Friday, May 22, 2015

Blue Enchantress Cover Reveal! And winners of Escape Trilogy!

Back from my trip and exhausted! It's a long horrid story which I will post about soon. Right now I have a sick grandbaby to care for.

However I thought you'd like to see the new cover of the Blue Enchantress!!  Thoughts? 

First the old cover:

Now the NEW!

Escape to Paradise Trilogy contest!

Thanks to those who entered the contest to win a copy of my Escape to paradise Trilogy!  Here are the winners: Amy M, Sydney Anderson, Caryl Kane, Lora, Callie, and Elizabeth Herrera!
I will be contacting you soon for your addresses!

Bye for now. Have a great weekend!



  1. Amazing new cover! I've always liked the old one, but the new one just POPS! I hope your sweet grandbaby feels better, and I'm sorry your trip didn't go well! I'm so excited to have won though!!! Thanks for your generosity; now I have even more motivation to get my stuff done since I'll have a good book(s) on its way!

  2. Welcome back! Been praying for your sweet Andrea.
    I LOVE the new cover! Congrats to the winners!

  3. Love the new cover also! :) It's better that it's blue since the title is "The Blue Enchantress" not the yellow enchantress. :D
    The new dress is amazing!

    Hugs, Amada

  4. Hey MaryLu! The new cover is AWESOME! I am so excited to have won the Escape to Paradise Trilogy. Thank you so much. Have a fantastic weekend.

  5. Hi MaryLu,

    Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that your trip turned out horrible. I'm glad you're home now and you can be there for your granddaughter. I'm sure you both need extra loving care from each other. :-)

    The new cover is 100 times better than the old one--it's absolutely stunning!!

    Really? I won?! I hope you're talking about me and not another Lora…I never win anything! How thrilling!!!

    Hugs and prayers,

  6. I always prefer to see the couple on the cover, rather then just the heroine.

  7. Like it SOOOO much better. I always wondered why the designers put The Blue Enchantress in a yellow dress! It is my favorite of that series too. Loved that book.

  8. As mentioned in previous comments, the blue looks fabulous. : D Congratulations! Hope everything works out.