. I feel the same way. God's righteous anger is often displayed in the Old Testament. Not sure we should knock this guy on his ass, LOL, but I do believe we need to stand up, speak up, and use the Wisdom God gave us to silence the mouths of fools.