Friday, August 29, 2014

Writing news and upcoming sale!

The first draft of Tears of the Sea is done! This has been one of the hardest stories I've ever written. Once you read it, you'll understand. Since I plot while I write, getting the first draft down is really draining. Some days I'm stuck on a scene or single paragraph for HOURS. Mainly because I have no idea where to go from there. So, it is a huge relief to have that first draft done. At least I have the story down. Now, I go over and over it, at least two or three times, to fix any problems and get it all polished up. It is due to my editor in October, at which time I will put it up on Amazon and Barnes and Noble for pre-order.  I'll keep you posted.!!


SEPT 3rd -11th my entire Pirate series will be on sale (Ebooks only)


  The Redemption will be FREE (regularly 3.99) only on Amazon from Sept 3rd - Sept 7th. Then it will be 99cents until the 11th.

The Reliance will be 1.99 (regularly 3.99) on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and Itunes
The Restitution will be 1.99 (regularly 4.99) on Amazon Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and Itunes

The Ransom will be 2.99  (regularly 4.99) on Amazon Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and Itunes

I'm also giving away a $25 Amazon Gift certificate for those who help me spread the word!!! Come back Wednesday, Sept 3rd for more details!

I do NOT plan on putting this series on sale again for quite some time, so this is your chance to pick up a copy. (They all go back to 4.99 after the sale) ALL the books have been edited and have new covers. The stories haven't changed but the writing is tighter and smoother, though I admit to changing or adding a sentence here or there!

If you already have all of them, they make great gifts too!!

Argggg... So Hop on Board! You're in for the adventure of your life!



  1. Wow! Great prices! And I cannot wait to read your mermaid book! I know how hard this one was for you, but I am sure that it is a great story. Hugs!

  2. This is wonderful news...I think I have all of these books my kindle but you can be sure I am going to double check! I cannot imagine you have to "tighten" up anything on these marvelous stories as they are perfection in my humble opinion. :-)

    I am having a hard time being patient waiting on TEARS OF THE SEA!! Sorry it has been hard on you but I know it will be worth it when it comes out and everyone is raving about it!! Have a great holiday weekend!

  3. LOVE the Tears of the Sea cover! Can't wait to read it!

  4. Looking forward to Tears of the Sea. The cover is fantastic! The prices of the ebooks will be well worth sharing AND reading, Cap'n dear ❤️

  5. Congrats on the first draft of "Tears of the Sea" - it will be just as wonderful and inspiring as each of your other books, MaryLu, I just KNOW it!! Can't wait to get it!!

    Fantastic deals on the eBooks - sharing the post!!

    Love hugs and prayers - MaryLu!! Hope your holiday weekend is joyful, blessed and peaceful!!

  6. Love the cover pictures!

  7. Thanks for sharing, MaryLu

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com