Friday, February 15, 2013

Forsaken Dreams Pre-Release Party Week 3!

Welcome to week 2 of my pre-release party for Forsaken Dreams, which will be out in stores on March 1st! In celebration of this grand event, EVERY Friday in February, I'll be posting something about the book and giving away a FREE copy!!

The winner of last week's drawing is TANASIGIRL!! (Drawn by  Congratulations! I'll be sending a signed copy of Forsaken Dreams to you ASAP.  And many thanks to everyone who entered. I really enjoyed your comments. But don't despair, you have another chance to win this week! 

So, share this post, tweet it, post it on facebook and join the party! Without further ado, please enjoy the video trailer for the book. I really love seeing these book trailers for the first time, getting a glimpse at my characters and the storyline played out on the screen. If any of you saw my Veil of Pearls trailer, it was the best I've ever seen. I thought they did a great job on this one too, though it was done quite differently from Veil. So, what are your thoughts?

Did you know the Escape to Paradise series was based on an actual historic event?

 After the American Civil War, the victors from the North swarmed down upon the South, a land already ravished by war, with one intent in mind--to make the South pay for what they'd done. You could hardly blame them. They felt they'd been dragged into a long war in which they had lost many of their young men. I am neither a North or South sympathizer. I hate any war, but what the North did to the South afterward, would make your skin crawl. 
This is why over 100,000 Southerners fled the South after the war. Some went north, some west, some to Mexico, and others to Brazil. Conservative estimates derived from newspapers, available numbers, and descendants tell us that perhaps close to 20,000 Southerners came to Brazil to resettle after the war. The crew of the ship, NewHope, in new release, Forsaken Dreams, harbor many of the same dreams and hopes as these historic people. And like these immigrants, they had no idea what they were up against!  Running away from God and from your problems isn’t always a good idea. Nor is believing that creating a perfect Utopia was going to be easy.  That is, if you even survived the journey to Brazil in the first place, a journey often fraught with disease, starvation, shipwreck, storms, thieves, and even violence on board the ship. After these hopeful Southerners landed in Brazil, they faced tropical diseases, bugs the size of men’s hands, crop failures, overwhelming heat, flash floods, and a host of other problem. Some Utopia, eh?  

Here are just a few of the other colonists aboard the ship!

Morgan Gale, conman and stowaway

Pampered daughter of a rich plantation owner

James Callaway - war doctor turned preacher who is terrified of blood

Wiley Dodd - Ex Lawman seeking Gold

Angeline Moore - seamstress harboring a sordid past

Mr. Harmen Graves - ex politician who dabbles in the occult

Captain Barclay
 To ENTER to win a copy of Forsaken Dreams,  leave a comment about anything on this post: the trailer, the history, the other characters. Don't forget to include your email address! And Thanks for coming by!

BONUS ALERT. A wonderful friend of mine is also offering the following in conjunction with my giveaway this week:   Ocean Blue Gift Giveaway includes: A lovely hand-made Victorian doll in a blue gown with lace shawl, a blue silk fan, an 11" X 15" basket of violets print suitable for framing (Feb. flower of the month), Godiva chocolate--and a copy of MaryLu's book Forsaken Dreams. 
If you're interested, head on over to her blog and leave a comment there too! 

 I'll announce a winner from this blog next Friday when we will play a FAN -favorite game of Guess what the character will say next!


  1. Fri Feb 15th,
    "Morning, MaryLu."
    First off - "Congratulations" to Tanasigirl - on winning a copy of 'Forsaken Dreams'.
    The "voice" -- speaking in the trailer -- is excellent !
    I really enjoyed reading the 'history' surrounding the 'Escape to Paradise' series. How interesting -- and I always love how you weave real historic facts throughout your stories.
    The 'other characters' you have shared pictures of -- they really 'look' their parts.
    Thanks again for sharing.
    Can hardly wait .....
    Take care, and, God Bless,
    In Him, Brenda

  2. Hi Mary Lu, I enjoy the new take on history. It's interesting to dig up an obscure event in history and create a story about it. Fun!

    Having been in Brazil, I can imagine how difficult an adjustment it must have been for those people. The post-Civil War period was no picnic, but the land and climate of the South American jungles make the sizzling southern US seem mild!

    As I think I said last week, I didn't like the trailer nearly as much as the one for Veil of Pearls. Maybe my expectations are too high now!

    Didn't we pick out the Angeline Moore picture for the main character? Or was that for the next book in the series, which you're still working on? I'm assuming this group of shipmates will pop up again.

    Looking forward to this book. And yes, I hope to win it!

  3. MaryLu,
    I LOVE the trailer. Makes me want this book even more.
    Thank you!
    campbellamyd at gmail dot com

  4. Thank you for another opportunity to win a copy of your new book!

  5. I like both of the trailers. In Veil of Pearls, I thought the visuals were better, but I would get so caught up in the pictures I would almost forget to read the text. In Forsaken Dreams I could listen and watch at the same time, but I still got distracted by the video and found myself nearly tuning out the sound. Maybe that's why I stick to reading- I only have to deal with words on the page and my own internal images without other distractions.

    Can't wait to read it.


  6. I love the movie trailer! Can't wait to read this book! Thanks for the opportunity to win a free copy! :)

  7. I love what Jody Hedlund has to say,"Tyndall not only fills each page with accurate historical details and vivid imagery, but she also weaves in danger at every crest of the wave, creating an exciting story that keeps the pages turning" All of your books are this way! I can't stop reading until its finished!!! Love your books!

  8. I love this historical context! I did not know about the migration to Brazil. Now I really can't wait to read Forsaken Dreams! (I also love the pictures of characters!)


  9. What an interesting part of history that I've never heard about. How heartbreaking for those who had gone through that war, only to have to deal with the terror afterward. I can't wait to read this wonderful book! :)

  10. I have not had the chance to see your other book trailers,... however, in this one, what stays with you is the voiceover! Was the voice meant to mimic that of the Captain's? OR, of the narrator!? The voice draws you into the story a bit moreso than the actors they picked for the main characters. For starters, they didn't quite fit the descriptions you presented on your blog!?

    The history behind the story intriqued me, because long, long ago I noted the major differences between written history AND real history!! It began as a child when I learnt the difference between the glossy version of Christopher Columbus + the real life version which disgusted me! :( I think if any of the Southerners had the courage and strength to embrace such a harsh welcome in Brazil, and turn their time into a legacy of survival and fortitude, then, I do believe its long overdue a piece of their stories are told! Bravo to you, Ms. Tyndall for taking a bold step in this direction! :)

    Each week you are giving us a new reason to want to read this book!


  11. I can honestly say I wouldn't mind being on a ship or island with any of these fabulous looking people. Can't wait to read their stories.

  12. Thanks sooo much for the giveaway! I can't wait to get _Forsaken Dreams_! Signed, to boot!

    Thank you, too, Brenda Hurley. I am definitely very excited!

    Good luck, y'all!
    Bouncing off the walls,

  13. Hi MaryLu, Love your trailer and the characters of "Forsaken Dreams" Always anxious to read the new book!

  14. I didn't know this was based on real events... in that Southerners went to Brazil. I had no idea that some went that route. I look forward to this story and learning something new! Can't wait!

  15. I LOVE your books, they are wonderful, and I'm just now finishing the Charles Towne Belles trilogy. The fact that I'll be finished in time to read your newest book makes me very happy (especially since it sounds so cool!). And that trailer was wonderful! Thanks for posting on fb!

  16. I love the trailer for your new book and is looking forward to reading it

  17. Not sure if my other comment posted or not. So again, this series looks like it's going to be really exciting. Gotta love a seafaring adventure. And I liked the trailer :)

  18. Loved the trailer!

  19. I love the trailer and these characters look awesome! I can't wait for next week; that's always my favorite.

  20. Oh my gosh, MaryLu, I am having no trouble at all thinking this will be my favorite of your books. I already love the characters!!! Love seeing all the supporting characters in this post :) And I of course love the trailer.

  21. Oh I LOVE historical fiction, especially when I can learn more about history while enjoying a great story.
    Thanks for the extra background from history. I must read this book!!

  22. Congrats to the winner!
    I really love this book trailer and I can't wait to get my hands on the book! Shared and Tweeted, Cap'n!

  23. Loved the trailer....can't wait to read this book. Thanks for the giveaway.

  24. I remember a few of those faces from when you let your readers pick them out!


  25. MaryLu, loved the introduction to more of your characters. It's fun getting to know them. Also enjoyed the history behind the book. Thank you for sharing. Looking forward to reading "Forsaken Dreams". :)


  26. MaryLu, I liked the trailer on this book, and the voice. I never heard of so many people leaving America after this battle. Why didn't we hear about in our history class. And, I've been around for quite a few years.
    It makes it even more interesting to know it is based on a part of our history. Please put my name in.
    Maxie mac262(at)me(dot)com

  27. Forsaken Dreams sounds like quite an adventure. I love learning new things from historical fiction, the migration to Brazil is very interesting. Thanks for a chance!
    worthy2bpraised at gmail dot com

  28. The trailer looks awesome, and I can't wait for Forsaken Dreams. I get so excited whenever a MaryLu Tyndall book comes out!

  29. The cover of this book is truly the most amazing one I have ever seen. That alone should get people to buy the book. Ü

    Please enter me in the contest to win a copy.



  30. Wow loved the review had me on edge wanting more. Great review and interview. The pics you have of some of the characters look to me they really could be them. Thanks for the giveaway.

  31. I enjoyed the preview of this movie and can't wait to see it!

  32. I loved the voice in the trailer and also the music. Thanks for an opportunity to win your newest book. I will plan on reading it, even if I don't win.
    may_dayzee (at)yahoo (dot) com

  33. This book sounds fascinating. I love learning about the Civil War and its repercussions. shopgirl152nykiki(at)yahoo(dot)com

  34. Thanks for another opportunity to win a copy of your book.


    But then ALL your stories are intriguing ... and wonderful ... and soooo romantic!!!

    SUPER CONGRATS on the new release, my friend, especially to those of us who get to read it!! :)


  36. Great trailer! And it was fun to get a look at some of the other characters from the series! That Morgan Gale seems like he has quite the story... ;-) SO looking forward to reading this one, MaryLu!! Thank you so much for the chance to win :-)


  37. The trailer is beautiful, but I still think I like Veil of Pearl's trailer more :). Thanks for the look at the other characters; that was cool to see. And thanks for the giveaway!
    genuinegagirl(At)gmail(Dot) com

  38. Isn't it funny that we all have our own imaginations of what the characters look like...mine are always more beautiful or handsome than the book covers!

  39. Count me in! I'd SO love a copy!

    I also agree with Melody. I picture my characters so clearly in my mind that it's a challenge to find photos I like.

  40. If I had never read any of your books, I would have definitely picked up your book in any store because of the extremely gorgeous cover. I am looking forward to reading another of your page-turning books. The music on your trailer is moving and lovely.

  41. Ooh, awesome trailer! It makes it feel almost like it's a movie. =) I can't wait to read Forsaken Dreams- it looks wonderful! Thanks for the great giveaway!