Friday, June 6, 2014

Abandoned Memories Pre-release Party Week !

Ahoy Peeps! Is it that time again already? Time for another PRE-RELEASE party. Yay!  This one is for the third and final book in my Escape to Paradise trilogy. ABANDONED MEMORIES!

At last you will find out what's up with the weird visions from the past and the spooky abandoned tunnel with the eerie chains and cannibalistic fire pit. oooooh.. makes me tremble just thinking about it!  And what's up with that slimy Dodd character, and is there really a fortune in gold hidden in the jungle?  Finally you will find out the REAL reason these Southerners have come to Brazil and how the task they must preform has global consequences! Not to mention find out how Eliza and Grant are doing and Hayden and Magnolia and whether Angeline and James will ever get together?

Abandoned Memories will be released on July 1st, but every Friday this month, I'll be giving you a sneak peek at the story and characters and giving away one free copy (That's 4 chances to win!!)

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So let's get started.  Today we will learn about our heroine.

Angeline Moore (AKA Clarissa Paine)

Brief Description:  At only twenty years old, Angeline has endured enough horror and heartache to fill a lifetime. When her father was murdered, she was sent to live with an abusive uncle but was soon forced out onto the streets. Starving and cold, she trusted a woman who took her under her care, only to discover that she’d been thrust into a life of unimaginable disgrace. Running from the law for another crime, Angeline joins Colonel Wallace’s expedition to Brazil, hoping to hide her past and start a new life. And maybe even become a lady again. If only there weren’t two colonists on the journey who she’d met before. One is a man she is sure recognizes her, and the other is a hypocrite preacher who stirs her heart like no other.  However, because everyone she has ever loved has betrayed her, she trusts no one. She doesn’t want to depend on anyone every again, especially God, whom she believes has let down as well. Angeline is a true beauty. Petite, curvaceous with long russet-colored hair and eyes the color of violets, she attracts her share of male attention, yet she shuns them all. She doesn’t need a man. She can take care of herself. And she carries around a pistol to prove it!  Insecure, emotionally wounded, and plagued with nightmares, you don’t want to cross this lady, or you may discover a dragon lurks beneath her angelic exterior

Strengths: Courageous, Kind, Persevering
Weaknesses: Insecure, wounded, defensive, untrusting
Quirks: Angeline hates being touched by men and will often shirk away from any affection. She carries around a pistol to defend herself and bites her lip when she is nervous. Her most prized possession is a ring her father gave her on his death bed. To her, it represents home and love and safety—all the things she lost when he died.

Inspiration:  Angeline is the type of woman other women tend to hate. She’s beautiful, gets lots of male attention, and seemingly has low morals. Women tend to steer clear of her because they fear she’ll steal their boyfriends or husbands. Hence, she ends up with very few girlfriends and her only male friends use her for her physical appearance. Yet, how often do we judge women like this? Raise our noses in the air and walk on the other side of the street without peeling back the layers and seeing what’s beneath? Often you’ll find years of tragedy and abuse and a heart so filled with sorrow and shame that she no longer wants to live. That is Angeline. She feels dirty and worthless, even to the point of trying to kill herself more than once. To the outside world, she seems to have it all together, to be strong and independent and tough. But inside, she’s a whimpering little girl who only wants to be loved and feel safe again.

So, perhaps most of us CANNOT relate to Angeline's past, but I think so many people can relate to feelings of unworthiness and the need to be loved and fit in.
What qualities of Angeline's endear her to you and what qualities would make you steer far away from her? 

Answer the question and leave your email please and I'll choose a winner next Friday. !!

Have a great weekend!!



  1. Angeline has been broken so much in her young life but her courage to keep going and try to change the course of her life endears her to me. She has pluck and I can't wait to read her story!

  2. Her wounded spirit is something we can all probably relate to at one time or other in our lives and empathize with, but it's hard to get close to people who've been hurt so deeply because their guard is up all the time. We think because they keep their emotional and physical distance they are being stuck up and snobbish. Not realizing they are crushed on the inside and don't know how to reach out for fear of getting hurt again. I am so excited to read Angeline's story and fingers crossed that James will be the one man who is brave enough to push past her defensives (and the pistol she carries - HA! HA!) and bring out her inner beauty.

  3. The cover of your book is beautiful and I think that Angeline will open up and fall in love again. But having her guard up is a good thing. I don't have many girlfiends and I don't even have a boyfriend but I am thankful for friends and family I do have and I look forward to reading this book

  4. Her courage to leave the past behind and try to start over is admirable. I imagine that she does not make friendships easily but once she does, she would be fiercely loyal. Regrettably, I would probably misunderstand her at first, which might make me cautious to invade her privacy and try to establish a relationship.

  5. Happy Friday Capt:)
    Congrats on the upcoming release! Can't wait to dive in a read Angeline story;) Happy writing!
    Rebecca Hartman07@Yahoo. com

  6. The qualities that attract would be her kindness and perseverance. We all need someone in our lives who keeps pressing on. Though her seemingly low morals may have me cautious at first, they would also make me want to reach out to her and try to help her make it through.
    mandyerog (at) hotmail (dot) com

  7. Fri June 6th,
    "Morning, MaryLu".
    I appreciate hearing Angeline's strengths, but the weaknesses - insecure, untrusting, defensive ... I can relate to. Can't wait to read this new book, and see how the whole story unfolds.
    No need to enter me into the contest.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Take care, and, God Bless, In Him, Brenda

  8. I CAN NOT WAIT TO READ THIS!!!!! I am sharing to Facebook and Twitter!!!

  9. This looks like a wonderful read. I think Angeline's wounded nature would attract me to her (if I knew it was there--it sounds like she's hiding it) but I'd be intimidated by her beauty. I'm really looking forward to reading her story and thanks for the giveaway! danandlyndaedwards (at) msn (dot) com.

  10. I would initially admire her general kindness & if I got to know her better I'd greatly admire her strength to envision & seek out a better future. However, he defensiveness & standoffish tendencies may keep me from digging deeper. Can't wait for to read this new addition to the series! :-D

  11. Hi MaryLu!

    All three of her strengths--courageous, kind, and persevering--will endear me to her. I'm usually drawn to people who inspire me with traits like that. What will most likely keep me away from her is if I perceive aloofness/snobbishness. It's a wall that makes it difficult for me to get through to a person.


  12. Actually, I can relate to her on many levels. I've often felt the loneliness and rejection from other women that she experiences, although of course it was not because I had remarkable physical beauty. I would be cautious at first because I know this kind of woman is not trusting. But if I was for real, kind and not jealous, she would see that eventually and then we would be friends.

  13. Hi MaryLu! I have been looking so forward to this book. Angeline has intrigued me more and more through both of the first books. I felt that we got a little peek into her in the second book and now I am so excited to get to find out the full story!

    What endears her to me? Knowing she is trying to live her life in a "good" way. We didn't know why she ended up in that situation in the prior books, but knew she didn't want anyone knowing of her past.

    What would make me steer away from her? Well, probably the fact that she tries to keep herself apart and won't get close. But, of course that makes her all the more mysterious and interesting for the book!

    Thanks for the chance to win a copy.
    Brittany McEuen

  14. Angeline sounds like she needs a hero! :) I love how she has kindness and perseverance, even after all she's been through. A pistol, cool... I am really excited to read this book!
    Jessica Pifer

  15. Honestly, the cover doesn't look very manly, but your description sure shows that this might be something that even a guy could read. Thanks for the chance to win a copy. librarybooks at religious dot com

  16. Hey MaryLu,
    First of all, the cover for Abandoned Memories is gorgeous, as were the other two in the series! I've been anxiously awaiting this addition to the ongoing story.
    Our strengths and weaknesses are closely entertwined, the sum total of all our experiences contributing to who we are as a whole. Angelines defensiveness would be hardest to deal with, even though it's born out of past hurts. A strong secure person willing to take the time to see past it and dig deeper would see her great courage in standing up to those past hurts in pursuit of a better future.
    Enjoyed the sneek peek at the story and would love to win a copy!
    Tracey Hagwood

  17. I have a red-headed, strong-willed, kind daughter who I pray will never have to go through what your character did. I admire her for her courage in very difficult times; it is miserable to live without trust. I have found with my precious daughter that at times her woundedness so surrounds her it is like hugging-or attempting to hug- a porcupine. So we steer clear of such a gal, but God gives me/us little moments of love shots-like arrows- where I know I get through. I love this character already and can't wait to read the book. Your pictures . . . covers . .. are just so inviting too. : ) Thanks for the opportunity to receive a copy. Chris

  18. Ooooo...MaryLu, Congratulations on yet another book soon to be released! I can't wait to read the final outcome of this series. I've been SO intrigued throughout, trying to solve the mysteries that the Colonists have faced. And I can't wait to read about Angeline and James! No need to enter me in contest. Have a wonderful weekend! :)

  19. Sounds like a great book! I admire her courage and spunk to keep pushing forward, despite all her past hurts. I seem to be the type who heads straight for the underdogs, however, with her past, I'm not sure I would ever get close enough to learn about her strengths.
    I would love to win this book.

  20. Her kindness and perseving ways would draw her to me. and her carrying a pistol might tend to make me shy away. But I would want to friend her.
    Linda Finn

  21. Yay! Can't wait to read this one! Can't wait to see how Angeline and James' story unfolds. I'm cheering for her - to find love, real love; to overcome the haunts and taunts of her past to see that she is special and worthy of love. Her kindness and her hurt draw me to her.
    Congratulations on another fantastic upcoming book!

  22. Hi, MaryLu!!

    I can SO relate to Angeline as I used to be that same insecure, emotionally wounded woman - looking for the love I felt my life lacked since childhood. I am no longer that woman - since giving God control of my life - and want to think that I now have compassion (rather than criticism) for people of any and all circumstances, as well as the desire to help them and show them the love of God.

    I'm SO looking forward to "Abandoned Memories"!! Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy!!

    Love, hugs and blessings to you, MaryLu!!


  23. Hi MaryLu. This book is beautiful on its cover and sounds like a very interesting story. I would sure love to read it. I would love that she has courage and is trying to make a better life for herself. To be better than she has been in her past. Her being untrusting and defensive might make it hard to be her friend tho. But as a Christian I would probably try. Hoping to be the lucky winner. Maxie > mac262(at)me(dot)com <

  24. Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't responded to your comments, but I was out of town. Now I'm back and have enjoyed reading all your posts!! Thank you so much for dropping by and for entering!! Hugs!

  25. Her love and devotion to her father and cherishing the ring he gave her is what draws me to her. I can relate to that because I lost my Dad 8 years ago this month (he was only 63) and I treasure the zippo lighter he always used that has the marine logo on one side and the names and birth dates of myself and my siblings. I don't use it, but it is a special memento...he had it as far back as I can remember.

    I am looking forward to reading both book II and book III. Thanks for the chance to win #3.