Friday, September 27, 2013

Winners of Talk Like A Pirate Day Contest! And PRE Release Party for Elusive Hope!

Ahoy there!!!  This ole sailor be most proud of yer answers in my Talk Like A Pirate Day contest!!!  I honestly tried to make the words as difficult as possible yet most of you got most of them right!!!  Avast!! I'll have to be makin' them even harder next year! 

Now for the winners::    Betti Mace won the Pirate Ship!!  And Amy (without a last name or email!)  won a Signed copy of ANY of my Three Pirate Books!!!   Congratulations, Ladies!!   Amy, please contact me as soon as possible since I have no way to contact you!

Thank you all so much for playing! I have a lot of fun each year doing this! 
Honorable Mention goes to the following people who got 6 out of the 7 words right!!  (Nobody got them all right).   Amy Majorana, Tracy, Heidi, Gena, and Amalie!   Ye be fine pirates, ladies, says I!

Now, for the answers:

1. Ye bunch of lilly-livered wastrels! Do ye think ye can stand thar an' swing the lead without the cap'n noticin'?

A. Draw pictures on the deck
B. A pirate game involving an ax swinging on a rope tied to the mast
C. A term meaning to slack off
D. Steal some of the booty before it is counted by the Quartermaster
2. If ye be thinkin' to hornsswaggle me, yer goin' t' have t' go thru me sword first.

A. Beat someone with the brass tip of a horn
B. Cheat or defraud someone
C. Strip a man of his clothes and tie him to the main mast
D. A punishment for pirates wherein each member of the crew got to slug them once
3. I'd know that scalawag anywhere by the cut of his jib!

A. A certain style of clothing
B. A wound from battle
C. A person's appearance
D. The way a sailor raises the jib sail
4. Did ye e'er see a bladder of air like these three fellows?

A. Someone who is self-important, overbearing
B. Someone who talks too much
C. Someone who is overweight
D. Someone who is lightweight

5. Come o'er here and open your lugholes!

A. The hole where gunpowder is poured in a pistol
B. Ears
C. The cork in a bottle of rum
D. The holes on the side of the ship where water runs off

6. Well done, bawcocky boys, clear the guns. Tis our turn next!

A. Arrogant
B. Boys who tend the chickens on ships
C. New sailors
D. Fine, Admirable

7. They'll pin their hopes upon a lout of a parson, a squab who neither practices nor believes what he preaches.

A. Short, plump person
B. Hypocrite
C. Person of lower intelligence
D. Person who cleans the decks of ships

Elusive Hope Pre-release Party

Starts Next Friday!! Each Friday I'll be posting something cool about my upcoming book Elusive Hope. Character pictures, character personalities, backgrounds, story lines, Guess what the character would say next (a fan favorite) plus unveiling the book trailer. 
And every Friday I'm giving away a signed copy of the book, plus a few other prizes! 
So, spread the word! Tell your friends!!!  And come by and join the party!


  1. Sept 27th,
    "Morning, MaryLu."
    Congratulations -- Betti and Amy ! And, congratulations to the mentioned honourees !
    Looking forward to next Friday and the beginnings of "Elusive Hope" postings.
    Have a great weekend everyone.
    Take care, and, God Bless, In Him, Brenda

  2. Congrats to the winners! I look forward to learning more about Elusive Hope in the coming weeks

  3. Wow, I certainly never would have guessed some of those answers! Thanks for the contest and I'm so excited about the party!