Friday, June 26, 2015

Winner of The Reckoning and Off to Hawaii!

Hi Everyone, By the time you are reading this, hubby and I will be on a plane heading to Hawaii!  This is our first real vacation in Three ears. We are celebrating our 23rd Wedding anniversary.  I brought my Ipad with me so I'll have access to my website, but I won't be able to post pictures until I return.  I can't figure out how to do it from my Ipad onto this site. Grrr.  Anyway, I'll be returning next Friday, hopefully all refreshed and ready to start my next book.

(What will I be working on, you might ask? Click the Coming Soon tab above to find out!)

Thank you all for helping me celebrate the release of The Reckoning!!  I know how busy life is, yet you all found time to come visit me here and leave a comment. I wish I could give you all a free copy!
Last week's winner is Trixi!!!  (Chosen by   Trixi, please send me your address when you get a chance. 

Now,  for the answer to last week's quiz.

“Hmm. Very well, I shall gladly take you home if you would but tell me where home is.”
She huffed. “San Diego, as you well know.”
Rowan had searched his maps and found only one reference to a San Diego Bay, but that could hardly be the place to which she referred. “This San Diego borders the Mal del Sur?”
“The what?”
“The South Sea.”
She merely stared at him.
“Nevertheless,” he continued, “’tis Spanish territory and you are clearly no papist.”
She seemed to sink into the mattress. “I am so tired of all this pretense, Rowan. Can we please stop?”

A. “I am trying to stop this madness,” he ground out. “If you would but cooperate.”
B.  Rowan leaned forward and reached for her hand.  "Very well, I will make every effort to annoy you no further."
C.  "And I am quite tired of your disrespect!" He stood and headed for the door. "You'll stay locked up another three days."
D.  Was the lady mad? Tears filled Rowan's eyes at the thought. "I offer my sincere apology, Lady Minx."

The answer is A!!  Most of you got it right, which makes me think I need to make these harder next time. LOL

Good news! So far The Reckoning is receiving great reviews: 25  5-stars!  I'm so honored and thrilled. So, if you haven't gotten your copy yet, what are you waiting for??  Only 4.99 for hours and hours of entertainment!  The paperback is also available at only $12.49.  Unfortunately, I have no say over that price due to printing costs.

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You also might be interested to know that I've hired a narrator for this book. The audio version will be available in September!

I pray all of you have a great weekend!  Picture me waving at you from Kauai. !



  1. June 26th,
    "Morning MaryLu ... and husband" !
    First off: "Happy 23rd Anniversary Blessings" !!! What an amazing trip ... off to Hawaii !!! I will NEVER forget my one-and-only trip to Hawaii !!! Have a wonderful time !!!
    Congrats to Trixi !
    So happy for you that 'The Reckoning' is doing extremely well in both sales and reviews ! Not surprised at all !
    Clicked on the "coming soon" ... THRILLED for the upcoming trilogy medieval romance series coming next !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You have a most wonderful, fun, yet relaxing time, MaryLu .... enjoying one of the most beautiful places on Earth !!! (And yes, take lots of pictures !)
    Take care, and, God Bless, In Him, Brenda

  2. Happy 23rd Anniversary! Enjoy your vacation!!! :-)That's wonderful that The Reckoning is getting such great reviews! And Protectors of the Spear sounds *amazing*.

  3. Happy 23rd, MaryLu and hubby!! I know you will love Kauai and be inspired by it - my fave of the Hawaiian islands I visited, the most beautiful place I've been. Hoping you return rested and filled with peace, joy, and the wonder of God's creations.

    Love the story line of the first novel in your new series - you are a master at beautiful, exciting, unusual, inspiring story lines!! SO looking forward to reading "The Reckoning", and thrilled at all the fabulous reviews. Your books always deserve all recognition possible.

    Have fun and bring back loads of beautiful pics!!

    Love, prayers and hugs!!

  4. Happy Anniversary! Praying for safe travels and a well deserved rest. Can't wait to see pictures of you land George in Hawaii! So happy and excited for you both! Congrats to Trixi! You are in for quite a treat!

  5. First things first....Happy 23rd year Anniversary to you MaryLu & Hubby!!!! Such a special thing marriage is......I hope you have a wonderful vacation in Hawaii (though I AM a bit jealous). Yes, please do post pictures when you are able, such a beautiful place to visit!!! Maybe see a luau or two while you are there, now that would be awesome :-)
    Secondly....GAAAHHHH.....I about passed out when I seen I won this fantastic book :-D Thanks for the congrats everyone....I'm seriously going to dive right into this one and not come up for breath for a very, very long time!!!! I am super stoked....I've so enjoyed all the hullabaloo here on your website about "The Reckoning"!! Each excerpt had me on the edge of my seat and wanting more.....MaryLu, you are truly a master of words :-D Thank you so much for the book, I know I will enjoy it. I agree with you, chappy, I am in for a treat!
    Blessings everyone....or should I say....Arrr mateys till we meet again ;-D

  6. Enjoy you vacation. My plan is to read The Reckoning soon. But I have to say the Protectors of the Spear series sounds awesome. Can't wait to read it.