Sunday, March 31, 2013

Out from the grave!

He gasped in a breath, inflated lungs filling, regenerating. His body tingled as flesh formed over shredded muscle, inch by inch. Organs sprang to life. Bone reconstructed. Blood evaporated as new Spirit life pumped through His veins in its place. The pain that had screamed from every nerve and sinew was quiet now. . . nothing but a memory. . . .silenced by Victory.  Skin grew taut, cells formed, heart drummed, toes wiggled.
Hair sprouted on His jaw and chin, filling in  where they'd plucked out every strand. A radiant buzz circled his head where thorns had pierced. It entered his mouth, and stormed through him, bringing every cell, every muscle, ever nerve back to life. Not just any life. Eternal life.

He opened his eyes. Darkness defied the light within Him.
"Loose" His voice sounded muffled behind the cloth. But what could the death shroud do but obey?

Strand by strand the pieces fell from his revived body, wilting before the King of Kings. His strength renewed, weariness blew away like so much chaff in the wind. Still darkness surrounded Him. Swinging his legs over the edge of the rock, He sat as the sound of grinding of stone echoed in the tiny chamber. Light pierced the tomb. At first a mere sliver but then growing wider and wider until he was bathed in its glow and warmth.
He stood and drew in a deep breath. The smell of earth and myrrh and aloes filled his nose and he glanced at the grave clothes. He searched the Father's knowledge. Ah, yes, Nicodemus and Joseph had buried him with aromatic spices. So, Nicodemus had finally believed. Smiling, He carefully folded his grave clothes and laid them on the rock tomb, then stepped through the opening
into the sunlight.
The angel leapt from the top of the stone and bowed before Him. "Lord." 
Jesus put His hand atop his head. "Gabriel. Faithful one."
Then turning, Jesus raised his hands to the sky. Where once iron nails had pierced, now light pierced his palms. Father! We have done it! We have saved them!!"

Arms embraced him. Magnificent encompassing arms. The Spirit filled Him as Love spun an unbreakable bond around all three, and they took up where they'd left off, whirling in the love dance of the trinity. He was one with the Father again. Never to be separated. It was finished.

He was the first fruit of the firstborn. They had done it. They had saved them all!  All who would turn to Him. They would never die, but would live with Him forever. adopted as his brothers and sisters into the family of God!

But there was still much to be done. He must take the keys of death and Hades from Satan, escort the saints in Paradise to Heaven and return in His glorified body for His last days among His disciples. Oh, how He wished He could stay with them.. Oh, how He would miss them! But the Spirit reminded Him, it was better for them that He left, for the Spirit could be with all of them at all times and remind them of what Jesus had said. The Spirit would give them power to heal and cast out demons and speak in other tongues and prophecy. The Spirit would form Jesus's bride, the church, filled with those who love Him, and some day Jesus would be united with her and a great wedding would take place! He could hardly wait!

Thunder growled in the distance where dark clouds formed. A battle brewed. Jesus could hear the enemy groaning from the depths of hell, angry at his defeat. Satan would do everything he could to keep mankind from the truth. Many would follow him. But God's chosen would walk in the light. Yes there was much to be done. Many souls were at stake. The die had been cast, the victor proclaimed, yet the battle was only beginning.


  1. His is Risen! He will come for us one day...Come Lord come!

  2. He is Risen! Thanks for the vivid picture! :)

  3. I love this post! Yes, hallelujah, Christ is risen!
    What an awesome word picture you've painted. From Jesus' perspective - very interesting.
    Thanks MaryLu!

  4. Mon April 1st,
    "Morning, MaryLu."
    Sorry ... I didn't see this posted yesterday, on Easter Sunday.
    Excellent post .... how exciting to read and KNOW it is truth !!! What a risen Saviour we serve !!! Praise the Lord ! Loved getting caught up in the story before us (once again), as it all came alive ... "He" came back to life !
    What an amazing and awesome victory !!! And, we can have/know that victory too, in our lives. One day ... to arise to be with Him !!! SO exciting !!!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hope everyone had a blessed Easter.
    Take care, and, God Bless,
    In Him, Brenda

  5. Amazing post! Thank you Lord for defeating death once and for all, so we may live!!

  6. Thanks Ladies.. glad it blessed you. It was cool getting inside His head.. if only pretending. :-)

  7. All I can say is "Wow"! Your words here are just beautiful, MaryLu. I can almost picture this in my mind. Thank you for sharing. :)