Monday, October 31, 2016

Are we the Laodicean Church?

If you want to know what I don't celebrate Halloween and why I don't believe Christians should, please read this ARTICLE

 And to the angel of the church of the Laodiceans write,
‘These things says the Amen, the Faithful and True Witness, the Beginning of the creation of God: “I know your works, that you are neither cold nor hot. I could wish you were cold or hot. So then, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will vomit you out of My mouth. Because you say, ‘I am rich, have become wealthy, and have need of nothing’—and do not know that you are wretched, miserable, poor, blind, and naked—   Revelation 3:14-17

According the State of American Theology Study 2016

64 percent of Christians agreed with the statement “God accepts the worship of all religions, including Christianity, Judaism and Islam.”

ONLY 40 percent of those surveyed agreed “hell is an eternal place of judgment where God sends all people who do not personally trust in Jesus Christ

Less than half of those surveyed also believe abortion is a sin.

84 percent of evangelicals agreed those “who do not personally trust in Jesus Christ” are destined for hell.  What about the other 26%?  These are Evangelicals!

70 percent of evangelicals agreed with the statement “Jesus is the first and greatest creature created by God"   Huh? Created?

More than a quarter of evangelicals deny the Holy Spirit is equal with the Father and the Son

More evangelical Christians than Americans in general simultaneously stated all people will ultimately be reunited with loved ones in heaven

Nearly 60 percent of Christians in America view the devil as only a symbol of evil.

Add to these incredible stats that the Episcopal church has ordained homosexual priests, while in fact many Christians now view homosexuality as NOT sinful.

What is going on with the church in America?  What are our pastors preaching from the pulpit that would cause such heresy to form?  

I may have a different view than most of you. I haven't been in church my entire life. I was privileged as a teen to attend a Holy Spirit filled church led by one of the world's greatest Bible Teachers, Derek Prince. But I drifted from God for many years and didn't return to Him until my 30's.  Since then I've had a hard time adjusting to the lukewarm churches here in California. Though they preach the Gospel of Grace through Faith in Jesus, and most of them I've attended believe Jesus is the only way, the sermons are often so watered down with feel-good messages about God's blessings and grace and mercy and how He wants to help you in this life, that honestly, I've become discouraged.  Churches seem more like social clubs with their pot-lucks and tennis clubs and baseball teams. We concentrate too much on this present life and how God can help us here, that very little is said about heaven, hell, spiritual warfare, the Holy Spirit, end times, or the fundamental beliefs of our faith.

I'm not saying that some people aren't getting genuinely saved, or that churches don't do a lot of good. There are many "good" people in churches who give to charity and volunteer to help their communities. All good things. But is it enough? And is it done with the right attitude?

Jesus says in the above passage. "I know your works..." which means that the church was doing good things in His name. But were they doing the right things? The things He wanted them to do for the right reasons and with the power of the Holy Spirit?  

And that's one of the biggest problems. Pastors don't teach on the power of the Holy Spirit available for those who believe.  They preach the Gospel, but deny its power and hence leave people with an empty religion that won't hold their interest.

We have lost our salt and light. In many cases, it's hard to distinguish between the lives of "Christians" and the lives of non-believers. We have compromised with the world in the guise of "getting along", "maintaining peace".  No wonder our country is in such a mess!  We are Christ's Ambassadors, but we have done a poor job at representing Him.

Carl Gallups, pastor of Hickory Hammock Baptist Church and author of the new book “When The Lion Roars: Understanding the Implications of Ancient Prophecies for Our Time,” sees an End Times significance in the increasing apostasy within the church.

“Even many of America’s so-called ‘conservative evangelical’ pastors are not addressing the biblical answers to the key issues and concerns of our times,” he said. “Accordingly, an ever-increasing number of God’s people are spiritually perishing for lack of proper biblical instruction and understanding. Even among America’s most ‘conservative’ pulpits, the vast majority never address biblical issues such as important foundational doctrine, abortion, homosexuality, evolution, the place of Israel and the Middle East in prophecy, etc.”

Gallups said most Christians will accept God’s Word intellectually but resist it once it begins to encroach on how they want to live their lives. He argues the church must preach the message of Scripture without compromise or shying away from hard truths. The costs of not doing so, he claimed, can be seen in the degraded culture of today.

“America threw away its moral compass when it discarded God’s Word as the ultimate authority for life and human conduct,” he said. “The results are apparent and they are growing more devastating to our culture by the day.”

MaryLu here:  We need to wake up before it's too late and Jesus spits us out of His mouth. We need to be on fire for God, know our Bible, be filled daily with the Holy Spirit, Love all people, Be ready to give an answer for the faith we have, walk in the Spirit (that means be in constant communication with God) , be uncompromising with the world, and purify ourselves as a bride prepares for her bridegroom's arrival. He's coming, and He's coming soon. Don't be vomited out of His mouth!




  1. I've seen first hand some who were devoted to God, turn their backs once God's work didn't fit their sad.
    Another great, eye opening post.

    1. I guess they were devoted to a religious idea rather than to God.:(

    2. I've seen many do this too. The truth is, the world will never satisfy.. only God can truly satisfy our souls.

  2. I am so thankful that God called me out of man made religion many years ago. He led me to an Apostlic church that preached the Acts 2:38 message. I was baptized in the Name of Jesus and filled with the Holy Ghost, evidenced by speaking in tongues, as GOD gave the utterance...just like the Bible says. The book of Acts is where the New Testament church started, and therefore, our example of what the church should be, even 2000 years later. You never know what's gonna happen in an apostolic church. We've seen healings, devils cast out, people being delivered from addictions. That's what it's all about. Man made religion won't change people, it will only continue to leave people empty. We are in a spiritual battle, and its going to take having the Holy Ghost, to make it though.

    1. Jonsgirl, your church sounds wonderful. I've been looking for a church like that for a long time. I, too, have been baptized in the Holy Spirit and I'm just not satisfied with the lukewarm churches I find here in Northern California. I believe when true persecution begins is when we'll see the true church emerge.

    2. Hello Mrs. Tyndall! You probably don't remember me, but several years ago I e-mailed you thanking you for all that you do and let you know that, while attending middle school, I would perform book reports, after reading your books, to the class. I've been reading your books since I was around 10 years old and continue to read them to this day (11 years later). It's funny now that I look back because I found my love for pirates and the sea in your novels as well as my future career without knowing it: software development. On the older version of your books, I believe your bio it stated that you were a software developer for a while before you retired to writing. Ironic because I just discovered this not too long ago while going through my bookshelf and I'll be graduating with a Bachelor's in Computer Programming next year. Just thought that was ironic. Anyways... I just finished one of your latest books, "She Walks in Power", and I just wanted to let you know your books continue to inspire me. When I read the Author's Note, I found that I couldn't agree more and then I stumbled upon this post of yours from last year. After reading, I scrolled down and noticed Jonsgirl's comment and then yours in response. Kind of weird I know, but I am also apostolic, baptised in Jesus name, filled with the Holy Ghost, and experience the same things Jonsgirl experiences in at her church. I was curious to your response since I know several people that would start freaking out when they hear what we believe in (especially when it comes to casting out devils). When I saw that you were interested in a church like ours, I felt led to just let you know that UPCI (United Pentecostal Church International) actually has a church locator on their website for people who are trying to find Apostolic / Pentecostal churches nearby. If you are not interested, it's completely fine with me and I totally understand especially since you probably have found a church by now. If you ever want to go to one or find one nearby though, here is the link:

      I just want to thank you once again for all that you have done and continue to do. You're truly inspirational and a phenomenal writer! God bless!

    3. Greetings Mariah! Wow, you're been reading my books for a long time. Makes me feel old! Hey, wait. I am old. LOL But thank you so much! Yes, I programmed computers at IBM for over 15 years.. got my BA in Math/Comp Sci. And yes, that is so ironic that you also went in that direction!
      It's so rare to find others filled with the Holy Spirit who believe in deliverance and miracles ..etc... so I'm happy to hear that about you. Thank you so much for the website! I will definitely check it out and see if there are any churches near us. For now, we are meeting with a small group for Bible study once a week... We sort of gave up on looking for a church. So THANK YOU! And thank you for your kind comments. I pray you graduate well and find the perfect job that you will love! God Bless you, Mariah!!

  3. Mon 31st,
    "Morning MaryLu, and Debbie."
    Another timely word ... excellent post. Gave much to think on.
    Definitely things have changed ... many sermons are 'feel-good messages'; and in many the "true" message/beliefs/doctrines have been 'altered' or simply 'ommitted'.
    We have become a World that "bends to offences" by every other religion, than that of Christianity. We are afraid to stand up for "what is true and right".
    Flags are taken down, Bibles removed, Christian landmarks (statues/Ten Commandments, etc) are being flattened, and we're now 'accommodating' transgender people to use either washroom (for example) ... all because we "might" offend someone who believes/lives differently than we do. Were the U.S.A. and Canada not "originally" founded as "Christian Countries" ?
    But what about us ... do the others care or even think they could be offending us -- by coming into our Countries, or, 'choosing to change their gender' -- and "demanding" that things be changed and altered so "they" are not offended !!!
    Yes ... it's become easy to 'blend in' with the World ... I don't mean in giving up my beliefs, or blatantly sinning, etc. But 'trying' to fit in to a World (by not rocking-boats, keeping-the-peace), that does not want to accept us or believe in what we believe in.
    Heaven help us !!! Have I at times become 'luke-warm' ... yes. But I don't want to be.
    And I most certainly do NOT want to be "vomited out of His mouth" !
    Fortunately I am in a Bible preaching/teaching Church. In fact, we are going through a series of messages on the teaching and characteristics of the Holy Spirit.
    What you've shared re - the percentages and statistics from "Evangelical Christians" is down-right frightening !!!
    "Lord, please help me to ALWAYS be true to You and Your Word ... living out my faith."
    Thanks again, MaryLu ... for speaking up in truth and love !
    Take care, and, God Bless, In Him, Brenda

    1. Bless you Brenda! I think there's a Scripture somewhere that says Compromise with the world is enmity with God. So glad you are in a good church! I imagine they are as rare there in Canada as they are here.

  4. Good morning all.
    Loved your post today MaryLu. One of my favorite verses. When I first read that verse many years ago I cringed. I did not want my Jesus to spit me out of His mouth. I could picture His face and wide eyes as He vomited me out like sour and curdled milk. Walking with Him all these years I will confess I could and would get complacent and would be reminded in a suttle way of becoming Luke warm. Then I would be reminded of Christ vomiting me out . Not a pretty picture nor is it a comfortable place in ones walk to be. But I am thankful that I have a Savior who loves me enough to remind me just who it is that I belong to.
    The month of October is a very hard month around my area. The next town over from me is Salem, Massachusetts . The Witch city and people come from all over the world to celebrate for the whole month. Dressed up in weird and scary clothing. There are all kinds of people who are wicans, and witches and devil worshippers . People who live in the area stay away from all who gather in Salem.
    Once I was at a local Mall and standing in line at a Hallmark store and I suddenly became cold and shakey and turned around and the person behind me was Lori Cabot the official witch of Salem. I started praying and I mean really praying the word of God and I knew He heard my prayers. Are there evil and dark things in our surroundings--yes . But even more encouraging is-- that we are also surrounded by love and goodness of God. With God everything is possible, even feeling the evilness of evil around us. With God and His Light around us showing us where we place our steps-- towards Him-- we can be a light to others who do not know the way, or have stepped back from the way and to always always seek Him with all our hearts and soul. To always seek that the steps we take are in accordance to His will for us. And to want more of Him in our lives. I desire that --to have my life so filled with Him that I know He directs my every step and that He can use me to be a light to those who do not know Him. I love it when that happens.
    Thank you for being obedient to Him who loves us even more than we can ever fathom.

    1. Oh my, Elsie. I'm so sorry about your close proximity to Salem and all the whitchery. Isn't it awesome how the Holy Spirit gives us warnings in our own spirit when we are close to evil. That has happened to me on more than one occasion. You voiced my own desire perfectly "to have my life so filled with Him that I know He directs my every step and that He can use me to be a light to those who don't know Him" May that be all of our prayers.

  5. Oh MaryLu, a great post that we all need to see, thank you for sharing.

    I too found the percentages and statistics frightening!...and the comment, "it's hard to distinguish between the lives of "Christians" and the lives of non-believers" is so sad but all to often true. How can those around us even want to be drawn to Christ as their Savior and Lord if the "Christians" they know/see are just like the world? Our pastor has said the word "Christian" has become a 'catch-all' word for many and because of that he will not call himself a "Christian" but a Christ-follower and all that implies. He preaches/teaches God's truth from His Word and tells it like it is, not watering anything down. Recently he gave an 8 week evening class on the book Revelation which I was unable to attend, however, it was taped and I am studying that, some really eye-opening lessons in that study...including about the churches like the Laodicean Church. One phrase in Revelation that jumped out at me was about being lukewarm, over the years I have found myself lukewarm and I don't want to be! God has calling me back to my first love through His Word, the Holy Spirit and prayer!

    Blessings, Tina

    1. Sounds like you have a great pastor who isn't afraid to preach the truth. Such a blessing. I know I've been lukewarm from time to time, but I'm praying that I will never be again.

  6. Jesus, created? Do they not believe in the trinity?

  7. Oh my goodness!! I've been reading a Derek Prince book (and thinking about getting many more) thinking as I read it, "I wonder what MaryLu would say about this book." I've been pondering how the church seems to ignore the Holy Spirit and even God, the Father, as authority over our lives. I FEEL the spiritual warfare everyday. I see people treat prayer as a way to not do things, and yet, when done with real heart, it is the most important and most powerful. It should be how we begin everything. I was not raised to know the Bible, even though I was considered "the religious one" in my family. I just thought it was my church (I was raised in a Catholic church that did not do any Bible study). I am floored at the lack of knowledge of His Word from those who would call themselves evangelical. And even though I study that book now, I feel like such a baby in my faith. There is so much good stuff in that book, it needs to be considered word, by word, by word!!!

    1. I highly recommend anything by Derek Prince, Connie. He's gone on to be with the Lord, but he's considered by most to be the best Bible teacher of our century. So cool you were reading his book! We are all babies when it comes to the Bible. There is so much there!! I'm constantly seeing new things each time I open it. :-)
      I agree that the church ignores Father God and the Holy Spirit. This must make Jesus so sad. And how much do Christians miss out on all God has for them in this life... the fruits and power of the Spirit and the incredible loving relationship they can have with the Father.

  8. Another wonderful post, MaryLu - thank you!! He does direct my steps and I pray I am a light to Him for others.

    Love, prayers, and hugs!!

  9. A lot of Churches in California are Lukewarm. Most people in today's society who say they're Christian are't Christian at all. Very sad. You will see who are truly Christian when the Tribulation era comes.

  10. But there are still God's people out there, who are still seeking . . . instead of looking for another church, pray to the Lord of harvest and He'll bring them to you for fellowship. God Bless.