Friday, August 23, 2013

MaryLu's Musings - See my new cover and take a survey!

Greetings!  I'm staring a count down to my next release, Elusive Hope, which will be available November 1st!!!!  (See fancy countdown to your right!)  In October on this blog, I'll be hosting a pre-release party every Friday in which I'll be giving away free copies of the book!  So, mark your calender!!   Also if you want to be notified for events like this as well as special giveaways and reduced prices, releases, etc, please sign up for my Email Newsletter. I promise I only send out notes when I have some new information that would be of value to you. (Sign up can be found on the right column if you scroll down)

Exciting Book News!!
Also for fans of my Legacy of the King's Pirates series, I'm currently writing a sequel to that series and expect to have it ready for release by early Spring next year, so be on the lookout for that!  More on that in the months to come. So, don't jump ship yet!!

I received the cover for the third book in my Escape to Paradise series and thought you might like to see it along side the other two. Abandoned Memories doesn't release until next July but these covers are so gorgeous, I could stare at them all day.  Tell me what you think? What mood and emotion does each cover invoke within you?


Here's an early review of Elusive Hope from book reviewer Debbie Mitchell:


Enough words? These all describe Elusive Hope, book 2 in MaryLu Tyndall’s Escape to Paradise series. 
MaryLu has out-done herself with this book. She has shown that she can write stories that not only have you smiling, but stories that awaken ALL of your senses. 
I tried my best to read this book slowly, to savor every morsel. But, it was so hard to slow down. Each chapter ended making me want to read more. I kept waiting for a lull in the story, so that I could have an excuse to stop reading for awhile. But, alas, a lull did not come. The sad part now is that I have to wait for what seems like forever for the third book in the series. Oh, pure torture!

Whether they are trekking through the jungles of Brazil, hanging out in the New Hope colony or exploring old temple ruins, the characters in Elusive Hope will have you experiencing a lot of emotions. I simple love the banter between Magnolia and Hayden. Talk about your odd couple…..a princess and a toad?  Who would have thought? Then there are those characters that you just want to smack. And those that make you cringe at times. So much juicy things going on in this book and so wonderfully written .

 Thank you, Debbie!!

Okay, now I have a small favor to ask of you:
I've put together a little survey that will help me determine what I'll be writing next so I hope you'll take the time to answer the questions in a comment. Thanks so much!!  And have a great weekend!

What is your favorite Book Genre to read? (Please choose one)

  1. Historical Romance
  2. Romantic Suspense
  3. Historical Suspense
  4. Historical Romantic Suspense
  5. Spooky Thrillers aka Stephen King or Ted Dekker
  6. Spy or Military Thrillers
  7. Fantasy
  8. Contemporary Romance
  9. Women's Fiction
  10. Contemporary Drama
  11. Military Romantic Suspense
  12. Historical
  13. End Times Suspense
  14. Mystery-Crime
  15. Contemporary Suspense
  16. Amish
  17. Other

What is your favorite Time Period? (Please choose only 1)

  1. Contemporary
  2. Futuristic
  3. Biblical
  4. Medieval (4th -15th Centuries)
  5. Age of Discovery (15th - 17th Centuries)
  6. Renaissance (14th - 16th Centuries)
  7. Colonial (1600's - 1700's)
  8. Georgian (1740-1830)
  9. Victorian (1837-1901)
  10. Regency (1811-1820)
  11. Romantic Era (1850-1920)
  12. American Western or Prairie (1800's)
  13. Gilded Age - US Late 19th Century
  14. Edwardian period (United Kingdom, 1901 - 1910) 
  15. World War I
  16. World War II
  17. US Revolutionary War
  18. US Civil War
  19. Other
  20. No time Period in Particular

What would you prefer to read about (You can choose more than one)

  1. Pirates
  2. Vikings
  3. Amish
  4. Cowboys
  5. Vampires
  6. Mermaids
  7. Indians
  8. Medieval Knights and Princesses
  9. Stories set during the Age of Sail
  10. Police and Crime stories
  11. Fantasy stories
  12. Sweet Romance
  13. Biblical Fiction
  14. Spiritual Warfare
  15. Military 
  16. Stories set in Historic England (Regency, Victorian, Elizabethan)  
  17. Sweet Romances
  18. High Society in the early 1900's (Downton Abbey) 
  19. Modern dramas with modern people 
  20. Other


  1. So much excitement!! First, can't wait for Elusive Hope! :) Second, LOVE the colors on Abandoned Memories - lovely covers, indeed! Third, you're writing a sequel to the "Legacy of the King's Pirates" series????!!!! Oh my, I can't wait to hear more! :D

    As for the survey, here are my responses...

    1) Historical Romantic Suspense

    2) American Western (I say this as my current favorite to write and as the historical era I most love, but I'd be curious to see what other interesting eras you might explore in your writing!)

    3) That's quite the list! I guess you're really open as to what you should write next, LOL. ;) Well, I love your pirate stories, for sure, and I'd love more stories set during the age of sail. You could always throw some mermaids in there to make it interesting. ;) I'm totally cool with cowboys and Native Americans, as you can probably guess from my response to the last question! And OK, I'm seriously intrigued as to where you would go with a vampire story, haha.

    Again, so glad to hear all of your exciting news!


  2. Ooo, survey! My answers would be: 2, 2, and then 1, 8, 9, 14 and 17. :D

  3. Fri Aug 23rd,
    "Morning, MaryLu."
    Thrilled to view all three covers of your "Escape to Paradise" book covers -- totally beautiful. I particularly like -- the mist in each picture, evoking mystery, intrigue, drama, adventure, curiosity. I like just seeing the ladies' profile, and not their full face ... also adding to the wonderment. The title of each book, along with the book-cover tells a mini-story of what is to unfold in each story, creating more suspense. Just beautiful cover-pictures !!! Even "if" I didn't know you as the Author, MaryLu, and didn't know exactly what the story was about ... I'd purchase the books from the covers alone !
    And yes, November 1st is fast approaching .....
    Favourite book genre: #4 - Historical romantic suspense.
    Favourite time period: #4 - Medieval 4th-15th Centuries.
    Prefer to read about: - #8 - Medieval Knights and Princesses; #2 - Vikings; #1 - Pirates; #9 - Stories set during the age of sail; #13 - Biblical fiction.
    Also, thrilled to know that you will be writing a 'sequal' to the "Legacy of the King's Pirates" series !!!!!!!!!! That was my most favourite trilogy ... and I sure didn't want to see it come to an end ! Greatly looking forward to this 'new' arrival !!!
    Thanks so much for sharing, MaryLu.
    Everyone have a great weekend.
    Take care, and, God Bless, In Him, Brenda

  4. May I just say, I LOVE THE THIRD COVER!!! Thanks for the update and sneak peek about your next trilogy! My favorite genre is 1. Historical Fiction. My favorite time period is 12. American West or Praire (1800s)-- I'm a huge Little House fan :). I prefer to read about 1. Pirates, like you write them; 4. Cowboys, like Becky Wade writes them :); 7. Indians, like Laura Franz writes them; and always, 8. Knights and Princesses. What a neat survey! I am so counting down the days until I can read Elusive Hope, and most certainly looking for opportunities to review it beforehand! (I love not having to wait as long :P)

    Good morning, everyone!

  5. I love all the covers! :)

    My answers:
    1) Spooky Thrillers
    2) No time Period in Particular
    3) Medieval Knights and Princesses, Police and Crime stories, Pirates, Cowboys, Military, Stories set in Historic England (Regency, Victorian, Elizabethan)

  6. Yippee! Love all 3 covers. They're beautiful and intriguing! I'm excited for the sequel to the Legacy of the King's Pirates as well! Wahoo! Thank you for supplying me with great reading material!

  7. WOW!! The covers look great, but my favorite is "Forsaken Dreams". Looking forward to reading more about the folks in New Hope. As to your questions:

    1) #2 - Romantic Suspense (although it was hard to pick just one)
    2) #4 - Medieval (4th -15th Centuries) - (again difficult to pick one)
    3) #1 - Pirates, #4 - Cowboys, #8 - Medieval Knights and Princesses, #10 - Police and Crime stories, #12 - Sweet Romance, #15 - Military (LOVE Ronie Kendig), #16 - Stories set in Historic England (Regency, Victorian, Elizabethan, #18 - High Society in the early 1900's (Downton Abbey) & #19 - Modern dramas with modern people.

    So excited about your sequel to the Legacy of the King's Pirates series. Rest assured that whatever you decide to write next, I will be reading it. You're a gifted storyteller and have all the things I like to read about stuffed between your book covers.

  8. The covers are beautiful! I can't wait for the books to be released :)

    1) 4-Historical Romantic Suspense
    2) 16-World War II
    3) 1-Pirates; 6-Mermaids; 7-Indians; 8-Medieval Knights and Princesses; 13-Biblical fiction; 19-Modern dramas with modern people

  9. Your covers are all gorgeous but Forsaken Dreams is still my favorite one!
    Question answers:
    Historical Romance
    Regency (1811-1820)
    Medieval Knights and Princesses
    Fantasy stories
    Sweet Romance
    Stories set in Historic England (Regency, Victorian, Elizabethan)
    Sweet Romances
    High Society in the early 1900's (Downton Abbey)
    Or a misture of those

    Thanks for asking!! I LOVE your books!!

  10. Love the book covers.
    Here are my survey answers.
    1. I like several genres, but if I have to choose 1, I guess it would be Historical Romance.
    2. Same with the time period, but I would have to say American Western or Prairie.
    3. I will just answer with numbers. 1, 3, 4, 7, 12,13,16,17.

  11. I am with you, MaryLu, I could stare at those covers all day....imagining all the many scenes floating through my head. :-)
    Let me see.....Historical Romance for #1, of course.....for #2, I'd have to choose medieval (I love stories with knights, maidens, dragons, castles, gorgeous forests, kings, queens, pirates, ships...all wrapped up in a Godly theme)and as for #3, I would say all of them except for Cowboys, Vampires or anything modern.
    Have a blessed weekend, Cap'n!

  12. Love the covers! :D
    oooh, this is a hard survey :)
    #1, I'd have to say historical. (with maybe a *touch* of romance, but not a whole lot)
    #2 This is ridiculously hard; I don't really have a favorite (or rather, i have like, 10) but I'll go with medieval, because I haven't come across a whole lot of christian fiction taking place in that time.
    #3 so this one of course will say knights and princesses :D

  13. Morning MaryLu:)
    Ooh this be fun:)
    1. Historical Romance suspense
    2. That's a tuffy, I guess like all different time periods, so no specific time period
    3. Pirates, cowboys, Indians, knights/princesses, military:)
    Happy writing! Cant wait to read Elusive Hope:)

  14. Captain, the cover for Elusive Hope is by far my absolute favorite of ALL of your covers! Although Surrender the Night is a pretty close second :) So excited to read Magnolia and Hayden's story!! (Though, honestly, Angeline and James are my favorite characters.)

    Okay, so it's so hard to choose just one answer from each question!! But...
    Genre I read most, thus it's probably my favorite, would be historical romance.
    My absolute most favorite time period is 1940s and 1950s. I know that's not exactly one of your choices but it's the best way I could narrow it down.
    What I prefer to read about: pirates, cowboys, mermaids (Oh my, can you imagine all three of those in one story? That would be awesome!), native Americans, fantasy (especially if it's got dragons and princesses and magic, but not mideval times), sci-fi, romance, 1800s England and America (everything from Victorian and high society to the old west and prairie), Civil War, and Revolutionary War.

    1. Historical ROmance
    2. US Civil War seems to be fun, and I love Medieval.... ummmm..... I guess.... uhhhh....mmmm... idk.... Medieval?
    3. Romance, Knights and princesses, military...


  16. 1) Historical Romance, though I like a little suspense thrown in there too. I also read Contemporary Romance and Historical. NOT Amish, sorry.

    2) Medieval (4th -15th Centuries)
    Age of Discovery (15th - 17th Centuries)
    Renaissance (14th - 16th Centuries)
    Colonial (1600's - 1700's)
    Georgian (1740-1830)
    Victorian (1837-1901)
    Regency (1811-1820)
    Romantic Era (1850-1920)
    Edwardian period (United Kingdom, 1901 - 1910)

    Medieval Knights and Princesses
    Stories set during the Age of Sail
    Sweet Romance
    Biblical Fiction
    Stories set in Historic England (Regency, Victorian, Elizabethan)

    If I'm going to spend so much time with a book, I like it to make me think on God. So, just a sweet story with no God moments in it doesn't really cut it for me. I want to be challenged, reminded, moved.


  17. Beautiful covers, MaryLu!
    I love surveys, though I admit I cheated by choosing more than one answer per question. I hope that doesn’t disqualify my input :p

    Historical Romance, though I like mystery, suspense, and intrigue woven in. : )

    Colonial (1600's - 1700's)
    Georgian (1740-1830)
    Victorian (1837-1901)
    Regency (1811-1820)
    Romantic Era (1850-1920)
    American Western or Prairie (1800's) – (Love Indian Captivity stories, so much room for history, romance, danger.)
    Gilded Age - US Late 19th Century
    Edwardian period (United Kingdom, 1901 - 1910) (I also love this time period in the US/Canada, like “Anne of Green Gables”, “Road to Avonlea”, “Sarah, Plain and Tall”)
    US Revolutionary War
    US Civil War

    Historic England (Regency, Victorian, Elizabethan)
    Vikings (now, there’s a new genre!)
    Cowboys (think “Conagher”, “Quigley Down Under”, and “Riders of the Purple Sage”.)

  18. I've read "Elusive Hope," so now I plan to go back and read "Forsaken Dreams," and, of course, "Abandoned Memories."

    1. Hm, only only one... I suppose fantasy is my favorite right now. (Though I do like historical romance)
    2. I can't decide, so no time in particualar will have to do.
    3. Pirates, Vikings, and Mermaids. I'd really like to see a book written by you with Mermaids. You write stories set on the seas rather well, so I think you'd be good and writing a mermaid story. :-D


  19. I like any genre....just love to read! Can't wait for Elusive Hope to come out! Love all the covers......and love your books, MaryLu. Thanks for writing such great books for us readers!
    Jackie S.

  20. 1. Historical Romance
    2. Colonial (1600's - 1700's)
    3.Pirates, military

  21. No particular time period. I love just about every genre if there is romance in it and I love to read about Pirates, Vikings, Indians, Vampires(love Debbie Viguie's Kiss Trilogy), Biblical Fiction, Mermaids, Fantasy and Sweet Romance.

  22. Oh my! I've wanted to respond to one of your blogs for a lonnnnng time and never did it - but here goes.... I have so enjoyed each and every one of your books - namely because you never fail to "steer" me toward Christ and the "depth" of our Lord's love!! I'm so excited to read your next novel and pray that your inspiration continues to overflow unto the eagerly, waiting masses.

    As for the survey:
    1. Other - I didn't see my absolute favorite: Historical Romantic Adventure!
    2. In order of preference: #5,4,7 and then anything pre-1900
    3. In order of preference: #1,8,10 - I love to read of off-the-beaten-historical-path events, professions, people & places

    So - please keep them coming - your wonderful books, blessed recommendations, and insightful blogs & commentaries. Christ's love to you & yours, Tia

    1. Thank you Tia!!! I'm glad you finally responded to one of my blog posts!!

  23. I always love hearing about your new releases! I just lament over how long I have to wait to read them all. The covers of the next two books are gorgeous! Can we speed up the releases?

    To answer the survey:
    1. Probably Romantic Suspense, but I like so many there are a few VERY close seconds
    2. I will read from almost any time period, and I like historical fiction, but WWII is my favorite event in history and I love the 1920s :)
    3. I will read just about every character on that list if the book is good. :) To narrow it down a bit though: Pirates for sure (thanks to you), mermaids, knights and medieval princesses, age of sail, police and crime, sweet romances, Biblical fiction, military, historic England and high society. Plus other.

    Keep writing! I will read anything by you I have come to find out by the many books I've consumed and purchased that have your name on it. :) I already excited for the sequel to the Legacy of the King's Pirates and I can't wait to get my hands and eyes on Elusive Hope and Abandoned Memories <3

  24. 1. I love to read historical romance as a genre.
    2. Medieval, Victorian, Western Prairie.
    3. I like to read about pirates, cowboys, and after hearing about your wish to write about mermaids I'd just love to see what you could do with that idea--as long as it wasn't too POTC 4 like....

    All the best as you seek and serve God with your writing.


  25. The cover for the third book is lovely, MaryLu! This may be my favorite set of covers for your books.

    1. Since I have to only choose one, I would pick Historical Romance.
    2. Again, since I only can choose one, I would choose Victorian. This tends to change though, and so right now I am just in a really big Victorian phase!
    3. I would like to read about pirates, Vikings, medieval knights and princesses, sweet romances (as long as they aren't cheesy or predictable), spiritual warfare, stories set in historical England, high society during the 1900's, and mysteries. Especially mysteries set in historical eras.

  26. Thank you ALL for your comments!!! I wish I could respond to each of you individually!! This is such a huge help to me. I'm already tallying up the results. Please send your friends over too if they like to read. I need as many responses as I can get. Thanks! And have a great weekend!

  27. What is your favorite Book Genre to read? (Please choose one)

    Historical Romantic Suspense

    What is your favorite Time Period? (Please choose only 1)

    No time Period in Particular

    What would you prefer to read about (You can choose more than one)

    Medieval Knights and Princesses
    Police and Crime stories
    Fantasy stories
    Sweet Romance
    Biblical Fiction
    Spiritual Warfare
    Stories set in Historic England (Regency, Victorian, Elizabethan)
    Sweet Romances
    High Society in the early 1900's (Downton Abbey)
    Modern dramas with modern people

  28. How fun! I LOVE the cover for Abandoned Memories. Just beautiful!

    Historical Romance
    American Western or Prairie (1800's)
    Cowboys, Pirates, Medieval Knights and Princesses

  29. Hello! Looking forward to the pre-release party in October! Survey answers : 1, 13, and the third question: 1, 2, 7, 8, 9, 12, 13, 16, 17, 18 I love all the covers and I can't wait to read them.

  30. Oh my goodness I almost jumped out of my seat when I read you were writing more about our original series! YES!
    Ok for the survey. This was actually really hard.
    1) historical romantic suspense
    2) toss up between medieval and Victorian. :/
    3) pirates are amazing and adding a few mermaids is always awesome. The age of sail is so great and I love your books on this but I think it would be really awesome if you incorporated some of the myths (craken, mermaids, bermuda triangle) just a thought :) ok medieval everything is amazing so you just can't go wrong. Cowboys I find utterly fascinating and I can never seem to put them down (Regeba Jennings is my newest find) Biblical fiction is so incredibly intriguing to me. It really gets me into the bible a lot more. last but not least I absolutely live historic England. I swear I was born in the wrong time period. Victorian or medieval. That is my home :P hope this helps!

  31. First, I LOVE all of your book covers. Gorgeous!

    What is your favorite Book Genre to read?
    Historical Romance

    What is your favorite Time Period?
    American Western or Prairie (1800's)

    What would you prefer to read about?
    Sweet Romance

  32. Hi MaryLu,
    All of those covers are breathtaking! Some of the prettiest out there.
    I will answer your questions below, but must make the disclaimer that I read all kinds of Christian fiction set in all eras, etc. However, here are my answers to you questions:
    1)historical romance
    2)Regency era
    3)sweet romances, military, historic England, age of Sail
    God Bless!
    Brittany McEuen

  33. 1. Historical (fiction or non-fiction)
    2. Renaissance
    3. Pirates, Vikings, Cowboys, Medieval Knights and Princesses, Police and Crime Stories, Stories set in historic England, High society in the early 1900's, Other (Historic Europe, War of Independence, Civil War, Settling of Canada and America, WWI, the Holocaust, WWII espionage/assassination, stories about historic day-to-day living of pretty much any time period predating the very fifties (rulers, commoners...))

  34. Favorite genre: historical romance
    Favorite time period: regency
    Prefer to read about: pirates, vikings, cowboys, native americans, medieval, age of sail, sweet romance, historic england, and high society.
    would you really write about vampires? it reminds me too much of the paranormal craze among teens these days and makes me wonder how that meshes with Christianity (i haven't read the D. Viguie series so i can't speak to how she addresses it). not sure about mermaids either but i suppose that could be under the "fantasy" genre?

    love the books covers, i look forward to angelina and dr. james' story the most!

  35. I loved Forsaken Dreams and am so excited for Elusive Hope and Abandoned Memories. Beautiful, beautiful covers... so intriguing! :)
    As for the survey, it'll be kind of hard to choose, but I'll try my best!
    Favorite genre: Historical Romance (though I do really love Christian fantasies as well!!)
    Favorite time period: Ok, this is getting seriously hard(!)... but I guess I've been more interested in Medieval of late.
    Prefer to read about: Fantasy stories, Vikings, Medieval knights and princesses, Historic England, sweet romance, and mermaids would also be really interesting! :) And, as always, your pirate stories intrigue me, :)
    Thanks for this! :) God's blessings as you continue writing! :)

  36. PLEASE PLEASE PLEAAAASE write another pirate series!!! I also loved the books set during the War of 1812! Beautiful covers! :)

  37. Oh my goodness, I can't even begin to explain how excited I am for another pirate series!!! Loved the first one, I will love the second series just as much, I'm sure. :)

    Answers for the survey:
    1) Historical Romance
    2) Colonial
    3) Pirates, cowboys, mermaids, sweet romance, and spiritual warfare.

    I'm really excited about your upcoming books! :)

  38. Historical Romantic Suspense
    Contemporary Suspense

    Favorite time period: WWII

    Stories set during the Age of Sail
    Police and Crime stories (with some romance)
    Biblical Fiction
    Military (I mean a story about someone fighting during WWII in the military or underground or trying to survive during wartime--the war from their point of view with a wee bit of history thrown in for those of us who had a public school education)
    High Society in the early 1900's (Downton Abbey)

    I normally lean towards mystery-suspense books rather than books that look romantic (I guess that says my life is boring but I'm getting enough romance), but I ALWAYS love books that are more than just "a clean read" and don't shy away from Scripture. I am HOOKED on your books! You have a gift from your Maker that you use for His glory. Thank you. May He bless you and your writing.