Friday, October 14, 2016

Friday's Mad Mad World

Wars and Rumors of Wars

Russia and the USA prepping for Doomsday
Russia deploying Nuclear capable missiles on NATO doorstep
Russia threatens to shoot down any US airstrike attempts
Lightning strikes the top of the Vatican as Russia moves missiles into contested German territory
Germany is creating its own EU military force. War is coming
Commander of US Pacific Fleet tells troops to be ready to fight 
North Korea is racing toward nuclear finish line 
The US, who has already basically given Iran the go head to create nuclear weapons, has now secretly lifted sanctions on Iran to make their task even easier (Important to note here that Iran is one of the countries who attack Israel in the Gog-MaGog war of Ezekiel 38)

Israel - very important to keep our eyes on Israel. They are God's time clock.

Will Obama divide Jerusalem and seal the fate of the US?
Jerusalem terrorist attack: 2 killed four wounded. 
UN backs resolution ignoring Jewish ties to the temple mount

Christian apostasy.

Most Christians don't know basic Christian theology
False church making inroads in Europe. You wont believe this

Christian persecution

Pakistani Christians refused Asylum
Transgender bathrooms coming to a church near you


Woman says God raised her from the dead to evangelize Muslims

The downfall of the USA

12,578 Syrian Refugees admitted to USA in 2016, 68 Christians, 24, Yazidis
Governor of Iowa warns there are Islamic terrorists in every state and they could strike anytime
Former Christian Miley Cyrus proudly declares she's PanSexual. Huh?
America is facing the greatest crisis of its history (If you read any article here, read this one. Global collapse, the church in decline, the coming WWIII, take over by the global elite)


Mark of the Beast coming to a town near you

These are matters for prayer, not fear. Rejoice because your King is coming!



  1. Make-up companies are marketing to boys!

  2. Fri 14th,
    Morning MaryLu ... and Rose.
    Well ... you certainly summed it all up, in what is happening, and about to happen. Probably no real surprise ... but nonetheless, still shocking and sobering to read !
    Yes ... prayer, and rejoicing because our King is coming back !!! For sure !!!
    Thanks once again MaryLu, for bringing this to our attention ... and matters of prayer.
    Take care, and, God Bless, In Him, Brenda

  3. Thanks for posting these, MaryLu - some I had seen/read, but some not. And yes, I'm praying and rejoicing!!

    Love, prayers, and hugs!!

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    So much for the true meaning of this moment! They want to eradicate any shread of decency that might be left.