Friday, July 22, 2016

Washington D.C., America, and the Occult

Recently, I learned some things about my own country that in all honesty really upset me.  I was raised believing that the United States was founded completely on Christian principles and that all of our forefathers were devout Christians. Somehow that thought gave me great peace along with pride that I was born American. I still have great pride in America. I believe we have been the greatest nation on earth and the most Christian nation ever known. I also believe God's hand of providence has been on us from the very beginning despite what you will learn in this post. But having said that, let me know give you a very general outline of how our capital city was built and laid out, in addition to some other monuments. 

First I must quickly define FreeMasons.  Some of you may already be aware of who the Masons are. They are a secret religious society that began hundreds of years ago that is directly connected to the occult. Today they have morphed into what some call the Illuminati. That's all I'll say here, but I suggest you do your own homework on them.

The Capitol Building. 
 As some of you know, the Capitol is the main seat of government in our nation's capital. It is where congress meets and where all major decisions are made that affect our country. But did you know that the building itself was designed and built by freemasons?  In fact, the cornerstone of the capitol building was laid with Masonic honors on Sept 18th, 1793 under the auspices of the Grand Lodge of MaryLand.  It may pain some of you to know that George Washington presided over the ceremony in full Masonic attire, assisted by several prominent Masons.

At the top of the capitol building stands the statue of  the goddess of reason or freedom who faces east toward the sunrise. She is called Columbia throughout the US, but she is also known from history as Asherah, though you won't find that in history books. She was also designed by a freemason. (She is also the logo for Columbia pictures, the movie production company)

If you go inside the Capitol and look up into the dome, there is a painting at the top called Apotheosis. This also was painted by a famous Mason who also painted many murals at the Vatican. The name Apotheosis means "Exaltation of a subject to a divine level".  A closer look at the painting shows they are exalting George Washington himself. We also see the goddess Columbia in the painting, along with
a host of ancient gods and goddesses from pagan religions (Atlantis, Venus, Vulcan, etc... all demonic gods)

Directly beneath the dome is the crypt and in the middle on the floor is a bronze sun symbol. (for the sun god)  This symbol is geographically the center of Washington DC.  There are also many pagan god statues littered all over the Capitol building, including the god Mars found near the entrance.

The layout of Washington D.C,
In many occult circles the dome represents the female womb and the obelisk represents the male reproductive organ. By placing these two in a straight line with one another, occultist believe a third
spiritual entity is born, a sort of spiritual energy or power.  You'll see this same formation at the Vatican.  In fact, the layout of the city is in the form of an inverted pentagram. Due to space constraints here, I'll let you do your own homework on this one.

The Washington Monument
Have you ever wondered why there is a massive obelisk in the center of the city? Did you know that the obelisk has a very satanic history associated with it? It is actually the phallic symbol, which is the male sexual organ (sorry to be so graphic).  It is a symbol of power and was often used in occult rituals through the ancient past as a form of worship of the god of fertility. This same symbol was similar to the Asherah pole around which people would dance and engage in sexual orgies as a form of worship.  It is where we get the stripper pole from. But I digress.  There is also a similar obelisk at the vatican.

On July 4th 1848, the cornerstone of the monument was laid by grand master mason of the grand lodge of the district of Columbia.  There are 35 Masonic memorial stones interspersed throughout the monument.  Some interesting numbers are involved. At the ground level, the monument measures on each side 55.5 Feet, which is 666 inches.  The height if 555.5 Feet, which is 6666 inches

Statue of Liberty
Most of us know that this great statue was a gift from France. What you may not know is that it was a gift from the grand masons of France to the grand masons of America.  The statue is the goddess of illumination, Asherah, the same goddess who sits atop the Capitol building, the same goddess enthroned in Notre Dame. She is called Libertas, Isis,
and by many other names.  The ancient goddess Libertas was a roman goddess of liberty and freedom who promoted the idea of the freedom to do whatever one desired. She was promoted as the goddess of prostitution because she promoted sexual freedom.   The Statue of Liberty holds in her right hand the Masonic torch of enlightenment.  She was erected with full masonic ceremony and at the base sits a plaque dedicated to the FreeMasons of New York.  Her crown of 7 spikes represents the enlightenment of the sun god

One Dollar Bill
The US One dollar bill is full of masonic symbols.  The Circle on the left contains the all-seeing eye sitting atop a pyramid.  As most of you know the all seeing eye is the eye of Lucifer and the pyramid represents him sitting atop his throne or mountain keeping an eye on mankind.  The words around the eye on the dollar bill are: "Annuit  Cceptis Novos Ordo Seclorum" which means "Announcing the Birth of the New World Order".  The Occultist seek to place the world under one world government, and we can see here that they have been planning this for a long time. 
The symbol on the right we are told is the American Eagle, but in actuality this is a Phoenix.  The Phoenix from the flames symbol means order from chaos. It spreads the idea that through pain, wars, death, and destruction, order will emerge.  There are 13 leaves in the Olive branch in the Eagle's left claw, 13 stripes in the shield, and 13 arrows in its right claw.  In its beak is a banner with the words. "E Pluribus Unum" which means "Out of the many One" again, a secret reference to the New World Order. Above the Eagle's head is a crest of the sun god and within the crest are 13 stars that are in the shape of a hexagram.  (For those who don't know the meaning of the hexagram. It has 6 points, 6 angles and 6 plains and hence represents the number 666 and is an occult symbol)

There are many more occult symbols found in Washington DC and other cities in America and in many of our historical objects, but I hope this gives you a brief overview of some of them.  If you haven't heard this before, you are either thinking I've lost my mind or you are in complete shock.  However, I highly suggest you do your own homework on this. Remember that often times they will give these symbols very innocent meanings, but it's important to look deeply at each symbol and research its past to find out the truth.  I would also like to note that George Washington often spoke of God and wrote some of the most beautiful prayers to our Father. However it is true that he was a Mason. Whether or not he was aware of its occult ties, I have no idea. 

Having said that, and even knowing that many of our founders were involved in the occult, I still believe God blessed the USA because there were many true Christians here. It was indeed a Christian nation for many many years, and I thank God for this country.  However, it does appear that there was another agenda in its founding that may be coming true in these last days.  God help us all.



  1. I knew about most of this....not surprising. I guess it all boils down to how strong your faith is in God. These buildings, statues, etc have been around for centuries and aren't going anywhere. So, all we can do is keep the faith and not believe the 'lie'. No matter their agenda, deceivers will be defeated one day and we will be there to watch them fall. Even though the Capitol, the Statue of Liberty and the Monuments are large, the deceit is subtle and therefore can easily draw people into the deception...without them even being aware of it. (am I making any sense?) As long as we are strong in our faith, God will keep our eyes open to deceit, no matter how subtle it is.
    I found this:
    The Purpose of Freemasonry. The basic purpose is to make "better men out of good men." There is an emphasis placed on the individual man by strengthening his character, improving his moral and spiritual outlook, and broadening his mental horizons.
    From this, one would assume the Masons to be a 'good' group, thus bringing Washington into the fold would have been easy. I choose to believe that Washington was a God-fearing man, who's faith may have wavered and allowed him to be duped by the wrong crowd. Being duped and actually believing something are two totally separate things.

  2. Thanks for your insight, MaryLu - I knew some of these things, however, not all. As with Debbie, I am not surprised and agree with her comments. I'm sharing this and praying readers take note and give your post some thought.

    Love, prayers, & hugs!!

  3. I did know this but I was raised old school Pentecostal . Many churches do not even speak of the occult and that for as long. as Jesus has been preparing a place for us, satan has been planning and creating his domain. His has always been one of deceit and deception. Satan always introduces his evil as something to help man..but then the lie begins and man begins to think of himself as a god. That is the selfish society in which we live. The old saying ( lie) is coming and let live....sounds good and peaceful but is just a cover for all the sinful, evil actions being acceptable. We need to be in consent prayer....God save us. We ain't seen nothing yet! I'm so glad He found me and I am His!!!

  4. Fri 22nd,
    "Morning, MaryLu ... and gals."
    Thank-you for such an enlightening post, MaryLu. I also was aware of some of what you shared, but surprised by most of it ! Wow ... the things we just "accept" or take for granted ... (like the various monuments, etc) -- thinking they are relatively 'good', but in reality ... are from evil-beginnings. This post is interesting, informative, and disturbing.
    You really did 'your homework' on this one ! Thanks so much for sharing. I will now be more mindful and thoughtful about what-and-where-and-how things began (or begin).
    That ol' devil "think" he's won and has the victory ... but "we" know the "ending" ... he will NOT have liberty forever !!!
    Thanks MaryLu. Take care, and, God Bless all, In Him, Brenda

  5. Thanks Ladies. I truly hope Washington didn't know the true nature of the Masons. I've learned that only those at the top of the organization are fully aware of the occult ties. Yes, most people don't know this.. and I don't think it has an impact on true believers in this country, but I do think we should be aware.
    Debbie G, I couldn't agree more about churches not teaching about the occult. They don't want to offend or alarm people but believers need to be warned and be aware. What a shame! Yes society is sliding into wickedness "And everyone did what was right in their own eyes" Praise God... we are His!

    1. I just read 2 Chronicles chapters 20 thru 36. Good and bad kings. Even Satan lied to good king David to number the people. He repented later and was forgiven. We must judge everything by the Words in the Bible. And accept anything because it came from family,friends or our government. We have all been deceived at times. But when we repent Jesus forgives and restores us. Live the Bible in your own life and remain in God's protection and supply of all needs(Psalms 23). Thank you so much for this article! It strengthened my convictions and faith in the only true God,Father,Son Jesus and Holy Spirit. Again,Thank you Marylu!!!

  6. Good afternoon MaryLu,
    Great post! I never knew this about our capital building and the monuments. I did know that about the FreeMasons, but for some reason I thought there were the FreeMasons that were occult and ones that were not, meaning different groups of FreeMasons. It ls interesting to realize that I also thought this country was based on Christianity and the FreeMasons had a different agenda. You truly wonder just how many people knew what they really stood for, makes you stop and think. Thanks again MaryLu for this insight to our history that most people probably don't know.

  7. Yes, I know about this stuff, but we do need to remember that not everybody who was a part of building this nation was involved with the occult. Like George Washington, there is no evidence whatsoever of him being involved with the occult, but there is evidence like his own writings that prove he was a believer. The creation of the USA was in fact divinely inspired. Look at the story of the crossing of the Deleware. As Washington and his men were crossing the waters they were afraid the Red Coats would be able to see them. All of a sudden a mist came and covered them until they reached shore. Once they reached shore the mist all of a suddenly disappeared. If that's not divine intervention, I don't know what is. If you haven't seen Kirk Cameron's Monumental, I highly recommend it. It shows us the faith of the founding fathers.

    1. Absolutely! Many of our founders were strong Christians. I truly believe that those who may have been Masons were not aware of its occult ties. As I have studied this, I have learned that they reserve that knowledge only for those at the top of their organization. So, yes, I also believe that our country's founding was divinely inspired. In fact, if you've read my Surrender to Destiny series, you'll see how much I believe God intervened and saved us during the War of 1812. :-)

  8. I've heard these things before and I don't automatically believe all f it. I know from years of research and his own writings that George Washington was a strong Christian. But how like satan to twist that which is real and true to deceive even the elect. That's his Modus Operandi.

    1. If you have an interest, I suggest you do your own homework on the FreeMasons and on the various symbols around our capital. I didn't want to believe this either. Like I said above, I don't think many of our founders who were Masons knew what they were involved with.

  9. I read that the masons originally formed from the men that built Solomon's Temple. They would teach their craft from generation to generation. A member of the masons was considered to be a man of honor. As time goes by and new chapters are formed, there may have been some corruption in some of the lodges. But I don't think you can categorically call all the Masons evil.
    I have been to Washington DC and toured a lot of these monuments. During these tours, they explain very different, but equally symbolic reasons for their structures. I guess it is up to interpretation.
    And here is
    And here is something else I found on Wiki:
    The claims about the D.C. street layout are easily refuted just by looking at an actual map of the city. Conspiracy literature will show Rhode Island Ave., Vermont Ave., Massachusetts Ave., Connecticut Ave., and K Street making up five lines of a pentagram. A look at the actual street map shows that Vermont and Connecticut Avenues do not extend south of K street so there is no point below that, and ergo, no bottom point of any pentagram pointing at the White House. Further, Rhode Island Ave. does not extend west of Connecticut Ave. so not only does this alleged "pentagram" not have five points, it doesn't even have four. It is purely the product of someone's overactive imagination.

    1. Yes, the Masons were originally a group of masons, stone builders, perfectly innocent but due to one man whose name escapes me at the moment, he took them over and interjected his occult beliefs. I can get the name for you if you're interested. I have no doubt they explain away the monuments and paintings as something perfectly innocent. Of course they don't want the American people to know the true meaning. That's part of the way they do business. I'm talking about the Illuminati here, who took over the Masons. Honestly do your homework and don't believe things you read on the internet... especially me! LOL I'm only passing on info I learned from my own research. There are too many weird symbols and monuments in our nation's past and the capital in particular, to write it off as someone's overactive imagination. In my humble opinion. :-)

  10. Wow, that was new to me.I agree, there are many illuminati symbols over there( I'm not very familiar with this occultic movement, but I read about it on Christian YT channels where they expose these things).You never know until you start "digging" into this stuff. Thanks for the info!

  11. Has OUR nation built two golden calves of their own? Of course most do not see the United States of America as the modern tribe of Ephraim... the "13th" tribe of Israel (Joseph is to be counted as the two tribes Manasseh and Ephraim)

    Hos10:5 The inhabitants of Samaria shall fear because of the calves of Bethaven: for the people thereof shall mourn over it, and the priests thereof that rejoiced on it, for the glory thereof, because it is departed from it.

    6 It shall be also carried unto Assyria for a present to king Jareb: Ephraim shall receive shame, and Israel shall be ashamed of his own counsel.

  12. Sorry but America was founded as a secular nation to avoid the religious conflicts experienced in the Old World. There was never anything Christian about it. Incidentally, the 'pagan' style was in vogue at the time, so the designers and artists behind the statues and paintings were simply following stylistic trends.

    1. Hmm. You obviously have not read any of the founding father's letters, documents, speeches, or even the Declaration of Independence. Not to mention our national motto, what's written on our money, and all the many many references to God posted around D.C. Nor do you know the early history of this nation where the Bible was required reading in all public schools. Just saying... Yes, the founders did not want the government involved in religion, i.e. involved in dictating religion to the people, but they never meant for that religion should be taken out of our government. A quick read of many of the early documents prove that.

  13. Whether our forefathers knew or not is no excuse. Every time the deviples asked him about later times, Mark 13:5, Luke 21:8 and Matthew 24:4 he always started with let no one deceive you, and also throughout Paul's letters we are warned not to fall for the great deception. Do you think taking the mark of the beast will be justified in our Lords eyes because we didn't know. I think not! That is why we must fall into worshipping images. Whether it be a wooden cross,pictures of Jesus or the American Flag etc..Do not love this world nor the things in it. I believe our forefathers fell into their own hubris. But let Christ be their judge. The Bible says love the truth. Only Jesus the living word.

    1. I agree, Phillip! My citizenship is in heaven and Jesus is my king. we were warned over and over about being deceived.