Monday, October 22, 2012

Does God truly Speak to Us?

Have you ever felt lost, confused, and desperate for direction, but Heaven remained silent?  For those of us who've been Christians for awhile, we've probably experienced this at least once in our walk with God.  For me, a couple of weeks ago, I received some bad news which sent me into a tailspin.  I grew confused, started to doubt what I was doing, and was completely unsure of how to proceed.  This news related to my career and in particular was directed at a book I was about to start writing.  Should I write it? Should I not write it? Was it God's will? Would it do damage to my career?   I had no idea!

I don't know about you, but I'm a type-A personality. I rush rush rush all day long, getting everything done on my list. I rarely relax when there's things to be done. Consequently, I have difficulty just sitting and thinking or sitting and listening for God. My mind is constantly spinning with thoughts and ideas and scenes from my book and errands I have to run, laundry, and what I'm cooking for dinner! It's a madhouse in my brain! No wonder God can't get a word in edgewise!  So, when I need direction or I need a word from God, I want him to tell me right away... send an email, text me, shout from heaven! Whatever, just do it now so I can move on.

But in this case, I couldn't move on. I had to stop. I had to wait. I had to hear from God before I could do anything else. And He was being quiet!  (Or I was too busy to hear!)   And just for the record, setting aside 10 minutes to hear from God while tapping your fingers on the table and sighing impatiently, is not truly waiting on Him.  So, I got to thinking. I'm a parent. Whenever my kids come to me with a question, I happily answer as soon as I can. But what if one of my kids asked me a question and then instead of waiting for an answer, they ran off and did something else, or darted about the room, talking or watching TV and didn't listen to my response?  Or what if they did wait a couple of minutes for my response, but then the minute I gave it to them they ran off, shouting a quick thanks over their shoulder and I didn't get to spend any time with them.

God is a Father, and because He loves us so much, He wants to spend time with us. He knows, like any parent, that the more time we spend with Him the more we will learn, the more we will grow to be like Him. He also knows that the more time we spend with Him, the more joyful, more peaceful we will be! Yet, we keep rushing around here and there, never sitting still. So, what does God do? He waits. He doesn't give the answer right away.  He waits until we settle down, take a deep breath, and actually spend some quality time with Him.
Well, that's what it came down to with me. I finally stopped fretting and wringing my hands and trying to decide on my own. I sat down in my back yard and had a conversation with my Father. A real back and forth conversation. And by the end, as I sat silently feeling the breeze on my face and watching the birds flit from branch to branch in the pine tree in my backyard, I heard from God.  It came from inside me and started bubbling up in my heart. How did I know it was God? 

Because I felt an incredible peace. And here's the thing. This direction He gave me was something I really didn't want to do. But I felt peace about it. How can you feel peace about something you don't want to do? Something that will take 6 months of hard work to do?  But I did!  The feeling was similar to when you are faced with a moral choice and you know inside the right thing to do. It felt just like it was the right thing to do. And the peace that came with it only confirmed it was from God.

Anyway, I share this because I hear from so many Christians who say they have a hard time hearing from God, or that they don't know how to hear from God, or they never hear from God.  God speaks! He speaks differently to each of us, but He wants to have a conversation with you!! He desperately wants to! How do I know? Because He sent His Son to suffer and die for you just for the privilege!


  1. A RIGHT~ON~TIME message for me today!!! THANK YOU for sharing this personal situation and the answer! I so often hear..."The DECISION is the hardest part of a situation". I am in a DECISION TIME" and have been so desperate to hear from God ~ all the while running around trying to MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN. And here... thru your sharing God has gently reminded me to spend time with Him. He has the answer... Thank You Jesus!

  2. Mon Oct 22nd
    "Afternoon MaryLu ... although, it is still morning where you live."
    Thank-you for today's message. Oh, to be -- calm, in focus, serene ... and "wait upon the Lord" ! I too -- am a type-A personality ... and it is very difficult for me to stop the racing inside my head ... always thinking/wondering/pondering/questioning/analyzing, etc.
    In reading a book right now -- "The Prayer That Changes Everything", by Stormie Omartian -- she shares that 'the prayer' is simply that of -- praising, worshipping and thanking the Lord -- even "BEFORE" the answer has come or situation has been resolved. Spend time with the Lord, our Father -- in prayer/conversation/praise ... (as you shared) -- "getting to really know Him". We are such a rush-rush-rush society, need-it-now-immediately, and have become 'human-doings' rather than 'human-BEINGS'.
    And once again, my most favourite Bible verse comes to mind: "Be STILL, and KNOW, that I AM GOD." Psalm 46:10.
    "Being still" ... is quite a feat sometimes. How often do we lay the question before His feet, and then quickly pick it back up again, and run with it ... well before the answer or peace has come ?
    So thankful, you feel/sense/know God' presence and peace over the situation you were praying about.
    God IS SO good, ALL the time, no matter what ! Happy for you, MaryLu.
    Again, thanks for the great reminders.
    Take care, and, God Bless,
    In Him, Brenda Hurley

  3. I hear you! Thanks for sharing. God bless you today and continue to direct your life in a special way. Guess what? My copy of Veil of Pearls finally arrived from the US over the weekend so I get to read it this week while my husband is away!! Can't wait.

  4. Vanessa, like I said on Facebook, I'm in tears realize how God used me to speak to you today. That's what I pray will happen on these Monday posts. I pray over each one and what the Lord wants me to say.

    Brenda, Amen and amen!! God is indeed Good all the time. If only we'd settle down and hang out with Him, we'd realize it more and more. Yes.. more human beings and less human doings!!

    Diane, hope you enjoy Veil! Let me know!

  5. I "try" to get quiet and spend that time with Him first thing in the morning. But like you, I find so many things running through my mind and things to do that distract me as I am a recovering Type A. Did I miss what it is he called you to do? Is that for the screen play for VoP??? I hope so! Blessings!

  6. Hey, MaryLu, great post! Yes, indeed, God talks to anyone of His children that will be still and listen. It can be so hard to be still when so much is going on in life that pulls you in different directions. I am learning to stay calm and allow God to use me, even when I think I am useless. I know that He is doing a great work in me, I just need to turn my attention to Him. Hugs.

  7. Carrie.. from your lips to God's ears.. I wish I was doing a Screenplay for VOP!!!

    Chaplain.. I know you may feel useless.. but I can tell you that your friendship and prayers are invaluable to me! And I imagine there are many others who would say the same thing. Just because you aren't out in the limelight doesn't mean you are doing a mighty work for God. In fact, I believe it's the intercessors who will get the greatest rewards in Heaven.. Hugs..

  8. Hello MaryLu! I love this....I love you wrote this so freely and opened a page into your life...and also a page that we all go through. It sure helps to talk about...especially when we as christians strive to be more like Him. It is great to know that others go through hardships, decisions etc...sometimes we feel like we are the only ones! I love that the Lord ministers to us at all times...even times we don't want to listen...He is so loving...His mercy is incredible. I have been really hurt, mad, sad, angry this week..not so much for me..but for my family. I know all the right answers and what I would say to someone else if they were in my shoes...and I do know God is there guiding me...I just have to release this anger so I can forgive...I am having a hard time right now...but know I will soften and allow the Lord to break me and mold me once again in His you...that is all I be more and more like Him...just didn't want to sign up for all the hard stuff..ya know like the lion's den or the fiery furnace...but boy..I want to come out shining as gold! Thank you again for sharing are a blessing to so many....especially me!

  9. Johnette, your faith in the midst of trials brought tears to my eyes. You will come out of this fiery furnace even stronger and more in love with the Lord. I promise. Hang in there. The crew is praying for you. And so am I. :-)

  10. My experience with Baptist/evangelical theology can best be described as a wild Roller Coaster ride: a lot of great psychological, emotional, and spiritual highs and a lot of deep psychological, emotional, and spiritual lows. Why?

    In Baptist/evangelical theology, your Justification and your Sanctification---your essence as a follower of Christ...if you boil it all really dependent on you and your feelings. Your salvation is based on you performing an action: making the correct decision… for Christ. And your assurance of salvation is based on you maintaining a sufficient level of feeling Christ’s presence within you that confirms that your previous “decision for Christ” was done correctly and sincerely. Why else would so many Baptists and evangelicals report having multiple “born again” experiences?

    Do I feel saved? Do I feel I really repented in my born again experience? Do I feel that I truly had faith when I made a decision for Christ; when I prayed a version of the Sinner's Prayer? If I am really saved, why do I feel at times that my faith is so weak? Maybe I need to do the born again experience again; maybe I need to pray the Sinner's Prayer again, just to be 100% sure that I am saved. I want to know without any doubt that I am saved, and if I do not feel saved, I begin to doubt my salvation.

    Baptist/evangelical theology tells me that I will always feel Christ's presence and strength inside me...if I am a true believer. But what if I don't feel him there sometimes? If it is true that I should always be able to hear God speak to me, in an inner voice or feel his inner presence move me/lead me to do his will, what is going on when I don't hear anything or feel anything? Have I committed some unknown sin and he is refusing to hear me? Or is the reason that I don't hear or feel him present within me... is because I'm not really saved!

    I was so incredibly happy to find orthodox (confessional) Lutheranism and find out that my feelings have nothing to do with my Justification, my salvation, nor with my Sanctification, my walk with my Savior and Lord! My salvation was accomplished 100% by God. He placed the free gift of salvation in my "lap" before I even considered asking for it. He wrapped me in the "blanket" of salvation without my assistance. I am God's by his choice, not mine!