Monday, February 11, 2013

Worship, an abomination?

What is worship?  One dictionary I have defines it as:  Adoring reverence or regard.

Reverence is Deep respect tinged with 'awe'
Regard is: to think highly of someone or something

In other words, you adore, you love, you respect, you regard this person or thing as more important than anything else in the world.This object of worship consumes your thoughts and dictates your actions. Everything you are and every path your life takes comes out of your reverence for this person or thing.

Think of money as an object of worship. I'm sure you know people who are consumed with making money, saving money, spending money. Thoughts of money fill their head daily and direct the course of their lives.
What about sex or romantic relationships? Know people who are consumed with a desire for these things? So much so, that it drives them to do things they wouldn't normally do
What about Drugs, Fame, Beauty, Power?
And my personal favorite: SELF  (Yikes, that one hit home!)

 Ask yourselves these questions: What do I think about MOST of the time? What dictates my actions, my decisions? Hmmm.  If you're like me, it's not a pretty picture.

I think Western Christianity has a false view of worship. Worship is not a song. It is not tithing your money. It is not praying and reading your Bible. It is not going to church, or volunteering at the soup kitchen. These things can be extensions of worship, but they are not worship.  Yet, how many of us say, "I'm going to worship service"  or "the worship at church was great today"  We have a band on stage that gets the congregation all worked up emotionally, clapping their hands and raising arms to praise God. But I often wonder how many of the people are actually thinking about God or are they really just thinking about what's for lunch.

Now, I'm not saying that some people in church aren't truly worshiping God. All I'm saying is God is not impressed with our music and songs and church attendance. He is not even impressed by our giving if it's done out of duty or expectation of returns. Not only is He NOT impressed, God considers False worship an abomination: 

The acts of the hypocrite's worship are as abominable to God as if they were offered to Idols. He who kills an ox will be as guilty as if he slew and sacrificed a man; he who sacrifices a lamb or a kid, as if he broke a dog's neck and sacrificed him; he who offers a cereal offering, as if he offered swine's blood; he who burns incense to God as if he blessed an idol. Such people have chosen their own ways, and they delight in their abominations. Isaiah 66: 3  Amplified.

I don't know about you, but when I came across that verse, it scared the holy stuffing out of me! You may say, Well, I don't kill an ox or sacrifice a lamb or offer a cereal offering, so I'm okay. But today's equivalent would be:  Go to church on Sunday, Tithe, Sing worship songs, read your Bible, etc... ALL DONE OUT OF A SENSE OF DUTY WITH NO REAL LOVE FOR OR DEVOTION TO GOD OR A DESIRE TO FOLLOW HIM.

God is saying that when someone who truly doesn't Worship Him goes through acts of worship, it is an abomination! Man, that's pretty strong stuff!!  It comes down to a matter of the heart, doesn't it? You may have messed up all week, but if you drag your behind to Church, wanting to repent, wanting to praise God for loving you anyway, then your worship is accepted. 

All you need do is go one verse up from the one above and find the answer:
But this is the man to whom I will look and have regard: he who is humble and of a broken or wounded spirit, and who trembles at My word and reveres My commands. Isaiah 66:2 Amplified


  1. Mon Feb 11th,
    "Morning, MaryLu."
    Another excellent word ! I've found that my mind (of late) is more prone to -- wondering, thinking about 'things', being side-tracked ... like I'm a tad distracted. You don't know how many times I NEED to say the verse: "Be still, and know, that I am God" (Psalm 46:10) ... over and over again ! Just going through a struggle of 'trying to concentrate' on spiritual matters, although I do love the Lord !
    Thank-you for the 'wake-up' call to worship -- in heart, body, soul, mind, and spirit.
    Take care, and, God Bless,
    In Him, Brenda

  2. I was brought up with the "You have to go to church" attitude with fighting on the way there and way back, leaving before it was over, and heads nodding off in service. It gave me a false perception of a relationship with God. We did not have ears to hear, we went out of obligation, and yes, we were an abomination to Him.

    It wasn't until several years later, God nudged me and showed me the true Church. I am soooo thankful that now I WANT to go to church, NEED to go to church. Amazingly, our church held an evening of bold prayers event last night in addition to regular Sunday worship and 700 people showed up. I am so thankful that He did not give up on me despite my rocky start. I am thankful to have the freedom to worship Him.

  3. We are so lucky today that God doesn't deal with us the way he dealt with people way back in the Bible days. He had some pretty severe and swift punishments.
    Great post, MaryLu, I have to be honest and say that I often wonder about some worshipers in church. I don't know their hearts and I pray that they are sincerely singing to God. But, I fear that a lot of them are simply caught up in the music, the beat and never really pay attention to the words.
    A good rule of thumb is to always start your day in God's Word and pray for guidance in the new day that He has given us.

  4. I don’t think God is impressed with anything I have done! Which is why I am in need of Christ and the forgiveness only He gives.

    You hit on a good point of why I dislike modern worship styles. I dislike the emotional manipulation by starting all upbeat and then ending slow. And then using soft music during prayer or during an alter call (which I also dislike). It is so easy to get caught up in things when you set the mood like that, and I fear there are so many people who believe they are saved as a direct result of being moved by this type of worship, but are not. I prefer the simplicity of preaching Christ and letting Him do the work. End of rant! :)

  5. Thanks for the comments, everyone!
    Brenda.. it's a struggle for me to keep my mind on God too. But your desire to focus on Him and Him alone is what I'm talking about. That is an attitude of true worship, even though we both fall short. :-)

    Angel, I had a similar experience... seeing people in church as hypocrites and deciding Christianity wasn't for me. Now, like you, I can't wait to go to church! What a wonderful turnout for your night of worship!! I truly believe many Christians are waking up. :-)

    Chaplain.. I so agree! Starting your day with God is the best thing anyone can do. Jesus did why do we think we don't need to?

    Emma, rant away! Actually you may be surprised to hear I completely agree with you.. church has become too much of a show.. a performance.. like a concert to stir people into a frenzy. I don't think God is impressed and I agree that many who go to the altar on an emotional high don't actually get saved. It's very sad.

  6. I have thought about this quite a bit. There are times where I have caught myself getting caught up in the awesome worship music and had to step back and admit that although I was enjoying myself, I was not connecting with God.
    Great post. Thank you.