Friday, February 28, 2014

The Ransom Pre-Release party Week 3!

Welcome to the Pre-release party for The Ransom!!
Last week's winner, chosen by, is Allysia! Congratulations Allysia!! And thanks to all who entered. :-)
I'm giving away another copy next Friday, so don't forget to comment on today's post. 

Every Friday through March 7th, I'll be posting something about the book and characters and giving away a free copy of The Ransom (either e-book or print) to one lucky winner. All you have to do is read through the post and answer the question I pose at the end. Simple, eh?

For those of you who haven't read my Legacy of the King's Pirates series (What are you waiting for? Just kidding)  you won't be lost. Though some characters from the series are mentioned in this story, it is really a stand-alone.

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Port Royal, Jamaica 1692

Living in a city deemed the wickedest in the world is no easy task for Miss Juliana Dutton. To make matters worse, with an ailing father and a drunken fool for a brother, she is forced to take over the running of the family business in order to survive. When a meddlesome suitor threatens to discover her secret and cast them all onto the streets, she agrees to a spurious engagement with the town buffoon, Lord Munthrope. She only hopes the man is trustworthy.

The Pirate Earl, Alexander Hyde, son of the infamous Captain Edmund Merrick Hyde, is the most feared pirate in Port Royal. Disillusioned with the religion of his parents and the pleasures of the world, Alex staves off his emptiness by leading a dual life to hide his deepest secrets.

A long-time enemy is out to destroy Alex and take Juliana for his own. Struggling to maintain her faith in the Divine, Juliana faces her problems bravely, but the harder she tries, the more it seems everything is working against her. Unwittingly, she and her weak fiancĂ© become entangled in the hostility between  the Pirate Earl and his enemy, while even more dangerous forces are rising up to destroy them all.

Today we play: Guess what the characters will say next!!   Based on what you know about Juliana and Alex from the prior two weeks, now you have a chance to predict what each of them will say to each other in the following mini-scenes. 

Setup Scene 1: This is from Chapter 1. Alex and Juliana have just met. He saved her from some rather nefarious pirates and is now following her home.:

What was she to do? Oh foolish girl! Why did she never think of the consequences before running off on some errand of mercy? She’d put her entire family at risk: her shipping business, her father’s health, her brother’s future.
The Pirate Earl appeared beside her.
And her own virtue.
“Ah, at last we know what has kept your footman.” He chuckled.
We don’t know anything, sir,” she snapped, staring at the besotted servant. She would have to move him in order to drive the carriage. And since her strength forbade the act—and she refused to ask a pirate for help—she gathered her cloak about her and started down the street.
He clutched her arm. “Where are you going?”
“Home.” She tugged from his grip, her ire rising. “I have no money if that’s what you want.”
He grinned. “I have more than enough wealth, milady.”
She stopped and glared at him. “If you intend to ravish or murder me, please be about it. Otherwise I grow weary of our exchange.”
Was that a spark of surprise, mayhap even admiration in his eyes?
Without saying a word, he retraced his steps to the carriage, hoisted poor Mr. Pell over his shoulder, and laid him across the passenger seat in the back. Then leaping onto the driver’s box, he grabbed the reins with one hand and lowered his other to her.
“Are you now to steal my carriage?” she asked.
“I intend to take you home.”
“So you can rob me?”
“Again with the money, milady?” He grinned. “You cut me to the quick.”
“By your own admission, sir, you are a pirate. Why should I trust you?”

Now it's your turn. How does Alex respond??

A. "Because, milady, I have already saved your life once tonight."
B. “You shouldn’t.” He shrugged. “But either way, I intend to escort you home."
C.  He grinned. "I neither ask for your trust, nor expect it." 
D. "Because appearances can be deceiving." 

SetUp Scene 2:
Juliana insists on visiting a sick friend in the worst part of town and Alex insists on protecting her. This is one such night when he caught up to her.

“’Twould seem you have great power in Port Royal, Mr. Pirate. Perchance you could use it for less nefarious purposes.”
“Milord Pirate, if you please, and alas, I believe I am. In protecting you.”
She halted beneath a street lamp and studied him in its light. Coal-black hair stretched behind him in a tie, save one strand dangling over his forehead. Strong, shadowed jaw, aquiline nose, and lips that seemed stuck in a perpetual smirk. “I refer to halting your pillaging and plundering, sir.”
His eyes twinkled. “One must start small on the road to redemption.”
“And does bludgeoning a fellow pirate to near death suffice as a great start on this journey of light?” She tapped the tip of her parasol in the dirt.
For a moment he seemed perplexed. “Ah, you speak of Riley.”
“Yes, Riley.” She planted a hand at her waist. “You nearly killed him.”
“Nearly being the operative word. And ’twas not me but my men who, dare I say, embellished a bit on my instructions.” With finger and thumb he eased down the sides of his mouth, shooting a spark of familiarity through her.
And befuddling her mind. Still, hadn’t Riley gotten what he deserved? She sighed. “It is unclear whether I should chastise you or thank you.”. . .
 “I much prefer your thanks.” His grin disarmed her.
Clutching her skirts, she started walking again. Not because she wished to leave this man but because of the way he was looking at her.
As if she were a rare treasure he’d forfeit his life to protect.
“However, I do believe the weasel got the message,” he said, keeping her pace. ”I won’t allow women to be thus treated in my town.”
“Is it your town now?” She chuckled.
“Parts of it. The parts that you insist on visiting after dark.”
She frowned. “I was visiting Miss Abilene, if you must know. She looks well.”
“I am pleased to hear it.”
Stopping, she faced him. “’Tis due to your kindness, Mr. Pirate, though I have no idea why you would care for the well-being of a tavern wench.”
“That kindness, milady, as foreign as it may seem for pirates, I owe to you.” He rested his hand on the hilt of the cutlass hanging at his side. “I fear you bring out what little good remains in my dark soul.” His tone lacked its usual taunt. 

Now it's your turn! How does Juliana reply?

A. "Or is that good just a pretense for attaining my affections?"
B.  "A soul that is dark harbors no good." She hurried on her way.
C.  "Then will you repent of all your crimes here and now, Mr. Pirate?"
D. “Have a care, Mr. Pirate, I may reform you yet.” She dared to smile.

Leave a comment with your answers and your email to enter to win a free copy of The Ransom. The winner will be drawn next Friday, March 7th where you will have one more chance to win!  (Print copy to US addresses only)

Have a great weekend!


  1. Fri Feb 28th,
    "Morning, MaryLu."
    Oh my goodness .... we're at the "end" of yet another month, already !!!
    Forgot to say: "Congrats" to Emma (last week's winner), and, to Allysia (this week's winner) !
    Thankfully, I'm not entering into this contest .... your choices "all" sound perfect !!! But, I'll make a guess anyway.
    For Alex's response, I believe the answer "might be": B.
    And, I believe Juliana's response "might be": B.
    Reminder: these are only "guesses" ! Any one of them would work.
    Have a good weekend, everyone.
    Take care, and, God Bless,
    In Him, Brenda

  2. I think the answers are B to the first one and D to the second one:) thank you for such a fun giveaway!

  3. Thunder and turf this is hard!! All of these answers seem to fit, but I'll choose B for the first scene and A for the second. Thanks for the chance to win.

  4. Ah, sparks fly - I just NEED to read this! I love this kind of sass :)
    I believe that the answer to first question is C and to the second question is D.
    Thanks for the lovely giveaway and God bless you!

  5. B, D

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  6. Goodness, MaryLu, I NEED this book NOW!!! These scenes remind me of when I first fell in love with your pirates past ♥ I've been looking around trying to find The Ransom on preorder somewhere but can't... Will this be available through Amazon on paperback? And I forgot if you gave us a release date? I'll have to look back in the previous posts.

    Ok, I'm torn between answer A or B for the first scene, but leaning more towards B as it seems to fit the exchange.

    For the second scene I'm thinking answer C or D... but seeing as "his tone lacked it's usual taunt" it may have soften Juliana a bit making D work best...

    Lol, I don't know! But I DO know that I CANNOT wait to read this!!! Thank you so much for following your heart and writing another pirate novel, MaryLu ♥

    And thanks again for a chance to win :-)

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Lol, could the release date countdown be any bigger at the top of the page?? Sorry *blushing* I guess in my excitement I didn't see it. Thank goodness, I don't have to wait long!!! ;-)

  9. I think it's B and then D.
    garfsgirl [at] hotmail [dot] com

  10. Wow, this is fun and this book sounds better and better!!
    My answers are B to the first scenario and D for the second....the second one was way more challenging because his last comment is not taunting her and I wanted her to have a genuine/non cutting response to him, but it seemed D was the best choice :)
    Congrats Allysia (pretty name!) and thanks for another chance to win this book, MaryLu!!
    Have a blessed weekend, Kara

  11. Oh, do this sound fun! I'm going with D and B. What spunk and spark early on! Can't wait to read it!

    lmbartelt (at) gmail (dot) com

  12. Alex: B. “You shouldn’t.” He shrugged. “But either way, I intend to escort you home."

    Juliana: A. "Or is that good just a pretense for attaining my affections?"


  13. A and D! My goodness, I can't wait to read this book! I love his underlying with and character. I shall die of wondering on the next segment...I believe I will be on the border of Nicargaua and Honduras next Friday working with some churches. Maybe, maybe, maybe I can pick up the internet!

    1. I always pass on my books and seriously wished I hadn't passed on your pirate series!

  14. C for the first and D for the second...I'm never good at these o I look forward to the real answer....AND the book! Ewe_r_merritt at yahoo dot com

  15. What fun reading all the answers. I'm in agreement with scene 1 being B. And totally agree with all the jumping around with scene 2! Oh...let's go with line D. :)

    Looking forward to the read!!

  16. Hmm.. I would pick B for scene one. Answer D for scene two.

    Thanks for the giveaway!


    arieljo12 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  17. I think B would be the answer to Scene 1 and D would be the answer to Scene 2. It's always fun to try and imagine what the characters would say! Thanks for the sneak peeks into the book and for this great giveaway. =)


    1. Oops- forgot to leave my e-mail address. It's

  18. Hmmm... I think B. for the first question, and D. for the second. What fun! I cannot wait to read more about these characters.

  19. I must say that I am late in joining in on this giveaway. Not quite sure how I missed this book because this is right up my alley as far as what I would read! After reading the two scenarios without anyway to guage what would be right or wrong, I guess C for the first scenario and D for the second. This book and the series sounds very good!!!!

  20. My guess would be B then D...thanks for the reminder - so excited about this series. truckredford(at)Gmail(Dot)com

  21. Hey MaryLu,

    This book sounds like so much fun to read. I would absolutely love to win a copy of your book.
    The answers that I choose are going to be for Alex is-A
    And for Juliana it is -D
    Thank you for letting my participate in the fun book giveaway.

    Scene 1: C
    Scene 2: B

  23. I think C for the first and D for the second. Can't wait for the release of this book! :-)

  24. Oops forgot my email:

  25. Alex: C, Juliana: D


  26. Oh, this sounds sooo good! Don't enter me though 'cause I already downloaded it....thanks for telling us about the great price!

  27. Hi Marylu,
    Wow! The book sounds so intriguing!
    Well, I think that the first one is C and the second one is D.
    My email is:

  28. 1. B. “You shouldn’t.” He shrugged. “But either way, I intend to escort you home."
    2. D. “Have a care, Mr. Pirate, I may reform you yet.” She dared to smile.

    Really, I haven't a clue. But I guess my guess is good to go with. Oh my, what a lot of g's - Is that good? Oops! There goes another G. But I guess with a last name like Godley, I tend to be good with G's.

    godleyv [at]yahoo[dot]com

  29. Thanks for the fun game! I'm going to guess "C" for Alex and "B" for Julianna.

  30. Loving this! 'B' for 'Mr. Pirate', and 'C' for Julianna.

  31. Oh I am SO torn on his! But I think I'm going with B.) and I think for Juliana D.)

    This is SO good! :D

    Amada (pronounced:


  32. Hi, MaryLu!!

    My guess as the answer for both scenes is: B.

    Regardless of the answers - "The Ransom" sounds like an wonderfully exciting, and delightful romance!! Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy!!


  33. I am torn between A and D lol A final answer...
    Linda Finn

  34. I'm looking forward to this book. I'm going with C and D.

    rosecaritas at yahoo dot com

  35. B and D. Yep, that's my guess! Sounds like a fun and exciting book for sure!


  36. I love your books (especially the pirate ones ;), and this one sounds exciting!
    I think the first answer is B, and then D.


  37. Can't wait to read this one. scene1 B and Scene 2 D.

  38. Ready for another adventure on the high seas! I'm going to go with B for Alex's answer and D for Juliana's reply.


  39. I choose B for Scene 1 and D for Scene 2
    Can't wait to read this book and am planning to go back and read the first three again.