Friday, June 1, 2012

Welcome to Veil of Pearls Pre-Release Party!

I'm so excited about my next book, Veil of Pearls, and I hope you are too!  In honor of it's imminent release (July 1st), every Friday in the month of June, I'll be posting something interesting about the book  to whet your appetite. I'll also be giving away TWO copies of Veil of Pearls each week! (either a signed book or a Kindle copy, if you prefer)  All you have to do to enter is leave a comment about something you read in the post along with your email address.  Simple eh?   So let's get started.

Today, we will learn about the heroine, Adalia Winston.

Adalia Winston (AKA Althea  Claymore) 

Brief Description: Adalia Winston has a secret. It’s a secret that could ruin her life. She is a runaway slave from a plantation in Barbados. Yet at nineteen years of age and with only a quarter of her blood Negro, no one can tell by looking at her. In fact, she’s quite stunning with her long ebony hair, deep sparkling onyx eyes, and golden skin. So stunning that she attracts the attention of quite a few men in Charleston, one of whom is a slave owner named Morgan Rutledge. Yet, there’s more to Adalia than meets the eye. Born into a loving family, she was educated by her noble father and trained in medicinal herbs by her Negro mother. She uses that training now to make a living for herself in Charleston, while hiding from her former master, a man who would give anything to possess her again. Everything is going according to plan as she settles into her new life. That is, until she meets the handsome, charming, and spoiled Morgan Rutledge who sweeps her off her feet into an opulent world she only dreamed of before.

Strengths:  Courageous, Wise, Kind, Good listener, Self-sacrificing, Strong faith
Weaknesses: Stubborn, Opinionated, Insecure
Quirks:  Adalia bears whip marks on her back that she feels brand her forever as less than human.  She carries a string of black pearls around with her that belonged to her mother.

Inspiration: I drew Adalia’s character from my own past as a young girl and from the lives of many young girls I see around me. Let’s face it, we all want to be liked. We all want to be popular and fit in. We all want to be a part of the “in” crowd.  But how few of us ever make it. I never did. In fact, I was teased profusely throughout my school days. But, oh, how I wanted, how I dreamed, of being popular. I realize now as I look back that there would have been a huge price to pay for such attention, and I thank God He didn’t answer my prayers. Because Adalia has been a slave and very mistreated, she has a low opinion of herself, so when the Charleston elite begin to accept her as one of their own, it becomes easy for her to get caught up in the “popular” crowd, in their parties and plays and events. In the process, however, she loses part of herself. Even worse, she loses her interest in God and the things that are really important in life. I wrote this story to help young women see that very often the price of popularity is far too high and could end up destroying their lives.

Topics for discussion: What qualities of Adalia's can you relate to?  What makes her a sympathetic character for you?  Have you ever wanted so badly to belong that you were willing to change who you are just to fit in?

Don't forget to leave your email in your comment. I'll announce the two winners next Friday!


  1. Wow MaryLu what a great give away!
    I can't wait to read your book as it sounds amazing! I'm sure many of us will be able to relate to the heroine's struggles, when our dreams of being popular and accepted are bluntly pushed in our faces. I am sure that your courage and bravery will be a blessing to many lives through your incredible work.
    Thanks for being a shining light!
    Sarah xx

  2. Mary Lu,

    Can't Wait to read your new book. Wow. We all have struggles, but struggles to "fit in" plague over youth. I mentor to some of the youth in my church they are so worried about "fitting in". It wasn't so long ago I was there trying to fit in too, however through the grace of God and His love that I am able to share my expirences with them. They want so badly to be like everyone else. Some see the world and how "fun and appealing" it is and they quickly find themselves lost in it. I pray everyday that the Lord would give them the strength and courage the need to take a stand for Him and realize that they are loved and accepted no questioned asked in God's eyes.
    So excited to embark on this new reading adventure! Congrats, on the new release.

  3. Friday, June 1st,
    "Morning, MaryLu."
    Yeahhhhh .... "Veil of Pearls" month begins !!!
    I can identify with Adalia's strengths for the most part, but I can completely identify with her weaknesses. And unfortunately, yes, I had wanted to 'fit in', in the past ... even to the point of changing who I was, in thought and actions. But, by the Grace of God ... I am living for Him now, 'working on' being what "He" wants me to be.
    So very thankful that I never did fit in with the 'in crowd', from years gone by ! What a huge mistake that would have been !!!
    Thanks for today's post. Excited for your newest novel to be 'released', MaryLu !
    Take care, and, God Bless,
    In Him, Brenda Hurley

  4. Adelia sounds like a great character, and I love her name (both the real one and her alias). She seems so relatable because almost everyone wants to feel like they fit in, and many people would be willing to give up a lot to feel that way without really realizing the value of what they give up. I’m sure she’ll want it even more since she feels less than human as a slave.
    I’m so excited to read her story in Veil of Pearls!

  5. I actually have kept my past profession a secret from people. No, nothing seedy. I was a minister!

    Can't wait to read your book. Sounds fabulous.

  6. I can't wait to read Veil of Pearls! Congratulations on your launch! I can relate to Adalia as I, too, in my teen and college years longed for popularity. It was a constant struggle as I was a Christian and knew God loved me and that was what mattered, but the peer pressure was always nagging at me. I hope Adalia comes to find out that she is wholly loved by God and that is enough, as it is now for you and me! :)

  7. I think most of us want to fit in at some time in our lives , not just when we're young. I am thankful God didn't let that happen to me.Can't wait to see what happens to Adalia.
    Wilma Metcalf

  8. MaryLu,
    I am so excited about the book release! I have been excited about this one since I found out about it! We have all tried to be "popular" at some point. For me, it was middle school. Thank God it never happened.

  9. This sounds like a great book and I can't wait to read it. Many years ago I did want to be "loved" so bad that I tried to fit in with the wrong people. Thank God that He loved me so much He gently brought me back to Him.
    Ann R. Street

  10. Yay! So glad this month is finally here (bet you are too!).

    I did want to fit in as a child, but never did. I was always a head taller and just different from everyone else (especially in the Christian school I attended). I had a tough early childhood and that made me different (or at least I FELT like people could see that I was different because of the abuse I had been through). But, I was just odd enough not to try too hard to fit in. I was me and that's what you got.

    I have definitely struggled with insecurity. I think that's a big one for a lot of women.

    I can't wait to read this book!! So excited for it.


  11. I am sooooo excited for this book! A premise I absolutely love. I know I'm going to fall in head over heels. :D

  12. I totally relate to feeling so insecure during my pre-teens and teenage years and beyond. I tried doing my hair different, copying how other girls who were popular...all just to be part of the 'in' crowd:( Of course it didn't help that there was abuse situations going on at home. I think I learned to be a good listener to others because of it all. Sounds like a great story Mary your books and would love to be entered for a chance to win:)

    thanks, Lorna

    lornafaith at gmail dot com

  13. MaryLu, your new book will resonate with many. Not only do I love your writing style but I also love how you seamlessly weave faith principles into each of your stories. Sometimes the characters fight against God and sometimes they readily accept His will but they all whether they learn positively all depends on the character! But when they learn we, the reader, also learn. Looking so forward to this new release and to see your growth as an author. Thank you for sharing tiur gift of writing with the rest of us.

    Pam Atkinson

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.


    Adalia's characteristics say she is stubborn and opinionated. I fall under that same brand, unfortunately. I was always pretty stubborn and unbending, and I say exactly what I'm thinking, come what may, which isn't always great and had gotten me in trouble somewhat. I'm starting to change and get a little better, at least about trying to control what I'm thinking and ultimately saying!

    I'd like to think I fit in with most of her characteristics, especially now. Now that I'm trying to stop talking so much, I've gotten to be a much improved listener (although I was always pretty good at listening). I also consider myself pretty wise.

    We didn't have a distinct "in-crowd" in my grade, just some people who thought they were cool but no one else really thought that. I always wanted to be with them in middle school, but then I gave up. I would talk to them if they walked to me or we were in classes together, but other than that, we didn't interact much.

    About Adalia, I feel that she's sad because she has the scars on her back that she's embarrassed about when they aren't even her fault. I also like her carrying the black pearls - a sign of her heritage, because pearls are valuable, and black to represent the evil of slavery. So her heritage is valuable because it helped shape her as a person and led her to Christ despite it's evil origins.

  16. Good Morning! I am so excited to read this book. It sounds AMAZING! And so different from anything I have read before.
    I can definitely relate to the low self esteem and being insecure, I was teased so badly in grade school. Name calling was a normal thing for me. "Debbie the Dog" was just one of them. They even had little tunes that they made up to go along with that name, it still bothers me to this day.
    Some of the strengths that I possess that compare with your character Adalia, would be being a good listener, kindness and lately I could admit to being courageous.
    Thank you Mary Lu for the chance to win this book. (I will purchase it even if I do not win)

  17. Hi MaryLu..looking forward to reading your latest book. It looks wonderful, some of my favorite things are pirates and tall ships so I'm really excited. Thank you for the entry!

    I signed up for your newsletter and also "liked" you on Facebook. Really enjoy your books.

    Have a blessed day,

  18. Adalia sounds fascinating! I find it an interesting (but very realistic and intruiging) idea, that she thinks her scars make her less human. I'm definately interested in hearing more about that. ;-)

  19. I am so looking forward to the book coming out. There are a few qualities I can relate to but the ones that probably stand out the most is strong faith and stubborn. Adalia has gone through so much but you desperately want her to find true happiness. I am thankful that yes at times I've wanted to fit in but I thank God that because of my faith in Him and that stubborness I have I've stayed with Him as it would have meant walking away from Jesus.

  20. Wow!! What a character! I'm in highschool, and I've always wanted to fit in, but I've never wanted to be popular. Most of the popular girls at my school are seen as uppity and selfish.


  21. I just wrote a long post here and it vanished, so sorry I don't have the patience to write it all again.
    I'll just say that I watched the trailer yesterday and loved it! More next week, I guess.

  22. I CAN'T WAIT!!! And I'm excited to read more about Morgan. I already know what he looks like ;)

    (You don't need to enter me in the drawing, MaryLu.)

  23. This book sounds amazing! I can't wait to read it. I think like everyone, I've always struggled to fit in. We all want to belong. I can definitely relate to Adalia's stubborn, but self-sacrificing nature. It's taken a long time for me to learn that fitting in and being "cool" isn't the important thing, but that standing out for God is what really matters, even if it is counter-culture. So excited for the book!

  24. Oooh!!! I'm so excited, I cannot wait!
    I've already preordered my copy!
    I can totally relate to wanting to be popular, but my eyes were opened to the fallicy of this two years ago. If I were in the "in" crowd I'm convinced I wouldn't be a virgin, and probably would have become an addict the drugs/alcohol--like I've seen happen to kids in those "crowds". Our culture is REALLY bad.
    Anyway, I can relate to her weaknesses, I have all of those. They certainly push people away.
    God bless,
    -Rebekkah xD

  25. Adalia seems to have leaned toward the positive character traits rather than focusing on those which would offend others. She is choosing her path rather than allow someone else to choose it for her. I always tell one of my daughters (who is a few pounds over) that she is in charge of her attitude..that she needs to choose JOY and accept herself for who she is. Only God & herself can make changes so quit wondering what others think!

  26. Wow, this sounds like a great plotline! Can't wait to read it!
    I think Adalia's story is something that everyone can relate to, because even if you say it doesn't matter to you, everyone just wants to fit in, and to be liked. As a Christian, this can sometimes be hard as you try to keep your Christian morals, when society is constantly trying to change you to their ways. There is a fine line between keeping with what the Bible says, and not becoming worldly. I see so many of my "Christian friends" doing whatever pleases them, to fit into this world, yet does it please God?
    Is this living to be God like, as the bible says?

  27. Thanks for the giveaway, MaryLu, your book sounds AMAZING :)

    I love how you wrote Adalia based on how you felt as a young girl and how many of us feel, we can all relate to such a character and watch her growth with hope and conviction.

    I share many strengths and weaknesses that Adalia has, but with God's love and revelation I'm now able to see myself through His eyes instead of mine. I pray the same thing happens for many women as they read your book :)
    Best wishes to the other entrants!

    Blessings MaryLu,
    Kara Grant

  28. I have read and loved ALL of your books. Would love to win this. Can't wait to read it!

  29. I think every girl can relate to Adalia’s insecure trait. Being nineteen myself, sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in society’s views of what you should look like or how you should act and it can make you feel insecure about yourself. Everyone goes through the stage of wishing to fit in or wishing they were popular, I know I did in middle school. You just have to be a strong person to ignore the pressures of the world and remember that God loves you the way that you are. I think the fact that Adailia was a slave and carries literal scars from her past makes her sympathetic to me before I even read your book because I can only imagine how being a slave has affected her. I was excited about this book when you posted about adding description when writing and I got to read a little excerpt from it, but now getting the chance to be introduced to the heroine makes me even more excited! Can’t wait till it’s released! And I think the picture of Megan Fox really fits how your character would look.

  30. This a great giveaway! I can't wait to read your newest book!!
    I think everyone can relate to Adalia in someway. I look forward to reading more about her in 'Veil of Pearls'.

  31. She seems like a great character! I think I can identify with both her strenghts and her weaknesses. I can't wait to rea dthis book!

  32. Adalia seems to have quite the secrets! I am excited to read about her in your new book.

    I like that she has a string of pearls. Someone just told me recently that pearls are a sign of courage. It meant a lot to hear that, especially since I was wearing pearls that day! It seems like Adalia is has a lot of courage and that the pearls represent her well.

    Mandy H.
    lovenjoy16 [at] gmail [dot] com

  33. So excited for Veil of Pearls! I'm loving Adalia already and am intrigued by the black pearls.

    It's hard to get past the insecurities we have or had. Thankfully we have a God who loves us despite our feelings about ourselves. I know too that fitting in does come at too high a cost sometimes.

    I'm looking foward to getting to know Adalia more ...
    Thanks MaryLu!

  34. Oh, MaryLu, didn't we all want to be in the "in" crowd. You have once again hit a place close to home with me! We must be kindred sisters. md(no space)davix127 {at} y(no space)mail (dot) c-o-m
    I am thrilled to hear of the release of "Veil of Pearls." I once again shared it on my blog about your pre-release party!!

    When we are young and wanting to fit in, many do not realize that there is a Adalia (Althea) in us. I cannot wait to read it!!

    Celebrating with you!!
    (p.s.- perhaps you might want to suggest disguising of e mails, so that search eng. won't snag them)

  35. Hello Marylu,

    I do look forward to this book ans can't wait to read it. Adalia winston I believe is you most complex character to date. I can relate to all of her strengths and her insecurities. Her story itself would have been my story if I was living in that time. I would not be able to pass for white, but all the hardships of slavery I would have lived through. My sympathies lives with her secret and that she does not accept herself as wonderfully made by God. I think every girl at some point as felt unpopular, I used to consider myself boring because as a Christian going to a public school I did not do the things the other kids do, but I have learned to accept myself and I am still learning. I believe that is a life long process. I even felt like being a Christian held me back. What a lie, being a Christian is the best thing ever. Yes, we are the odd balls, but I rather be the odd ball going to Heaven than with the in crowd going to hell. I think she is going to be my favorite of all your female characters. God bless you Marylu:)

    My email adress is tdlewis21(AT)gmail(DOT)com

  36. Wow, popularity is a big thing! But there is something else I noticed. When Adalia was a slave I'm thinking that her sole reliance was on God. As a Christian how could it not be? By God's grace alone was she able to endure the burdens of slavery. But when opportunities arise to whisk her away she becomes disinterested in God. Hmm? Where is her sole reliance? The dependence on God to see her through each day, each trial. Life becomes easier and more pleasant(except looking over her shoulder, of course). Adaila now has material things, warmth, servants, food, attention, friends, new experiences, etc. but she loses sight of what is really important.
    How is that like us? How often do we acknowledge our need of God in the storm and make ourselves comfortable without Him in the calm? In which is the endurance of our faith most tested?
    OK, so I just wrote a devotional in a nutshell and the book isn't even out yet!
    Thank you MaryLu for all your work and study that you put into this booK! Love the theme and teaching points! Can't wait to read it!

  37. I can relate to Adalia in that, from the age of 9 to 13 I let some girls, who I thought were perfect, amazing, and beautiful, convince me that I was 'less than.' I wanted them to like me, and I wanted to be friends with them. I sacrificed a lot of self-confidence and did things I regret. I didn't even have the courage or willpower to walk away. That's when I started reaching out to God. I can't wait to read this book! Adalia really makes me think of myself.

  38. So excited! I was just thinking that, in some ways, her personality reminds me of Charlisse Bristol - stubborn, insecure, painful past manifested in scars. But Adalia also sounds way less naive, and of course is a Christian throughout the story. Charlisse remains one of my favorites of your characters, so I'm really looking forward to exploring the story of someone similar to her, but with some major twists. ^_^

    elijahsbunker (at) gmail (dot) com

  39. I so much can't wait to read this book! I can relate to her character of wanting to fit in. I too was tease and bullied throughout my school days. I knew I was not popular, and felt I needed things to stop and become popular in some way, but I am thankful now that I was not, I am blessed for the way I am now. :)

  40. Woot woot, I can't wait to read this one, sounds awesome as always. I know i can read my mom's copy but i would love to have my own.

    Jackie Ramsdell

  41. YESS!!!! Only one month to go...:) Looks like this is gonna be a good one Marylu! Especially considerine what a great sounding heroine you have. Although personality wise I can't really relate to her, I do konw how easy it is to get caught up with the 'popular crowd.' It's definitley not easy, nowadays or in the past. I'm looking forward to reading about her struggle with this, as I can totally relate!

    God Bless!


  42. O this looks SO good I can't wait!! The main character looks really interesting!! I love your books. :)

  43. At 16, being a Christian, I would say I'm fortunate enough to say that I've never really wanted to blend in with the actual popular people. In middle school, those were the 3 years that (starting in 6th..) I wanted to have the same brand of shirt that everyone else was getting their's from. I wanted to just be accepted, and not be that girl who everyone, as soon as saw them, would instantly glance at and not like their outfit, like an auto button in their brain, just because they didn't wear what every one did. That wasn't the only thing. I started developing the cruel longing feeling of wanting a cell phone. I prayed for years..and I still do because the truth is, God has taught me more over these 3 years (from not being in middle school anymore) than from it than I ever would of have without it. I've learned an overwhelming amount of patience, and what it means when people say, "Patience is virtue." I definitely learned to be humble, for all the other people who don't either. But I can say, that tomorrow literally I'm getting my first one, and I can't say anything but, "God IS good."
    So like Adalia, I know what it's like also to leave God, to want to be/have something badly. But I also know the outcome of it, and the resolution. I still live the resolution, 3 years later. I'm definitely not the same, and I'm incredibly grateful that God has used those circumstances to transform me into the Esther I'm suppose to be. I'm so much stronger in my relationship with God. He's my all in all. I go to public school now with a Godly perspective, and I'm honestly proud of being just me. It's the best thing I could ask for.
    I'll be SOO much more meaningful now knowing why Adalia was created and who she represents!
    -Esther :)

  44. I can't wait to read Veil of Pearls. I think we definitely all have our moments of wanting to feel part of the "it" crowd, and I can't wait to see how Adalia handles her situation in the book!


  45. I can't wait for this book! Thanks for the giveaway!

    I can definitely relate to being insecure and wanting to be liked. I think most young girls struggles with this unfortunately. I may also be a little stubborn =)

    Liz Riggs

  46. I can't wait to read this book!! It sounds very good. Adalia doesn't sound like a perfect person, she has difficulties in life like everyone really does!
    ~Karina (

  47. I sure can relate to wanting to fit in and be in the "it" crowd. That was my dream up until I was in the 11th grade and decided it just was not worth it.

    Praying I can win a copy!! :)


  48. I am so excited about your new book, MaryLu....thanks for the chance to win it! Adalia sounds fascinating; most of us wanted to fit in.

  49. This sounds like such a wonderful book! I also tried to fit in when I was a teenager. I used to wear my hair long because my favorite star liked long hair! I think I would have looked bette in short hair!
    Linda Cacaci

  50. Sounds like a GREAT book, MaryLu!! I can identify with the one who wanted to fit in with the crowd. We moved to a different state between my 7th and 8th grade year of school. I was DETERMINED to fit in since I wasn't already 'branded' a lowlife. The only trouble was, I was too chicken to open my mouth. I was me and there was no way I could step out of myself and be that fun, popular type everyone looked forward to being around.

    purensimplenatural at gmail dot com

  51. I can definitely relate to Adalia as I grew up with 5 brothers, and I always tried to fit in. I could never seem to fit in, maybe because I was a girl lol. But because of that I never fit in at school. I was never like anyone else, and I would have loved to have become someone else just for a little while, to fit in.

    I am so excited for this book.... been waiting ever since I finished the last one, which I read as soon as it came out lol.


  52. Hi MaryLu! This glimpse inside the heart and character of Adalia (LOVE her name, btw!) has set the stage, in my mind at least, for a truly lovable and relatable heroine. I can definitely relate to her insecurities and feelings of not fitting in. I love what you said concerning your own story about thanking God He didn't answer your prayers for popularity. I feel the same way, too. If the Lord had answered my prayers I shutter to think where that popularity and pride could have dragged me to - certainly AWAY from God NOT to Him. God is so gracious and merciful. Even through our tears and pain He is weaving beauty and blessings. He saves us from so much, especially ourselves.

    I am SO EXCITED to read A Veil of Pearls!! Thank you so much for the chance to win a copy! :-)



  53. I can relate to Adalia in that I'm self-sacrificing. I generally put others' needs and wishes before my own. Her opinionated stubbornness attracts me to her as a character.

    ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

  54. I guess I don't have the personality to change just to fit in. I figure I want someone to like me for me...and not for something I would pretend to be.

  55. Thanks for the giveaway!
    Such an interesting name for the heroine! Really beautiful. Reading in your summary about her background and her family really interests me and her circumstances of trying to avoid her former master - sounds like your book is filled with suspense!

  56. Oh MaryLu, I am so excited that the release of "Veil" is SO close. I know the feeling of wanting to be accepted and the insecurities that came when I wasn't. But like you, I thank God now for not allowing me to be a part of that "in crowd". I think it helped to teach me to stand up for myself and what I believe instead of being a follower. I can't wait to see how Adalia faces up to her circumstances.


  57. Connie sent me over to enter. Sounds like a wonderful book.
    I know I always wondered if I fit in. In grade school I wondered if anyone liked me. As an experiment I sat by myself up by the building to see how long it took before anyone came over to see what was wrong or ask me to play. To my surprise it wasn't long and several people came over to see what was wrong and tell me to come play.
    I don't think I worried too much about it after that.

  58. A mutual friend, Connie, sent me. I love your books and would love to win. I believe that most of us, at one time or another, have wished to fit in.

  59. I love that each of your female characters are strong and confident. I have yet to read one of your books that was not amazing. Oh and I have read them all!

  60. Hi MaryLu,
    First of all, thank you so much for this opportunity, you are so generous.
    Wow, Veil of Pearls sounds like a great!! I just cant wait to read it!!
    I love the character of Adalia already. A lot of her strengths are similar to me, except for courageous, I doubt Im that. Only stubbornness is something I can relate to for her weaknesses, lol, boy am I stubborn.
    This month is going to be so fun and a big tease. ;)
    Thank you for sharing about Veil of Pearls, MaryLu! I look forward to reading more about it.

  61. Happy Saturday everyone!!! Wow, I'm stunned by all the comments. I wish I could respond to each of you individually but time does not permit. However, I want you to know I've read each comment and have really enjoyed your stories and your perspective on wanting to be popular! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences!!! This was a big problem for me growing up so writing Adalia's story was very emotional at times. God bless and have a great weekend!

  62. Looks very interesting!
    Please enter me!
    God Bless!
    Sarah Richmond

  63. Wow, a lot of responses! That's great! This book is going to be awesome. It's nice seeing my daughter post on here. :) I believe she loves your books now just as much as Beverly Lewis' books.

  64. I'm so looking forward to reading this book. I love the story line! Thanks for the giveaway!


  65. Im excited to read your new book Marylu! I can definately relate to wanting to fit in and be liked and accepted. Yet the Bible tells us to come out, be separate, and let our light shine before men. At the heart of our desire is selfish pride, plain and simple.


  66. I haven't read any of your books (yet!) but a friend of mine highly recommended you to me recently. Your new novel sounds absolutely fascinating. Having recently visited Charleston, I'm especially intrigued by the setting. :)

    I can totally identify with Adalia's weaknesses—stubborn, opinionated, insecure. At times, I feel like being stubborn and opinionated can be strengths (in the right circumstances), so I'm interested to see this balance in the character.

    Congratulations on the upcoming release! I look forward to reading it!

    iblog4books [at] gmail [dot] com

  67. I am so excited about Veil of Pearls MaryLu. I cant wait to get mt copy to read! Ive heard it is absolutely awesome!
    Blessings. Joy

  68. Yeah! I love all of your books, so I'm excited to read this new one!
    My email is:


  69. This looks amazing!! I love all your books! I am sure this one will be just as great! Thanks for the chance to win it. :)

  70. MaryLu ~ I was raised a pastor's daughter. Although the rewards of this was of the "cons" was that I was unintentionally molded into being a PEOPLE~PLEASER. I became what~ever the people needed or wanted me to be. I carried this with me into adulthood and discovered later in life that I had lost my identity. I wasn't sure of any who I was. What I liked or disliked... and then I rebelled whole~heartedly.

    Several years of running from the ONE who could reveal the truths about me cost me valuable time, but I finally ran out...and ran to my Creator, the One who knows me and has shown me who I really am and redeemed me and is still RESTORING to me all that I had lost!

    Yes, my friend, I can relate to Adalia! and I am absolutely waiting with anticipation of reading her story!!!

    Thank you for sharing your gift with us!

    Sincerely ~

  71. MaryLU,

    I am looking forward too getting your book and reading it. I think I will enjoy reading your books
    You are a blessing. Keep up your wonderful work

    Take care and God Bless ~

  72. Wow!! Sounds great! I am really looking forward to Veil of Pearls! :)

    Thanks for the giveaway and I hope to win! :)

    frequentreader19 (at) gmail (dot) com
    Christian Bookshelf Reviews

  73. I am so looking forward to Veil of Pearls! I love the party idea and getting this sneak-peek at Adalia. :)

    biblioprincess15 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  74. I really love the aura of this story and I can't wait till I can get a copy of your novel.

  75. I'm serious when I say that my jaw dropped when I read this. I would LOVE to read this! I can't wait for it to come out. I'm so happy that finally someone is addressing the issues that you are: wanting to be liked, being able to be proud of your heritage and not forced into a stereotype that society gives, etc.

    When I was younger, I tried hard to fit in. But no matter what, nothing I ever did worked, and I was not happy. I finally gave up and decided to be myself, and I feel so much better about myself as a person-and I actually have friends that like me for who I am. I wonder, does it grieve the Holy Spirit to have a low opinion of yourself (and that we try to be like others)?

  76. I'm all the way down in NZ so don't enter me in the draw. :) But I just wanted to say that it sounds like a GREAT story idea. One of main the reasons my mum decided to homeschool us was because she didn't think that kids should have to deal with all the peer pressure that she went through as a girl at a CHRISTIAN school.