Monday, March 9, 2015

God doesn't care about your sin

I'm going to make this short today because I've had a busy weekend, and my mind and heart are spinning!  Late Thursday, after a difficult labor and a C-section, my grandson, Jack was born into this world!!  Welcome Jack!!  Days before at my Bible Study, a man prophesied over Jack that he was going to be a mighty warrior in God's kingdom and I'm agreeing with that!

Anyway, speaking of the Kingdom, God's Kingdom, I've been listening to a great preacher and prophet lately named Graham Cooke. There's a couple of things he's said that have really impacted me and I want to share them with you.

God isn't concerned with your sin.  This goes contrary to what most of us have been taught in church but hear me out. God dealt with sin on the cross over 2000 years ago. Jesus, the Son of God, paid the price for every sin we would ever commit. Done. Finito, Finished. Sin has been conquered. So, when you mess up, God really isn't that concerned. He's not upset or angry or pointing his finger at you, or gasping in frustration, wondering when you are going to get it right. No!

God's main focus now that you are in His Kingdom is your righteousness. His goal is to make you more like Jesus, to teach you how to be a prince or princess, how to be a warrior, how to grow in your faith and your holiness and your strength and courage and integrity and honor and wisdom. He really could care less about your goof-ups, unless he can use them to further His primary goal.

You know who does care about your goof-ups? Satan. Yup. He loves it when you sin. He's over there rubbing his hands together and grinning like a ravenous tiger. He feels victorious! Not only does he now have something to condemn you for before the throne of God, but he sets his minions to hound and hound you and make you feel as guilty and worthless and useless as he possibly can.  And the truth is that most of the time with most of us, he accomplishes just that.

We repent but we feel horrible. Especially if it's a sin we keep committing. We feel hopeless and helpless and defeated. Right? At least that's how I feel. In the meantime, God is waiting for us to get over ourselves so He can continue His work. Yet how many Christians keep walking around in defeat? How many believers never reach their full potential in Christ because they are burdened down with guilt and shame? If you continue to focus on your shortcomings, then you will always feel inadequate. But if you pick yourself up and keep your eyes on Jesus and your focus on what God is doing in your life to make you more like his Son, then you will move forward. Day by day, you will change from righteousness to righteousness. And soon you'll find that some of those old sins won't hound you anymore... they will soon fall off of you like old chipped paint.

One more point. Look at the life of Jesus. Did He go around pointing people's sin out? Or was He more focused on telling them (and showing them) about the Father's love and the Kingdom of light? 



  1. Great post MaryLu
    Blessings, Tina

  2. Oh, I LOVE Graham Cooke!!! I've been saturating myself with his teachings for the past decade--I think I have every one of his CDs (and have bought tons of them for friends and family), and I've seen him in person as well. He's all over YouTube for people who want to listen to him.

    Yes, if we could only keep our hearts and eyes on Jesus and not ourselves, how much more God could accomplish in and through us. I'm trying so hard to learn how to keep running back to Him when I fall down or feel depressed or believe things are hopeless. Satan really wants to keep me buried in a murky pit, but whenever I call on the Lord--He pulls me up, washes me clean, fills me with hope, and I feel brand new.

    Good word! :-)


  3. Wonderful post, MaryLu - thank you!!

    I'm always glad for referrals to inspiring preachers and will check out Graham Cooke. I so agree about one's need to keep her eyes on Jesus, instead of self, in order to get past the guilt of sin and reach full potential in Christ.

    I'm thrilled about the prophecy over baby Jack!! What better gift??

    Love, hugs, and prayers!!

    Shared post!!

  4. Graham Cooke. Gotta check him out. I've long thought about things like this. Is sin really all that important to Almighty God. Reading Leviticus and Deuteronomy lead me to believe we were supppsed to draw close to God anyways. Those laws were made to be impossible to keep. Thx

    1. Hi Keith. God wrote the law in the Old Testament so we would know we had a need for a Savior. Because He knew we couldn't keep all those laws! LOL. You said it! The key is to draw close to God and have that relationship with Him. That's what He's after! We are His kids. Of course He still hates sin. It's what nailed His Son to the cross. And through His power, we should be improving with time, but it shouldn't be our focus. Hard lesson to learn for me because I'm so performance driven. Sigh. Thx.