Friday, November 2, 2012

Winner of choose my next Heroine picture!!

First of all WOW!!  I'm coming to all my readers the next time I need a picture for a character! I'm still shocked at all the GREAT pictures you found!  Here is a brief description of my heroine and below that, the runners up and winner.

Angeline Moore
Even though Angeline is only 20 years old, she's already lived a life time of pain. Orphaned at 17, she went to live with an abusive uncle and ended up back on the street doing whatever she could to survive. She has auburn hair and violet eyes (eyes don't have to match). She stands at just 5'4" and has a voluptuous figure that attracts men.
Because of what she's been through, she is insecure, untrusting, volatile, fearful, and angry.  However, she is also kind-hearted, stronger than she gives herself credit for, and persevering. And she loves cats!  She bites her bottom lip when she is nervous and carries around a pistol, determined that no one will ever harm her again!

Third place winner is actress, Jessica Chastain, suggested by Chaplain Debbie.

Jessica got 6 votes!

Second place winner is actress, Molly Quinn, suggested by Christie Widman

Molly got 7 votes!
And the Winner IS:  Model, Anna Lutoskin, suggested by Janelle Marie (Who wins a $20 Amazon Gift Certificate!)

Anna received 17 votes!!

Thank you all so much!! Tune in next week when I'm having another contest to pick the hero!

I received the galleys for Forsaken Dreams (Book 1 in the Escape to Paradise Trilogy) and just turned them in!  The galleys are my final chance to read through the manuscript and make sure everything looks good. They are in PDF form, laid out exactly as they will look in the book, so it's really nice to get a first peek. It's usually my first clue that this 114,000 word thing I wrote will actually get turned into a book!!!
Isn't the cover GORGEOUS?  Click HERE if you'd like to preorder from Amazon!

I also am working with a screen designer to develop a Video Trailer for this book. I'm very excited about that!! This is the same guy who made the trailer for Veil of Pearls. If you haven't seen that one, you have got to see it! It's the best book trailer I've EVER seen! Here's a link:  Veil of Pearls Book Trailer

As you are reading this, I'm out of town in Tennessee visiting my Mother and my Sister for a week!!  They live in the mountains in East Tennessee and I'm hoping it won't be snowing! Although I do think it's gorgeous.. I'm just not used to it!  I'll post pictures as soon as I can!!  I'll be back home on November 9th.

Have a great weekend, everyone!!


  1. Fri Nov 2nd,
    "Morning, MaryLu."
    First off -- "Congratulations" to the runners-up, and final winner of "pick the heroine contest". Model - Anna Lutoskin is stunningly beautiful, and an excellent choice.
    And yes, the cover is gorgeous !!!
    Well, you just have fun in Tennessee with your Mom and sister, MaryLu ... time spent together, mega catching up, and lots of laughs. We haven't seen snow "yet" where I live in the Province of Ontario, but ... the temps are hovering on-around-very closely to freezing. (Up North in Ontario though, they have had snow already.)
    Just have a wonderful holiday away !
    Take care, and, God Bless,
    In Him, Brenda Hurley

  2. How exciting! I didn't even vote for my own girl, LOL! But she really does look the part. Thank you for voting for my girl, I'm blessed to have won the gift card...cuz Veil of Pearls has been on my wish list for quite some time!!

  3. MaryLu Here.. in Tenn! Its so lovely here. Not too cold and the leaves are still beautiful! Janelle... congrats! send me your email address so I can get your amazon cert sent to you asap! And thanks so much, everyone, for your help!

  4. Hi MaryLu, I messaged you on Facebook, I didn't see a way to email you from your website. Hope that's okay! Thank you again!!!

  5. Great choice! I'm good with that. ;)
    Have a lovely visit in Tennessee MaryLu!

    Brenda .... the snow must be on its way to you. We've had snow off and on all day in our part of Ontario!! My kids were THRILLED! Talk to them again in February, and see if the excitement is still there ....

    Have a great weekend all!

  6. Wow! This is thrilling, MaryLu. That cover is perhaps the most beautiful one that I've seen! And I know the inside will be tremendous. Enjoy your visit!

  7. Sun Nov 4th,
    Hey there Caroline. I know that up Toronto way and beyond, they have had some dustings of snow. And, believe me, it's sure pretty cool/cold here -- so close to freezing. I've actually turned on a couple of the apartment heaters in two rooms, just to take the chill out of the air. Not surprised to hear you've had some snow. And, I truly believe, it's not far behind in coming. Welland is kind of 'nestled in' between the Niagara regional cities (and not right on a Lake) ... so often, we are the last to see the snow. However, the inevitable is bound to happen one of these days !
    Take care, and, God Bless,
    In Him, Brenda Hurley

  8. That last woman looks kinda mean, or like a girl with attitude problems...have you done a contest about the guys? Did I miss it?