Friday, January 4, 2013

My New Writing Room!

After a few of our kids moved out of the house, we had an extra room. It's one of the largest spare bedrooms that sits near the front of the house, and my hubby decided to make it my writing office. For the past year, he's been working on the room, doing his best to make it look like a ship captain's cabin. He laid a beautiful oak floor, put in cherry paneling on the walls, hand made a built in book case in the closet, and finally put wood beams across the ceiling!  It took him a year of working on weekends, and finally it was done over the holidays. So I moved in!!!!  Here are some pictures of my new haven!!

   My gorgeous library. The book case in the center is the one my hubby made!  The painting to the left is an old one I painted. You can barely see the top of my cat, Hershey's, head at the bottom!

Here's my sea-faring corner, complete with my porthole on the wall and a beautiful painting of a ship battle (not one I did) 

Here's a close up of my sea-faring table. That's a replica of the USS Constitution. An18th century flintlock pistol sits to the left just before a telescope. In front of the ship is my 19th century cutlass, and to the right of the ship sits my Pirate Anne Bonny doll, that one of my friends, Pat Iacuzzi, made for me! Beneath the table is my lady pirate hat and my wooden treasure chest.

 Here is my authentic antique ship wheel!!

Across the room, sits my desk. Above it is my 18th century map of the Caribbean. On the wall by the door are my brig keys. To the left of the desk is my white board where I write down my story ideas. On top are my pirate flags and some paintings!

 Here are the beams hubby made on the ceiling! Cool huh?  Pictures of my kids and some more paintings sit atop the bookcase.

So, what do you think?  Isn't it perfect? I told my husband I was never leaving my room. It's the perfect place to create new adventurous, romantic, sea-faring stories!  

What about you? Do any of you have a room in your house that is just yours? A special place where you go to pray, create, do crafts, or just rest?? 


  1. Fri Jan 4th,
    "Morning, MaryLu."
    Well, I absolutely love everything about your "new writing room" !!! What a fabulous job your husband did !!! Amazing, in fact ! Attention to "all of the details" is -- marvellous, meaningful, and so very special ! And, he did this all for "you" ... knowing it would bring on your creativity and inspiration !!! Yes, you ought to feel like you are in a "Captain's cabin", which should indeed help to bring on some mighty terrific pirate/sea-faring novel-writing !!! (I'd probably never want to leave it, either.)
    Truly, your new room was well worth the wait, and I can see/hear how very proud and excited you are about it ... and, well you should be !!!
    Also -- loved your painting, MaryLu ... had no idea you painted too ! Beautiful !!!
    Thanks so much for sharing this with us ! And, so happy for you ! What an incredible layout !
    Take care, and, God Bless,
    In Him, Brenda Hurley

  2. It's beautiful, MaryLu! I love it - especially the library bookcase and the ceiling beams. Wow. What a great place for you to write! Your husband did a super job. And the painting you did looks gorgeous! I didn't know you painted also ... multi-talented woman!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. I like your new writing room a lot. It really fits you! You're husband is so sweet to do such a thing for you, and he is very talented!

  4. MaryLu ~ This room is beautiful! What inspiration you'll be able to pull from it. But I have to confess that the best part for me was seeing the... whiteboard and dry erase marker against the wall! : ) I have one of those at my office (I am a Corporate Instructional Designer) and my whiteboard is essential to storyboarding. I can see how it would also be useful for plotting your next book. Have fun in your new room!

  5. So cool, Marylu! Bless your husband. :-)

  6. My room is it, unfortunately. I wish I had a writing room!

  7. Thanks everyone! I truly feel spoiled. Before this I was crammed into a tiny tiny room, and before that I was in the living room, so this has been wonderful.

    Brenda and Caroline, I used to oil paint.. years ago before I became published. I actually miss it quite a bit but can't do both. :-(

    Ah, yes, my whiteboard, Kristy.. aren't they wonderful?? What does a Corporate Instructional Designer do?

    Thank you, Ganise and Emma! Rachel.. maybe some day you will!

  8. Love it love it love it!
    -Rebekkah xD

  9. OH MARYLU! Your new office is gorgeous! Love it! George did a beautiful job on it. The woodwork is fantastic. And I love all of the décor that you've added to give it that sea-faring feel. That really makes the room special and totally YOU! Thanks so much for sharing your pics with us. And by the way, loved your painting. :)

    My room is my go-to place. The décor is western style with cowboy and horse statues, pictures of mountains and some cute little western knick-knacks I've picked up from various places. It's so much fun to personalize our own spaces.

  10. I want that room so much!!!! That is awesome!
    I didn't know that you painted. That picture was gorgeous!
    Your writing room is amazing!

  11. Wow I love it MaryLu! How sweet of your husband to do this for you. I would love to sail away in a room like this one! And I am looking forward to more new books from you!
    Joy Hannabass

  12. Thanks so much Rebekkah!! And Angi!! I love your enthusiasm. Yes. Hubby is very talented. Your room sounds awesome. I have another friend who decorates in a western style. So much fun. :-)

    Thanks Heather.. I'll share if you want to come over. :-)

    You're sweet Joy! Thank you. I would love to sail away in this room!

    Have a great weekend, everyone!

  13. Hey, that first picture looks like the door opens into the Your hubby did a splendid job!

  14. Wow! George is such a fine craftsman! All that beautiful woodwork and fine detail! What a wonderful room to inspire your imagination. I have my own room for my writing adventures, though I often find myself musing in the living room on my laptop. I know you'll get lots of enjoyment out of your captain's cabin writing space. It was fun to get to see it and all of your special items. Love that doll by Pat I.

  15. Thanks Chaplain!!! You're welcome anytime.

    Carla, you'll have to post pictures of your own special writing room sometime. I'd love to see it!!

  16. That is so beautiful! Lucky you! God bless.

  17. Love your new writing room! Especially the beautiful bookshelves. I wish I had more room for all my books. :)

    Wanted to let you know I nominated your blog for 'The Sunshine Award.' Don't feel pressured to participate, I just wanted to share your blog with others. You can check it out at my blog here:

    Happy New Year MaryLu!

  18. Thank you, Cathy!! I really appreciate the award!! However I just participated in something very similar so I'm going to pass this time. I hope you understand. There's only so many hours in the day!! Hugs..

  19. No problem! Just happy to share your blog. :)