Friday, August 30, 2013

Resutls of Reader Survey and I'm off to the Tall Ship Festival at San Diego!

Happy Friday, Everyone!   My publisher is going to combine my Surrender to Destiny series into one volume called an omnibus. So all three books will come in a single nice volume. Cool huh?  They just sent me the cover, so I thought I'd share it with you.  This will release next May 2014!

Thoughts on the cover?

For those of you who participated in last week's survey, I thank you!! I thought you might like to see the results, some of which actually surprised me!

Favorite Genre

Historical Romance                    18
Historical Romantic Suspense     8
Romantic Suspense                      3
Historical                                      2
Spooky                                          1
Fantasy                                          1

Favorite Time Period

Medieval                  10
Western                      8
Victorian                    7
Regency                     6
None                          5
Colonial                     4
Age of Romance        3
Gilded                        3
Civil War                   3
Revolutionary War    3
WW II                       3
Georgian                    3
Age of Discovery      2
Renaissance               2
Futuristic                    1
WW1                          1
40's-50's                     1
1920's                         1
1850's - 1920's           1

Story Preference

Pirates                    27
Medieval                22
Sweet Romances   19
Historic England   17
Cowboys               17
Vikings                  12
Indians                   12
Mermaids              10
Early 1900's          10
Biblical Fiction     10
Age of Sail              9
Military                   8
Police                      7
Amish                     6
Fantasy                   4
Spiritual Warfare    5
Modern                   3
Vampires                2
Mystery                  1
Military                  8

I must say that what shocked me the most was that pirates and medieval were so popular! I've been told multiple times that those 2 topics are off limits in the Christian Book market. Weird. I was also surprised at the Vikings and Mermaids.  Anyway, thanks to everyone who answered!  

By the time you are reading this hubby and I will be boarding a plane and flying down to San Diego for their annual Tall Ship Festival!!  I'm SO EXCITED!! I've been looking forward to this all year.

If you'd like to see a list (complete with pictures) of the ships that will be there, here's a link:

On Saturday, Hubby and I are booked on a Cannon Battle cruise!   We are spending 4 days down there and might try and make it to the San Diego Zoo as well.

Yes, I'll take lots of pictures and will share them when I return!
Have a great weekend all!! 


  1. I have to admit the reason I picked Medieval was because there are so few of those in the Christian Market- something that sorely needs to be remedied! :)

  2. I love Medieval! One of my favorite books of all times is Behold The Dawn by K.M. Weiland, and it is set in 1192 during the crusades. I love that book so much! I can't blame publishing houses for being so limited in what they want, but I sometimes wonder...what if they picked up a broader variety of books, and not worry as much about editing it down. And what if they let the authors keep their originals titles (unless it was horrifyingly bad) and have a big say in the covers....would the whole business really collapse, or would things be better...makes a person think! Enjoy your trip!

  3. Love the Surrender to Destiny cover! Love the outcome of the survey! And I am soooo happy that you and your hubby get to go on this adventure! Can't wait to see your pictures!

  4. I love the pirate idea for novels. Wow ... because really, even those nasty pirates can be redeemed. The blood of Jesus is for everyone! So why not write about pirates? I like the Medieval as well ... :) I'm actually all over the board for that. Glad you have been filling in the gap for the Christian market in the pirate area. Love your books! :)
    Have a great trip and visit at the Tall Ships .... can't wait to see your pictures!