Friday, May 20, 2016

Friday News

Hi everyone!

I thought I'd take a break from the heavy stuff I've been posting lately on Fridays and just give you a bit of personal news. There's much going on in my life this summer. My daughter is having her 2nd child (and my third grandchild) in a month. My son is getting married this coming Sunday, and I'm heading to Tennessee next week to visit my Mom and Sister for a week.

In the middle of all this I hope to finish She Walks in Power and hand it to my editor by August. Right
now, unless we have an EMP attack, looks like I'll make that and may even be a little early. I've finished the first draft and am working on the second now. If you don't know about the book or don't remember, you can click on "Coming Soon" above and read more about it.  I also hope to have the comps for the cover soon from my designer. When I get them, I'll share them and get your opinions. I'm excited about this book!. It's different than anything I've written before, yet it contains the same romance, suspense, adventure and spirituality you are used to in my other books.

You may find it interesting that part of my research for this book has been learning to shoot a bow and arrow. You would have laughed at my first attempts in which I hit everything but the target! I even lost an arrow somewhere and to this day, cannot find it.  But I'm finally getting good enough to hit the target and maybe even hit the center now
and then.  My heroine is a highly skilled archer so I wanted to know what if felt like to pull back that string and let an arrow fly through the air. It's actually a lot of fun!

I've put together a really cool Pinterest page for this book which I plan on adding to as time goes on. Check it out HERE

Release date?  I'm shooting for September. I'll keep you posted on my progress.

In the meantime, I thought you might find this interesting.  I was first alerted to this by my sister in law a year ago, and then earlier this week by another friend.  Apparently there are weird trumpet-like sounds being heard all over the world. It's been going on for a number of years and well-documented by people using their phones, etc. At first I thought it was a hoax, but I don't think this many people in so many different locations could have planned this. And for what purpose?

Here's a couple of videos. Tell me what you think.


  1. How fun for you! :) New grandchild, son getting married, family visits ... Congratulations on the family news! :) And for the books too! Somehow, somewhere, I missed that tidbit on the new series. Sounds like it will be another great one!
    Have a beautiful weekend with your celebrations.
    Weird noises in the sky in those videos. I think that would creep me out a bit if I were to hear that. Very interesting though ...

    1. Thanks, Caroline!! Nice to hear from you. :-)

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    1. Congrats on all the fabulous growth with your family!!
      I love archery! I'm not very good at it; but I did a lot of archery growing up and it was always enjoyable. Here's hoping you find that missing arrow! ;)

    2. Not sure where the first post went...So, I posted the same thing again. Watch, it'll show up later and it will say the same thing twice! LOL!

    3. Thanks Bess, I've given up on that arrow.. even my husband couldn't find it. LOL.

  3. Fri May 20th,
    Hey MaryLu and gals,
    How exciting for Crystal and the "entire family" -- re baby #2 arriving next month !!! Super pleased to hear that Josh is getting married this coming Sunday -- that's wonderful news !
    And ... you get to go on a 'holiday' to Tennessee next week -- visiting with your Mom and sister .... good for you, MaryLu !!! Lots of fun stuff happening, and, coming up !!!
    Really looking forward to "She Walks In Power" being released (eventually) ... still in the labour stages right now. I love your novels that are 'different' !!! And good job on your archery skills coming along ! I'm sure that archery was not an easy thing "way back when", nor is it now !!! Skill, strength, and stamina !
    I have never even heard about the 'strange noises' happening all over the World. The sounds are most eery, and perplexing indeed ! Have NO clue as to 'what I think' they are !!! What do "you" think they are from ? Interesting, anyway.
    Thanks for sharing all of your news.
    Have a wonderful weekend, and great week next week too !!!
    Take care, and, God Bless, In Him, Brenda

  4. Busy, busy busy! Praying for safe travels for you and for a healthy delivery for Crystal. I cannot wait to read the rest of your book!
    As for the noises, creeps me out, yet makes me very curious. I don't think it's "other-worldly" or even "spiritual"....definitely man-made sounds, in my opinion. As to why, not sure...maybe it's a government experiment. Freak out the nation and make us think that we could be in danger....but, I digress.

    1. Thanks Chappy... you never know about our government..

  5. So excited about all of your news: wedding, baby, and book - congrats, can't wait to read 'She Walks in Power'!! Hope you'll be able to share a couple of pics from the wedding. Praying you have a blessed weekend and safe travels!! Re: the noises: giving them some thought, would love to know yours. I hadn't heard about them - thanks for sharing.

    Love, hugs, and prayers!!

    1. Thanks so much, Bonnie! I don't have an opinion on the weird noises.. except that if you go on You tube and do a search, people are hearing them all over the world... and no one can explain them. Some are saying these are the trumpets of Revelation, but if that were true, really bad things would be happening now. Could it be God trying to get our attention? Who knows?

  6. Dear MaryLu,
    Busy and exciting times in your life. How God has Blessed you over and over again. New Grandbabies, a wedding , a new book in the works, and a special time visiting your Mom and sister in Tennessee next week. And I too will be in Tennessee next week . Spending the long weekend in Gaitlinburg,Tennessee with my son and his family from Georgia. I flew down the 9th and fly home to Boston on 6/6.
    I was so impressed with your Pinterest page. My son loves all your pictures of the tall ships so I wanted him to see your page. My 10 year old granddaughter is just learning to use her Bow.
    Thank you for your Cross and Cutlass page and your postings. I for one love your deep and heavy postings .
    Cannot wait for this new book .
    Blessings and safe travels.

    1. Elsie! I lived in Gatlinburg for 2 years when I was a teenager. It's such a beautiful town, isn't it? And so much fun! My mom and I worked in "The Village" shopping center in a Christmas decoration store, that is no longer there. I pray you and your family have a wonderful time!!!!
      Thanks also for checking out my Pinterest page, too. I appreciate so much your kind words and encouragement. Hugs and prayers!

  7. MaryLu, may God bless all you're busy with right now. Many exciting family milestones! And another great Tyndall novel headed our way. How good can it get?
    Hugs, Elva Cobb Martin, Pres. ACFW-SC Chapter