Friday, October 31, 2014

Friday Frenzy

Ahoy everyone! I hope you all had a great week!  Mine was busy with my grandbaby, two meetings with my author friends, and getting Tears of the Sea all polished up for both print and Ebook. The release date is only 10 days away!! 

I thought you might like to see the entire book cover, front and back. The paperback will be on sale on the 10th when the ebook goes live.

I still think this is one of the best covers I've seen. If you ever need a cover made, contact Ravv at She's awesome!

A couple of other sales I want to draw your attention to:

Veil of Pears is on sale for $1.99 (Ebook only) I contacted my publisher and they said they were going
to keep it this price until after Christmas.  What a great time to get a copy for someone you love for Christmas or for yourself if you haven't read it.  The regular price is $12.99!!    Buy from  Amazon

This is a Clash of the Titles: 2013 Laurel Award Winner !!!  

Oh my! Seldom has my heart ached more at the turn of a last page. MaryLu Tyndall is simply one of the best in Christian romance today and Veil of Pearls, her finest work yet. A pearl beyond compare, this is a love story that transcends era and class to race your heart and soothe your soul, leaving you breathless and longing for more. Absolutely one of my favorite reads ever!

- Julie Lessman, award-winning author of The Daughters of Boston and Winds of Change series.

Red-HOT Squeaky Clean Sale!

The Romance collection I'm a part of, which includes 10 romance novels by several best-selling authors is still only 99 cents (ebook)  That price goes up to 9.99 in mid-November and the entire box set will be unavailable after December. So if you've been waffling about it, I urge you to get a copy.
Click on book cover to order.

Win my pirate lady novel!!

 Want to read a really incredible TRUE story about a colonial woman who became a pirate?  AND enter to win a free ecopy of my edited version of The Red Siren??  Hope on over to Colonial Quills today!  I guarantee you will LOVE my post over there!!    Colonial Quills

 Last but not least...

Friday Writing Tip:

READ GREAT WRITING CRAFT books!!   So many writers I meet think they can just sit down and write their story and become instant best-sellers. NOT  Before I ever wrote one word of my first novel, The Redemption, I read close to 6 or 7 craft books (not to mention a bunch of books on pirates!)  You must have natural talent to be a writer.. but you must also Learn the craft.  Even though I have 15 novels out now, I still read Craft books. The most recent one I read was written by a friend of mine who is also an excellent writer.  I highly recommend it if you're looking for an unusual book on writing. She presented a perspective I had never heard before.

Order from Amazon

Have a fabulous weekend, everyone!!



  1. I love the cover...nice seeing the back, too. I am currently reading Michelle's book, Writer Off The Leash....very informative and funny, just like Michelle. Have a blessed weekend!

  2. I LOVE the cover (front and back)! So pretty! Thank you for sharing! :D Heading over the Colonial Quills as I don't know any female pirates from history! I also have "Veil of Pearls" on my Kindle, but I didn't know it won Clash of the Titles! That's awesome! Happy Friday! :D

  3. "Veil of Pearls" was a already a winner with me, but didn't realize that it'd won an actual (and very well deserved) award. CONGRATS! I clicked on the Colonial Quills link to read your post and saw the new cover for "The Red Siren" and my eyes about popped out of my head! It is GORGEOUS!!! I've read it, but if it comes out in a hard copy I'll definitely be buying it - if not for the cover alone. Both models are beautiful (I'm allowed to call a gentlemen that, right?) and the sunset on the water in the background is amazing. Will you be re-doing the other covers in the Charles Towne Belles series?

    Super excited about "Tears of the Sea". Thanks for sharing the whole cover. Happy Halloween!

  4. I just love this cover, MaryLu!!Thank you for showing us the entire cover - can't wait to have it in paperback!!

    Been gone all day, but heading over to CQ for your post now!! Sounds like an interesting one!!

    Thanks for the writing tip!! Already have the books mentioned and will share this post for others!!

    Have a blessed, joyful weekend!!

    Love, prayers and hugs!!

  5. What a beautiful cover! Can't wait to read it.