Thursday, May 31, 2012

Did the US ever occupy Mexico?

I've been hearing weird things lately from the media that the brutal, cruel United States is actually "occupying" Mexican territory, or what used to be Mexican territory. They claim that all of California, Nevada,  New Mexico, Texas, Arizona, Utah, and parts of Colorado originally belonged to Mexico and were stolen by the US and now occupied.

So, I thought I'd do some research and set the record straight. Now, mind you, I have nothing against Mexico or Mexicans. I am not racist at all. I simply want to reveal the facts.

Cortez conquered present day Mexico in 1519 and ruled much of Mexico as well as the disputed land in the US for 300 years.  This is why Mexicans speak Spanish. This entire area was called the Vice royalty of New Spain.

Mexicans fought and won their independence from Spain in 1821. However skirmishes between Americans living in present day US and the new Mexicans increased until in 1836, Texas declared it's independence from Mexico. This means that Texas was only considered part of Mexico for 15 years. Before that, it had been ruled by Spain for 300 years.

When in 1845, Texas became part of the United States, our army sent soldiers to patrol the border. Eleven of those men were murdered, prompting President Polk to declare war on Mexico.  Over a year later, we had defeated Mexico and taken back all the territories that are now considered part of the United States.

The treaty of Guadeloupe signed in 1848 called for these provisions
US would withdraw from Mexico, including Mexico city
US would get Southwestern US, including Texas, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado

In addition, even though we WON the war, we agreed to buy this land from Mexico for $15 Million. We are not occupying Mexican land. We won it in war and then paid for it.

Oddly, this seems quite familiar to another country struggling with accusations of "occupying" territory they also won in war.  Israel. 


  1. Thurs May 31st,
    "Morning, MaryLu."
    Well this is just interesting !!! And yet again ... more history/facts/information I did not know. I thank you for "all" of your digging into this, to share the 'true facts' ... that the United States are not 'occupying' Mexican territory. They not only won the war against Mexico, but they bought the land back as well.
    And how sad but true ... to know that Israel is struggling with accusations of 'occupyng' territory they also won in war ! Israel will always belong to the Jewish people ... why ... because GOD says so ! (No human being can 'give' Israel to some other country or nation ... they have NO authority or right !)
    Thanks again.
    Take care, and, God Bless,
    In Him, Brenda Hurley

  2. I enjoy your blog and I read it nearly everyday.

    I don't know why, but I am always surprised when read/hear about people (especially Americans) who don't our history. With libraries and internet there shouldn't be any reason not to know, but with revisionist history, people don't know that the history they are learning is incorrect.

    I am a homeschool mother/teacher and a history buff; so I am always looking for great resources for teaching history. Some resources I have found are American, living history events, my father-in-law who is nearly 90 and has seen a lot of history and loves to learn even more, the movie Centennialwhich is a great way for older teens and adults to learn history. I also like to search out old books at used bookstores, thrift stores, library sales and yard sales.



  3. Hi there Tammi .....
    I am actually a Canadian-born gal, living in Ontario, Canada; and have shared with MaryLu many a time over the years, that I was never 'into History' when I was younger. It was just 'not my thing'. Did not enjoy Canadian history, nor history from any other lands. So thankfully, I am learning many new and interesting facts 'today' ... and am not ashamed to admit it.
    Just thought you might want to know this.
    Take care, and, God Bless,
    In Him, Brenda Hurley

  4. Interesting! I vaguely knew about that, but I never knew all of the details. Thanks for sharing!

  5. You're welcome, Brenda. I actually didn't know any of this until last week! Although I have always loved history, there's so much I didn't learn in school, and a lot more I don't remember. I don't fault you for not knowing things about America. Can I admit that I don't know hardly anything about Canada?? :-)

    Tammi, I think the problem is that most people rely on what they learned in school and now that they are adults, it's a matter of finding the time to look things up. For me, it's easy cause I have an interest and I need to research for my books. So, glad you enjoy my blog! And thanks for the resources.. I intend to check out American and the movie Centennial. Oh, and I love old books too! And don't get me started on our revisionist school books. Makes me too angry.

    Thanks for dropping by, Heather!

  6. When I went to school history facts were never so clear as they are now. Yet, there are people that still want to "occupy" it and say they are wronged or change it to suit there agenda or cause.

    Facts should be just that facts, but feelings and sense of injustice spur them on. Sometimes I wonder if it is the unwillingness to forgive and move forward or what...

    Uhm-hum...*clears throat*--sorry about that...Me Matey! (MaryLu)
    *stepping away from the soapbox...

    One of my favorite American Historian is David Barton of Wallbuilders. So far I have not been disappointed.

    BTW, will be seeing those pictures of you and your seafaring lass on sailing apprenticeship?

  7. I might add that history was not one of my favorite subjects, but it come alive when I read posts like the ones you share, MaryLu!

    I learned through David Barton that many of the signers of The Declaration of Independence were Christians and some were Sunday school teachers or pastors. Eye-opening knowledge! Mr. Barton works with the TX education curriculum and he has many original documents from America's Founding Fathers.

  8. I am a big history buff so this has always intrigged me. I find it strange that some people think we did not own the land even thought it was purchased with blood of Americans

  9. Miriam, I LOVE David Barton. I listen to him often, and love his books. He is a fountain of great information. I've learned so much from him.. especially, like you said, about our founding fathers and how some people are trying to say they weren't deeply Christian, which is a lie. Texas is blessed to have him working with the school curriculum!

    Hi Connie!!! There seems to be a lot of that going around lately. If one country wins land in a war, traditionally it has become their land.. but there is a mindset these days that says it is "occupied" land. Go figure.

  10. Last summer my brother gave me the book TEXAS, said that if I lived in TX and ministered in Mexico I should at least know what the history was. Not a book I would ever have chosen to read but for him I would do anything! In the U.S. decision makings of the past - you have to wonder how they made some of those decisions. Paying for what was ours? Go figure!

  11. Hi Melody!! Yes, I'm not saying the US is guiltless and wonderful in all their actions. We have made mistakes for sure.. and we haven't always treated people right. I guess that's true of any nation. So good to hear from you! :-)

  12. Now, if you could set the record straight on the Civil War, it would be greatly appreciated. Being a Northerner living in a truly Southern state is an experience. There are honestly places that still think the war is going on.

  13. Yes Janet.. amazing how old resentments can linger through centuries!

  14. I think that because the U.S. has and is so successful in almost all areas, many countries would do anything to bring us down. But so far we've weathered that storm. Unfortunately, like the Roman empire, I think that we are crumbling from within. In this case, its the media. Someone should take them head on and teach them a lesson about what and what not to report on!

  15. The u.s. isn't gona speak the tRuth in our history books they just say what they want us to hear so don't believe what you hear from them nobody will ever known the truth one thing is for sure is that all the signs are as far as Mexican territory here in the u.s.

  16. Except that the Land did not belong to Spain to sell. European taking stakes on land that isn't theirs.

  17. Mexico WAS the the successor and heirs of Spain thru getting winning their independence from them, just like how the British colonists became Americans thru winning their independence from England. The USA didn’t win the Mexican lands, it invaded them! There were Mexicans in these lands before Yankees. They are the heirs of the earliest settlers of Mexican lands, now part of the USA. It doesn’t matter if the USA gave a token payment of 13 Mil. for Millions of acres of the Best farmlands and resources. Pretty soon the descendants of theYankee invaders will be a minority in those same lands, outnumbered by the descendants of the first Mexican settlers who never left.