Friday, December 2, 2016

Friday's mad mad World!

Greetings children of the Most High!

Here's another list of important events that happened recently around the world. There are always so many, but I try and choose the ones that seem the most important. I'm not trying to frighten you. However, I do believe the Lord wants us to pay attention and be knowledgeable about world events for three reasons.

  1. Prayer
  2. Preparation
  3. Evangelism
So, with that in mind, here we go!


 FYI, there have been 400 earthquakes of 4.5 magnitude or greater in the last 31 days, mostly in little unknown places.  This may be unprecedented, I don’t know.  Luke 21:11 : “And great earthquakes shall be in diverse places”.  Got that right.


Best prophetic news for last : For the first time since the 2nd Temple 2,000 years ago, a ritually “pure” oil has been carefully prepared by the Sanhedrin so that people of Israel will be ready to light the menorah for the Third Temple.  Rabbi Sarri : “We can do this part on the Temple Mount right now.  If the situation arises, we will be ready to perform this mitzvah (Torah Commandment).  This “pure” oil is very complicated to produce as it is a Biblically mandated process to prepare the exact oil used in the 2nd Temple”.

Tens of thousands flee as fires rage across Israel

New World Order

The formation of an EU Army

Wars and Rumors of Wars


Signs in the sky

Increase in Darkness



Supreme court Justice says religious freedom in greater danger than free speech 



Labeling Fake news labels to restrict opposing views

In the midst of the darkness, the Light grows!

Have a great weekend! And Keep looking Up!


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  2. I live in Norway and about 4 or 5 times over the past 2 years I've seen really bright meteors as well like in that video linked! And they lasted a long time, one of them I saw from my kitchen window, it caught my eye, so I turned and I gasped and said to someone who was with me "Look, what is that?", and even they were able to catch the last glimpse of it after turning. It was that bright and lasted long enough to turn and see. Only a few seconds, but that's much longer than any normal shooting star! A few others who live here have noticed such bright ones as well.

    1. Wow, Lieniitte, that's amazing. And a bit scary. I know people all over the world are seeing these meteors and other strange things in the sky. Definitely a sign of the times. Stay safe!

  3. Thank you MaryLu. There is so much going on in the world and in the skies that is there revealing what is written. Italy was an eye opener for me-- all those earthquakes then tornados and I cannot remember earthquakes in Italy. There might have been but these opened my eyes and silently asking-- earthquakes in Italy? Seeing that list you posted and its growing daily --- not only the crazy weather but the craziness in our own country. The politics are out of control. Our country is divided. Our morals are out of control . Our God given rights to worship freely are slowly diminishing . Our country is ruled by people who if they were in the OT times, would be at the temples worshipping un-godly things for un-godly pleasures. Sin has entered in and we - who are God's children--- who walk with Jesus -- must grab the arms of others who are believers and stand as one as we walk towards Him who loves us.
    You are right in saying--we must evangelize and pray for those who do not know Our Father in Heaven. To be that light for others. To be the salt that preserves and to be ourselves steeped deeply in the word so we may help our family , friends, neighbors and those we do not know to see that light and taste that salt. I pray that we-who are believers-- will be the man, woman or child that Christ would have us be. To be aware and to keep our eyes open to see what God is showing us.
    Thank you for being obedient . Praise His Holy Name !!!!

    1. Hi Elsie! Yes, so many earthquakes recently. It's frightening.. and they are warning of a huge one here in CA. And I agree about our country... we are more divided than ever and more immoral than ever.. and they are coming after Christians. I never thought I'd see the day. But the light of God's Word and Love will prevail and grow stronger right beside the darkness. This is not a time for the children of God to sleep, but to work even harder for His Kingdom!