Monday, September 21, 2015

Secret Codes in the Bible

Just a short message today, but I'd like to share something really cool I recently learned from a guy named Trey Smith.  Those of us who are true believers in Jesus, know the Bible is the written Word of God. Everything in it is there for a reason, even all the mundane details we find in the Old Testament. Numerology scholars have discovered magnificent patterns of numbers in the text, Chuck Missler, for one, which prove that no one else but God could have designed the Bible.  I won't go into all that, but I thought I'd share this one thing that really blessed me and increased my faith.  These are the descendants from Adam all the way to Noah and the flood.  You may know that names mean a great deal to ancient peoples. Names held meaning. They were not given to children lightly.
Anyway, taking that into account, check out the meanings of the names from Adam to Noah!

Adam        = Man
Seth          = Appointed
Enosh        = mortal or human
Kenan        = Sorrow
Mahalaleel  = The blessed God
Jared         =  shall come down or shall descend
Enoch        =  Teaching
Methuselah = His death shall bring
Lamech      = the despairing
Noah          = rest and comfort

Cool, eh?  Here we see Jesus and His ministry spelled out thousands of years before He was born!
May that thought bring you peace today and increase your faith.   Have a great week!


  1. Chuck Missler has been a favorite of my husbands for a long time because he's an engineer (which my husband can relate to) and he always seems to find interesting things you just don't think about, like the names you posted and their meaning. I remember how it blessed me the first time I heard it. It shows how detailed God is. I appreciate you sharing it! ;)

    1. Thank you, Sherry! Yes, Missler is great! He also graduated from the Naval Academy just like our daughter so we really connected with him. Plus he's very scientific. It truly is amazing how many messages God put into His Word. I'm sure we've only begun to explore the depths. :-)

  2. Yes indeed! They are like little treasures within His Word and so much fun when they're discovered. ;)

  3. How much fun and inspiration this is!! Did you hear him speak, or get this from a book he's written - MaryLu??

    Love, hugs, and prayers!!