Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday Frenzy

First things first: The winner of Brentwood's Ward is Maxie!!!   Thank you all for entering. I know it meant a lot to Michelle. I encourage you to purchase a copy for yourself. It's well worth the little bit of money for hours of entertainment.

Personal News
I still have Bronchitis (Thank you for those of you who have been praying)  Apparently it is something that tends to hang onto a person for months. Sigh. Anyway, I'm functional, though coughing still hurts. 

My reason for living (Besides Jesus!)

Writing News
If all goes well, I should finish the first draft of The Reckoning today. At least I only have another two chapters to go.  Writing this book has been a total God thing. It ususally takes me a good 5 to 6 months to write a novel that is over 100,000 words. And that was before I was watching my granddaughter 2 days a week. This first draft I wrote in 3 months and it looks to be about 110,000 words. That's got to be God!

I put The Redemption on sale for Free on Kindle this week and had nearly 4000 downloads. It might still be free if Amazon hasn't switched it back, so if you want to grab it, click HERE.  Next week, I plan on putting The Red Siren on sale for 99 cents, so if you haven't read that or you know a friend who'd like it, now's the time!  Sale starts Monday.

I also have a new cover for The Falcon and the Sparrow.  The last one was really attractive and well done by a friend of mine's husband (Thank you Reuben!) but I'm trying to spruce up my old covers and make them look more romantic.  How do you like it?  

Friday Writing Tip

Characters. Having deep, great, interesting characters is most of what makes a book good. (In my opinion) Yes, you need a good plot and interesting dialogue, but let's face it without characters we want to cheer for, who cares?  I've noticed that I will stick with a boring TV show that has characters I like but one that has a fast-paced plot but with characters I don't care for, well I usually stop watching it.  So Characters are important!.

I'll continue with this topic next week, but for starters, nearly every character who is in more than one scene and has dialogue should have at least THREE distinguishing features.  And it would be great if those features told a bit about the character himself. For example.

Mrs. Hughes always wears her shirt buttoned to her neck, walks with a slight limp, and has a slight mustache.

Brad's hair is always stringy and unkempt. He snorts when he laughs, and seems to know only a few words beyond his favorite word "Dude"

Madeline touches her earlobe when she's nervous, which is often. She has eyes as thin as pencils that constantly shift around as if she's looking for an escape. Her voice sounds like the squeak of a mouse.

Do you get a clear picture of each character's personality from these descriptions? 


  1. Hope you'll be over your bronchitis and back to 100% soon. What a great picture of you and cute and she's not bad either (wink! wink!). "The Reckoning" first draft almost finished?? CAN. NOT. WAIT. Loving your new book covers. It takes quite a man to make a lacy shirt look this good. Of course, I've already read "The Falcon and The Sparrow", but seeing this cover has me hankerin' (my Southern-ness is showing) to re-read. Have a wonderful and restful weekend.

  2. Good morning MaryLu! Praying you get over this bronchitis soon. Your granddaughter is adorable!
    The new book covers are beautiful. Always enjoy the characters in your books, I can "see" them as I read.

  3. The new cover looks great! Is it just for the ebook version? I am looking forward to reading The Reckoning! You know that I have been praying about your health...hang in there. Another adorable pic of you and Andrea! Hugs my friend.

  4. Hi, MaryLu!!

    Love the new cover for "The Falcon and the Sparrow" (almost as much as that cute smile on beautiful Andrea's face), and the distinguishing character features gave me a laugh - yes, they certainly do give me clear pictures of the character's personalities. I agree that your progress on "The Reckoning" is God in action via your writing gift - for sure!!

    Praying for continued healing and inspiration - as you write!!

    Love and hugs!!

    Shared post!!

  5. WOW! Beautiful cover, but I already have the older one in paperback. Also love the cover on Tears of the Sea.
    A mighty cute little girl you have there in your arms. Doesn't seem she can be that big already. I used to get Sinus and broncitus infection real ofter and would need 3 bottles of antibiotics to get well. Then started taking Singulair every day and haven't had for about 8 years. GOD bless. Maxie