Friday, November 29, 2013

Winner of the Cup of Christmas Cheer volume set!!

That was a fun post last Friday! It really got me in the spirit for Christmas!  Thanks to Carla and
Carrie for joining me on my blog, and thanks to all who dropped by and left a comment! I hope you felt at home and had fun.  Unfortunately, there can only be one winner of the wonderful Two volume set of A Cup of Christmas Cheer...  that winner was chosen by for all fairness.. and her name is :

Mary Lou Kwiatkowski!!!    Congratulations, Mary Lou!!

For those of you who follow my blog, I'm going to be cutting back a bit on posts. Things have become busier in my home lately and I want to spend the few precious hours I have concentrating on writing books, not blog posts. HOWEVER, I still plan on posting now and then and I will try and keep up with the favorite, Wordless Wednesday!  Also if I have any book news of note or information on new releases, I'll post that here too. So, if you'd like to keep in touch with me, you can subscribe to my blog posts. That way you'll get the posts in your email and you won't miss any. Or if you'd rather not be bugged that often, please sign up for my email newsletter.  Both signups are on the right of this page.

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!  For the first time in 32 years, I didn't cook anything. In fact, all our kids were either busy or out of town. It was a bit sad, but I also enjoyed the break. I did make a Pecan Pie that was to die for, and we went out with friends to a restaurant nearby.  It occurred to me in our transient and face-paced society that so many families live far apart. For instance, my Mom, Sister, Brother, nieces and nephews all live on the East Coast while I'm on the West. All my husband's family lives up north in Washington State. It's sort of sad, especially around the holidays to be apart from family. I don't think that's what God intended. If you have most of your immediate family nearby (even if they drive you nuts!)  please be thankful for that. It truly is a blessing in today's world.

Ultimately, one day, we shall all be reunited with our families in heaven, but even better than that, we will all be a part of God's huge family. So, those of you who don't have family or are orphans or have lost your loved ones, if you know Jesus, you are already a part of God's family, adopted as His special child, and someday you will join that huge family and never be alone again. 

Blessings to you all... and Happy Thanksgiving!



  1. Happy Thanksgiving, MaryLu and blog readers! I am very blessed that I do have my immediate family nearby. However, none of us cooked, and instead we all went out to eat. We still cook for Christmas, but we are lazy during Thanksgiving, or have been for the past three years.

  2. First, congratulations to your winner. Second, I'm glad I subscribe so I will keep up to date with you. Have a blessed week!