Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday Frenzy - Next Heroine's picture!

Happy Friday Everyone!  Last week I asked for your help in choosing a picture that best matched the description of the heroine in my next book. WOW did you all give me some great choices!!  THANK YOU! It was a huge help. I had a very hard time narrowing it down, but I got it down to 3 pictures, and finally to one. But first to remind you of the story line and who my heroine, Morgan Shaw, is.
 When Morgan Shaw crept into the hold of an old pirate ship replica at San Diego’s Annual Tall Ship Festival, her only intention was to avoid the guy who had just dumped her and who was now boarding the ship with two women on his arm. What she didn’t expect was to wake up aboard a real pirate ship three-hundred years in the past. But of course, it wasn’t real. Her wealthy father had obviously staged it all in an effort to get her mind off her upcoming chemo. Or had he? 

Pirate Captain Rowan Dutton seeks enough treasure to repay a debt to his sister and reinstate the Dutton name among British Jamaican Society. He is but one major haul away from accomplishing his goal when a strange woman appears on his ship and causes him to lose his prey. Despite his anger, he is enthralled with the little minx, her strange clothing, odd speech, and her insistence that they are all actors playing a charade paid for by her father.
Yet when the brazen little lady divulges Rowan’s secret to a longtime nemesis, events are triggered that could cost them both their lives and change the course of history forever.

Morgan Shaw

Age 24
Long straight brown hair and green eyes. Morgan is medium height, thin, and not very curvy. She's always been self-conscious of her small chest.

Morgan has many good qualities. She's dependable, loyal, follows the rules, efficient, and kind-hearted. She likes a safe, controlled environment and doesn't like to take risks or chances.  Because she's a software engineer by trade, she's smart, serious, solitary, analytical, and detail-oriented. Unfortunately coming from a difficult childhood which involved the divorce of her parents, Morgan also suffers from OCD and Anxiety, so she's normally uptight, rigid, and repressed.

Here's the three finalists! 
Katie McGrath, nominated by Sarah Venable

Unknown girl, nominated by Diana Flowers

Unknown by Jessica Pifer

All of the pictures were so great!  I'm not good at finding actresses or models to match my heroine, so this was a huge help.

The picture I chose was Number 3, The unknown girl nominated by Jessica Pifer!  My reason is she had the perfect combination of innocence, sorrow, and determination I was going for.  So, Congratulations Jessica!  You will receive a free paperback of the Reckoning and will also be mentioned in my Acknowledgements, along with the runners up!
Jessica, please contact me ASAP so I can get your address. Thanks!

Be sure to come back next Friday when I will have another contest to choose the Hero's picture!  Please help!

Friday's Writing Tip
Find a mentor:  Someone who has been in the business awhile and who's been traditionally published. I'm not talking about someone to critique your writing (although she or he may be willing to do that too). I'm talking about someone who can offer you advice, encouragement, and the truth. This is the toughest business I've ever been in, and we all need someone to lean on who understands. The best way to find that person is at conferences or retreats or through online writing groups. Don't be dismayed if you get turned down. Many writers don't have a lot of extra time. But pray about it and see who God brings you.
Did I have a mentor? Not really. But I did surround myself with like-minded Christian writers who are still my friends today. I also joined a number of critique groups, as well as ACFW where I met other authors online.

Don't forget to come back next week!

Have a great weekend!



  1. I think it was a great choice!

  2. Absolutely the right picture. Congrats, Jessica! Looking forward to meeting Rowan.

  3. That was my choice too.
    Blessings, Tina

  4. The best choice. Perfect. But so glad my girl was in the top 3!

  5. Diana's pick is an actress named Alexis Bledel with her eyes photo shopped green. Her eyes are actually a beautiful blue, but they look AWESOME green to! ;) She played Rory on Gilmore Girls and Winnie in Tuck Everlasting that I know of. Here's the picture not photo shopped! :) Excellent choice Diana! :)

    1. Oops, bad grammar alert! LOL! Sorry! You'RE welcome! ;) Now if I can only catch myself before hitting the publish button! :D

  6. Beautiful choice for Morgan, MaryLu!! Thanks for sharing this and your writer's tip. Joyfully anticipating "The Reckoning"!!

    Love, prayers, and hugs!!

    Shared post!!

  7. MaryLu, several weeks ago I read your mention of ACFW. At the time, I was unaware of its existence. Thank you for pointing me to it, as I have just joined it!