Friday, July 17, 2015

Writing news and please take my survey!

As many of you know, The Reckoning, has been released now for a month! It's been getting great
reviews from everyone who has read it.  Here's a few of the headlines.

MaryLu does it again! Every book in this series makes me want to go back and re-read the others. 

MaryLu Tyndall is the A-#1 prime example of why a reader cannot discount indie novels. When an author has the freedom to write what she is good at, the book is much better than if she writes for marketing execs

Another great book in the series

The Reckoning is the best yet! 

Spine-tingling adventure, misunderstood romance, and surprise twists make this a book well worth buying (and staying up all night to finish).



5-star read!

MaryLu is the queen of redeeming bad boy heroes

An Epic, Exhilarating Tale!

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So, if you haven't read it yet, what are you waiting for?   If you're leery of the time-travel aspect, I've heard from several readers who weren't sure about it say that I did it so well, they enjoyed it.  

You know me. I'm not one to normally toot my own horn, but I believe this is one of my best books yet. I could tell while I was writing it that it would turn out good because I was having so much fun, especially with the dialogue between the hero and heroine!!

Writing news

I'm working on a couple of new projects.  One, I already announced, is a Medieval Romance. I'm still working on the storyline and doing research into the time period. But the 2nd one many of you will be thrilled to know is Charity's story from my Charles Towne Belles series.  If you've read those books, you may remember that there is a 4th sister who married a horrible man and was left in England when Admiral Westcott brought his daughters to Charles Towne.  I've received so many letters from readers who wanted to know what happened to poor Charity, but I've been reticent to open up old wounds and add to the series. Funny thing, though, the opening scene of Chapter one kept playing over and over in my mind. It was driving me crazy, so I finally started to hone out the details of Charity's adventure! 

As to when either of these books will be ready, I have no idea. I'm taking it a day at a time and will keep you posted. You are my loyal readers and to honor you, I want to write books you enjoy and stories that inspire and bring you closer to God. To do that, I need to know a few of your preferences. Can you take a moment to answer these three questions??  And as usual, if you have any suggestions, please feel free to email me.

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  1. Friday 17th,
    "Morning, MaryLu."
    So happy to hear all of the great reviews on "The Reckoning". Not surprised at all !!! up here in Canada is selling it at a farily hefty price ... not far off of $18.00, and then when you add the tax ... it would be close to $20 ! I was kind of surprised by that. Hence ... I continue to enter the 'free draws'.
    Absolutely thrilled you will be working on Charity's story (from the Charles Towne Belles Series -- which were my favourites, by the way) !!! It was always on the 'back burner of my mind' (so to speak) ... wondering whatever happened to her.
    And the medieval-romance story ... really looking forward to that one too !!! (My favourite genre !!!)
    Always happy to sign a survey for you ... don't ever hesitate to ask.
    Hope you have a good weekend.
    Take care, and, God Bless, In Him, Brenda

  2. Yay! I'm so excited that you're continuing with Charity's story. The books in the Charles Towne Belles Series are some of my favorites to reread, and I always wondered about Charity's history and how her future would play out!

  3. I'm "chomping at the bit" to read The Reckoning, MaryLu - I've purchased both the paperback and the eBook. Prior review commitments have kept me from reading it yet, however, I'm going to do something I don't usually do - read 2 books at the same time - and start The Reckoning. I can't wait any longer - everything I've read about The Reckoning does, indeed, tell me it is one of your best books, ever!! Thanks for the info on your new projects.

    Love, prayers, and hugs - MaryLu!!

  4. Hi ladies! Thanks for dropping by. I hope you took my survey! Brenda, I'm so sorry the book is so expensive in Canada. I wish I had control over that. :-( Britney, I knew some people would be very happy to read Charity's story!
    Bonnie... you are so sweet! But take your time.... no rush. I'm just happy, it's on your TBR list. Hugs!

  5. Hey MaryLu! I am so happy that THE RECKONING is being well received. I am looking forward to reading it soon.

    I took the survey. Have a great weekend.

  6. I took the survey. :-) I am really excited that you're going to be writing Charity's story; I've wondered how it turned out! I'm reading The Reckoning and I am enjoying it SO MUCH!

    1. I'm so glad you are enjoying The Reckoning, Jessica! Thanks. :-)

  7. I did the survey. I am so excited about the book with Charity`s story. Your books are hard to put down and I enjoy books like these.

    1. Awww.. that's so nice of you to say. Thank you, Karen. :-)

    2. Did the survey. Am excited about your upcoming books. Loved The Reckoning.
      Blessings, Tina

  8. Finally got the survey to load! Taken! Excited about the upcoming projects!