Friday, August 1, 2014

Cover Reveal!!!

As some of you may know I'm editing my Legacy of the King's Pirates series (tightening the writing, making it flow better, adding minor things here and there)  and putting new covers on them and then re-releasing them in both print and e-book.  Here's the final cover of the third book in the trilogy, The Restitution. It's the only cover I put the hero on. Why? Because I found this awesome picture on line and the minute I saw it, it looked like Kent Carlton, the pirate captain in the book. 

A woman’s desperate search for her kidnapped child
A father seeking forgiveness for an unconscionable act
Only when they join forces, can they save their son

Lady Isabel Ashton longs to marry a nobleman and live out her days in the wealth and privilege she is accustomed to as the daughter of an earl. But her plans went awry when she was kidnapped and ravished by a notorious pirate captain. Scorned by society and banished by her family to live on the island of Jamaica, Isabel decides to keep her baby. But then her precious child is kidnapped. Desperate to find him, Isabel soon discovers she must accept the help of the one man she hates most in the world—the boy's father.

Determined to win the heart and forgiveness of the woman he ravished, Captain Kent Carlton searches every port in the Caribbean for Isabel. Drowning his sorrows in rum and cards, he has all but given up when an acquaintance informs him, first of the child’s existence, and then of the kidnapping and Isabel's whereabouts. Thrilled Isabel agrees to accept his help, Kent soon finds himself involved in a plot of deception and revenge that threaten to destroy both him and Isabel and keep them from their son forever.  

So when am I releasing this?  My hope is by mid-August. So, be on the lookout!!  
Also I'm planning on making the four books in this series into a box set (ebook only) soon, so you'll be able to get all four together for a really good price!

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Have a great weekend everyone!



  1. Love. Love. LOVE the new cover!! I agree the picture looks EXACTLY as how Kent is described in the book. Even though I already own it, I may buy this one just for that alone. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Fri Aug 1st ....
    Here we are, in August "already" .... "Morning, MaryLu."
    Glad to hear your news, thanks so much for sharing. Great job on the new cover, and happy to hear you are making the four books in this series into a box set, (although I wish it would be available in the form of a novel, as well).
    These pirate series are probably my most favourite set of books you've written, and have re-read them several times already.
    Hope all is well. You have a great weekend too. I'm up in Ingersoll visiting my sister for a few days ... and so I'm sending this from the Ingersoll Library.
    Take care, and, God Bless, In Him, Brenda H

  3. I love this cover, MaryLu - the colors are striking!! I agree with Brenda in that I would like to have a box set of this series in paperback or hardback. I like ebooks for "on-the-go", but for a book that I want to keep - I always want a paperback or hardback also, I find it easier to read for some reason - enjoy holding the book, gazing at the cover, and keeping it to re-read. I have the set with the original covers, but will buy the new ones also and will be watching for the specials. Thanks for the info!!

    Was looking at your sister's quilted items and wondering if she also has a shop in the Gatlinburg area?? If so - would love to visit it the next time I am down there!!

    Prayers, love and hugs - MaryLu!!

  4. Love it and would like to get all of them in print, even if I have the ebook!!

  5. Thank you all SO MUCH!! I love it too. It's the best of the three. I so appreciate your enthusiasm! Regarding the Box Set, I would love to make that in a paperback but because I'm doing it myself it would end up costing too much for the reader to buy. If I find another way, I'll try and do that!
    Brenda, enjoy your time with your sister!!
    Bonnie, My sister doesn't have a shop yet, but she's thinking of putting some of her things on consignment in various craft stores. Thanks for asking. Hugs ALL!

  6. Yes! There's going to be more in the series..... God willing. At least that's what I'm planning. :-)