Friday, February 12, 2016

Day TWO of our Time to Fall in Love Party!!

Welcome to Day TWO of our “IT’S TIME TO FALL IN LOVE” treasure hunt where Julie  Lessman, Debbie Lynne Costello and I are celebrating the release of our latest books with some fabulous prizes, including a Kindle Fire, Amazon gift cards, gift baskets, and books galore!  


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Today, with your indulgence, I'd like to introduce  you to two people who have become dear friends of mine. They are the hero and heroine from Charity's Cross, and I hope you'll love them as much as I do.

Charity Westcott (aka. Lady Charity Villemont)  

At only 25, Charity feels as though she's already lived a lifetime. In order to escape the lonely and ofttimes unhappy life as the daughter of an overbearing Admiral, Charity married the wrong man. Well, he seemed like the right man at the time. Lord Herbert Villemont had a title, status, and wealth. Everything Charity wanted from life--to have nice things and be someone important. But her plan backfired when her husband became abusive.

Now, having spent two years enduring unimaginable horrors, Charity has a wounded soul. She's bitter, angry at God and man, and desperate to make her own way in life without anyone's help. She trusts No One, especially not a man, and especially not a religious one, like her husband was.  Yet, underneath her crusty heart lies a woman who simply longs to be loved, cherished, and protected. She is also very kind, charitable, full of mercy, and loves children. But will anyone ever break through the shield she has erected around her soul in order to get to know the real Charity?

Charity is petite, standing just over 5 feet tall, wiih long coffee-colored hair, and intense golden eyes.

Strengths: Smart, Independent, Loyal, Kind, Brave, Resourceful,
Weaknesses: Wounded, Bitter, Angry, Stubborn, Emotional, Irrational, Trust no one, Angry at God 

Elias Dutton

Son of the notorious pirate, Rowan Dutton and connected by marriage to the famous Hyde family of missionary pirates, Elias has much to prove. At 25, he has spent most of his life at sea, first on his father's ship, but now captaining his own, the  Restoration. As the eldest of eight siblings, Elias has always felt an overwhelming sense of responsibility for the protection of his family. He has a knight's heart and values family above all else. So when his sister lost her leg in an accident, he blamed himself entirely and vowed never to allow tragedy to strike his family again. Or to anyone under his care.
Raised in a Godly home, Rowan, however, spent a few years testing his skills as a pirate, but quickly came to his senses and returned to God.  Since then he has become one of the Caribbean's most successful preachers to both pirates and natives alike
Elias is six foot tall, muscular, with stark blue eyes and  chestnut-colored hair. He is trustworthy, loyal, merciful, wise, ship-smart, and honorable. The wooden cross he wears around his neck is  made from a crate that struck his sister and is a constant reminder to remain diligent in his duties to keep his family safe. Bearing the weight of  such responsibility, Elias often blames himself  for everything bad that happens and also pushes himself much too hard.

Strengths: Smart, Brave, Loyal, Godly, Moral, Trustworthy, Honorable, God and Family come first
Weaknesses:  Low Self Image, Pushes himself too hard, takes on too much responsibility, demanding, controlling

You can imagine the sparks that fly between these two!  An abused woman who loathes religious men and who refuses to depend on a man again for anything, and a preacher who is determined to protect all those God sends his way!

Here's a brief exchange between these two characters I thought you'd enjoy.  Charity has jumped from a ship into the bay and Elias saw her and dove in to her rescue. This is the first time they met.

A man grabbed her waist. "Hold on, Miss. I’ve got you.”
Wiping water from her eyes, she pushed against him. “I don’t want you to have me!” she heaved out between breaths. “Leave me alone!”
But the man only strengthened his grip and swam backward with his other arm, drawing her alongside him.
Charity glanced up at the Neptune, fully expecting to see her brother-in-law pointing over the railing at her, shouting for his men to give chase. But no one was in sight, save for a few sailors handling the rigging.
What was in sight was her, apparently, as a crowd formed on the closest dock, gasping and pointing in her direction. No, no, no! They would alert Charles to her location! She tried to pry the man’s hands from her waist. “Let me go, you brute!”
“Never fear, Miss. Try not to panic.” He breathed out in a harried tone. “I won’t let you go.”
The man’s clumsy efforts forced her head below the surface. Choking on a mouthful of salty water, she struggled as he jerked her upward into the air again, coughing, hacking, and spitting out the sea. “Vapors! You daft loon. You’re going to drown the both of us!” 


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  1. Hello my friend! Of course you know how much I love these characters! I am going to be promoting this party on my blog this weekend. I will tag you, so that you can share. I will be giving away my Pirate box. Have a great weekend!

  2. Eek! I love pirate books! So this for me is really exciting! I have just found out about the giveaway so how do I get the previous treasure hunt clues? Thank you so much! ~C.F.B

    1. Charity, thanks for stopping by..,. simply go to the link after it says "Ready for today's treasure hunt" above. Below that it says, "New to the hunt? and then it has a link... or you can just scroll down on this blog. It's the post below this one, I believe. Blessings!

  3. Thank you for that excerpt from Charity's Cross,Marylu! Both funny and exciting it looks like quite a beginning for these two determined characters! Loving this book already! Also want to say thanks for the giveaway,too!

  4. Fri Feb 12th,
    "Morning, MaryLu, and gals."
    My comment is: I can hardly wait to read "Charity's Cross" !!! The book has been ordered through my ... but it has yet to arrive. Waiting patiently !
    Thanks for sharing.
    Take care, and, God Bless, In Him, Brenda

    1. I hope it gets there soon, Brenda!! Thanks for ordering. :-)

  5. AHOY CAPT'N MaryLu! Thanks for the heart stopping excerpt! I am enjoying the treasure hunt!

    1. Ahoy, Caryl!! Thanks for boarding the ship for the party!

  6. This party is made of so much awesome!! :D Love the excerpt,Marylu! I love a feisty heroine.:D Especially when there's a worthy guy to tame her. lol

  7. This party is made of so much awesome!! :D Love the excerpt,Marylu! I love a feisty heroine.:D Especially when there's a worthy guy to tame her. lol

  8. That was my favorite part. Elias thought he was helping her and she wanted nothing more than to avoid men.

  9. oops this is day 2 but my first time entering and I put in day 2 answer first :| I guess I'll do day 1 tomorrow. Sorry!

  10. Entering your giveaway. The entry to follow you on Amazing is going to an empty page. Just wanted to give you the heads up. =)

    1. Thanks Mimi... I appreciate you telling me. Some people seem able to see it, others not. I think it's an Amazon problem. One of my other commenters is looking into it.

  11. Ahoy Cap'n! I'm a little late in getting started, but am having fun following the hunt and reading the blogs. Congratulations on the release of "Charity's Cross". Loved reading it! Your stories get better and better. I'm so glad you wrote Charity's story. I always wondered what happened to her. And I loved Elias! What a sweetheart! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend! Hugs! :)