Friday, December 14, 2012

Vote for the Picture of my next Hero!

Well, almost my next hero. He will be in my next release, Forsaken Dreams, but he's not the actual hero until book 3 (which I'm writing now) called Abandoned Memories. Anyway, I digress.

A couple weeks ago, I gave you a description of my hero and some of his personality traits and asked you for pictures of actors or models who you thought matched what he should look like.  This week, we are going to vote on your favorite.  The person who nominated the winning actor will receive a $20 Amazon Gift certificate!  (Really useful to buy Christmas gifts!)
I'll announce the winner next Friday!


Here's his description again.
James Callaway
James is 28 with light brown hair streaked by the sun. He is over 6 feet tall and muscular. Some might call him brawny. His eyes are the color of bronze.  James grew up with a perfectionist preacher father who never seemed to do anything wrong. Driven to follow in his father's footsteps at a young age, James's brief time as a pastor ended in ruin due to an indiscretion with a lady. You see, James has a weakness for beautiful women. So, he became a doctor and served honorably as a war surgeon in the Civil War until one day he could no longer take the blood and gore and abandoned his post. Now, he is terrified at the sight of blood!  James is patient, smart, loyal, and cares deeply for people, but he feels like he has failed at everything he has ever done. Including now being the new colony's only preacher.

And here are the entrants!  Rules: You can choose the actor you nominated and one additional actor, but not any more than that. If you didn't nominate anyone, please only choose one actor.  And don't forget to leave your email address in the comment!
Also, If you sent me an actor and you don't see his picture, let me know and I'll try and add him right away!

Okay, here we go!

Chris Hernsworth
Liam Hensworth
Josh Groban
Alex O'loughlin
Cam Gigandet
Daniel Goddard
David Garrett
Eion Bailey
Elliot Cowen
Eric Szmanda
Errol Flynn

Jay Ryan
Jonathan Togo
Jon Foster
Joseph Morgan
Josh Duhamel
Josh Hutcherson
Josh Lucas

Liam McIntyre
Luke Bracey
Matt Bomer
Patrick Swayze
Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Gosling
Sam Claflin
Simon Baker
Taylor Kitsch
Unknown Actor
Wentworth Miller

Wes Aderhold
George Stutts


  1. Fri Dec 14th,
    "Morning, MaryLu."
    And ... the fun begins once again.
    This was "really" tough ... so many great choices.
    But, I think I'll go with "Josh Lucas" ... he looks -- rugged, strong, handsome, and definitely muscular. (I like his face !)
    Thanks for the opportunity to vote for your next hero.
    Take care, and, God Bless,
    In Him, Brenda Hurley

  2. Oh, this is tough! There are a few here who really look the part. The one I would pick though is Alex O'loughlin. Even his expression really seems to work for the character.

  3. I pick Simon Baker!

  4. Oops! I'm Cortney's mom, and I used her computer but didn't switch to put my name on the comment instead of hers. I pick Simon Baker! Sorry about that.

  5. I vote for Chris Hemsworth. He's got the brawn and is the perfect height. Not only that but he (based on roles I've seen him in) would fit the character perfectly. Not too mention he is quite the looker. So he's got my vote.


  6. I nominated one of these so I will vote for two. I like Kellan Lutz and the Unknown Actor. They both to me look like "real" people even though I know that all of them are real.

  7. I nominate Ryan Reynolds. When he portrays disappointment, I kind of almost believe him. He is also a little older ( I think) than some of the other actors, and so carries a little more air of maturity. I can also see him throwing out some sarcastic comments about his father. He is quite tall, and, though I don't know of any period films that he has done, with the right accent, I could totally see it.

  8. Ooh hard choice, I have to go with Chris Hemsworth though! I find him incredibly handsome and he's definitely tall and brawny *sigh*

  9. I go with David Garrett :-) He has a musical background which may connect with being a preacher's son, he is a bit of a bad boy, has a "conventional" art/profession but is unconventional about it (listen to his rock symphonies), definitely brawny, shadowed beard gives additional appeal, with light brown hair streaked by the sun and bronze eyes.

  10. Oops! Email is (post above)

  11. Josh Duhmal. I think he fits it to a T. And he would look good next to the heroine! :)

  12. I nominate Ryan Reynolds, he would be perfect.

  13. I'm voting for Josh Lucas. Strikes me a someone who would care deeply for people.


  14. Oh, how exciting to see Daniel Goddard on here. He's got my vote!
    campbellamyd at gmail dot com

  15. Josh Duhamel


  16. Chris Hernsworth. He was my first whistle (respectfully of course) while, whew, Liam McIntyre seems to strike a 'whew' too.

  17. Chris Hemsorth for sure! He stole my heart as Thor a long time ago ;)


  18. Liam McIntyre . Handsome young man but I'm trying to visualize a rugged handsome type getting woozy around blood. Looks most unlikely.

  19. Hard choices, hard choices:) I personally love Jonathan Togo and would choose him but I think he is a little bit short for this character. So I will go with Alex O'loughlin.


  20. I choose Joseph Morgan, I love his accent.

  21. Luke Bracey looks the part!

  22. Hoo boy, how to choose between the hotness of Liam Hensworth, David Garrett, and Errol Flynn! Quite the challenge, lol! :-)

    But I think Garrett and Flynn would fit better with more of a suave and sophisticated character, so I'm going with Liam Hensworth - he's more rugged than the others. :-)

  23. I think of Liam McIntyre when reading the description. I can see him being all the things you described James as being.

  24. I choose Liam Hensworth from your description. Thank you for the opportunity to enter the contest.

  25. Looking through all of them, I'd have to say my #1 pick would be Ryan Reynolds. He looks like he could show more emotion, and not have the typical "tough guy" attitude. And he looks young, but not TOO young :)

    Thanks for letting us help, and for the opportunity to win!! Love your books!!

    - Leauphaun

  26. Alex O'Loughlin


  27. My pick is Josh Duhamel for sure! Ryan Renolds would be my second pick .... :)

    Can't wait to see the 'winner'!

  28. Sorry .... spelt a name wrong. My second pick from above is Ryan Reynolds. :)

  29. Hey MaryLu,
    Wow you really made it hard to pick just one lol....I nominated Joseph Morgan so I will stick with him. I think he'd be perfect as your new hero! He's sooo hot!!!


  30. Chris Hemsworth. Definitely. There are some other good ones, but I think Chris Hemsworth is the best representation.

  31. I didn't see my guy...but I e-mailed him to you again..well not him but his

  32. I nominate Alex O'loughlin and then I would nominate Wes Aderhold next.

    CoopaTroopa04 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  33. They're all good, but I vote for Luke Bracey. He's got a fresh face and I think he's a good match for the girl :)
    Good job to everyone who suggested these actors!
    Blessings, Kara

  34. I will stick with George reading your description he popped into my he is my these choices

  35. Okay I think that Chris Hernsworth fits the description best.

    My suggestion was Josh Groban, but I knew he didn't really match your description. He would be good for a future character, eh?

  36. Hands down, Matt Bomer. Besides his crazy rugged good looks, he is the star of my favorite show and my hubby's name is Matt! :)

  37. Lots of cute guys! :D I was really surprised as I kept scrolling down. So many choices! But I think I could best see Wentworth Miller as this character. I'm going by acting ability and personality, not just looks lol.

  38. Wow! So many choices! I thought it was funny how a lot of them were named "Josh" :). I picked Liam Hensworth and Luke Bracey, so either one of those....whichever has the most votes at the end of the day, :), and my other pick is Cam Gigandet.

  39. Whew, those are some handsome men!

    Well, I gave two suggestions so, I hope it is okay if I vote for both of those men, Elliot Cowen and Sam Claflin

    And then for my other vote, I vote for Jon Foster!

  40. Whoops, forgot my email! emmamalissa(at)gmail(dot)com

  41. How fun!
    Alex O'loughlin for me.

  42. oh oops I forgot my email too! glad I double-checked :)


  43. My vote is for Josh Duhamel! :)


  44. I vote for Alex O'loughlin. Based on the photo, he seems to fit the description quite well.


  45. I'm sorry. What was the question again?

  46. Alex O'Loughlin for me. But Cam Gigandet is a real favorite for me, too.

  47. Oh, I'm LOVING these comments, Ladies!! Keep em coming. Debra Marvin, you made me laugh on a day when I didn't think I had a laugh in me. Thanks :-)

  48. I am going to have to say George Stutts

  49. Matt Bomer. I mean... look at those eyes MaryLu!!! I haven't a clue who he is and you may have to lighten his hair a little... but I did I mention those eyes?!!! :)

  50. Definitely Wes Aderhold.

    Not sure if I can nominate anyone after him... Lol I'll say Josh Hutcherson. All amazing choices though, that was difficult.


  51. I chose Jon Foster. He has a troubled, dark secrets kind of look about him.

  52. Chris Hernsworth has my vote with his "dreamy" gaze! Thanks!

  53. Chris Hernsworth is my choice.

  54. I have to go with George Stutts, but so many cuties up there! shopgirl152nykiki(at)yahoo(dot)com

  55. Chris Hemsworth looks as though he would be the best fit. Thank you for the eye candy on a Monday morning!

  56. Definitely Alex o'Laughlin.

  57. I like Sam Claflin, but I think Alex o'Laughlin fits the part better for this.

  58. HMMMM....It was such torture staring at these pictures to make the decision. From the description, I gotta go with Josh Duhamel.
    But I wouldn't be opposed,MaryLu, if your next few heroes were described as dead ringers for Joseph Morgan, Ryan Gosling and Matt Bomer..;)

  59. I vote Hensworth if it's still open to vote
    (No need to enter me) =D

  60. Matt Bomer is a very possible casting choice for Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey
    The Movie Fifty Shades