Friday, July 31, 2015

Friday Frenzy, Results of Survey!

Happy Friday, everyone! A few weeks ago I posted a survey here with a couple of questions about reading preferences. I thought you might be interested in the results.

1. What size book do you generally prefer to read  (60 people answered)

a. Full length novels  (58 people chose this one)
b. Short novellas
c. Medium length books (2 people chose this one)

2.  What format do you read the most?  (60 people responded)

a. Ebook    (18 chose this one)
b. Paperback  (40 chose this one)
c. Audio
d. Other   (2 chose this one) 
  •     Combo of ebook or paperback depending on mood
  •     Lengther books-paperback and 100-250 pages Ebooks

3.What type of book do you prefer?  (60 responders)

a. I love a series where I can follow the lives of the characters throughout  (40)
b. Stand alone books so I don't have to have read the prior books before reading it  (11)
c. Serial novels - novels printed in installments like a TV show  (1)
d. Other  (8)
  •      I love both stand alone stories and series. Depends on my mood which I prefer at the moment. lol Not much of a serial novels, though. 
  •      Funny. I love all three categories as long as the stories are inspiring. 
  •      I love a series where they can stand alone if I haven't read the others (like you do so well) 
  •      BOTH stand alone & series. 
  •      I enjoy both stand alone books and series! 
  •      Serial novels aren't my fave, I enjoy both of the other 2 choices. 
  •      Enjoy both Stand alone and Series Equally 
  •      I enjoy all these options 
So what can I gather from all this?

Most of you still prefer a full length novel in paperback form that is part of a series where you see the characters throughout. I thought that was really interesting because I've been hearing some negative chatter about series.. how it's better to write stand alones that don't tie in with other books. But it would see that having a long series where a reader can revisit old friends from earlier books is something that you all enjoy.  Which is exactly what I'm trying to do with my pirate series!!  So that's good news.

What have I been working on this past week?  

The Raven Saint!  You may know that The Raven Saint is the 3rd book in my Charles Towne belles series. My publisher returned my rights for the entire series last year and I've been furiously trying to get them re-edited, slap new covers on them, and re-publish them afresh!  The Red Siren and the Blue Enchantress are already available, and currently I expect to have The Raven Saint out in September. As soon as I get the first comps of the new cover, I'll share them with you.

I've also started the forth book in the series, Charity's Cross, which I expect to release early next year, God willing.  Now, we finally get to hear about the 4th sister's harrowing story!

I'm off to the Victorian Tea house with my daughter and granddaughter tomorrow. I'll try and get pictures

Have a great weekend!


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  1. Wow, a tea party aboard ship today and in a tea room tomorrow....enjoy! Have a great weekend, my friend. :-)