Friday, December 16, 2016

Friday's Mad, Mad World!


After today's post, I'm going to take a break from this for a few weeks and focus on Christ's birth. It's easy to look at the craziness of the world and get depressed, and I don't want to do that to you during this month. I seem to get a lot of hits on these posts, so I assume they are helpful to some. It is definitely eye-opening to see the state of our world and yet, exciting to see so many prophecies coming true. I hope it increases your faith as it does mine.


Enormous quakes hit both sides of the Pacific and experts fear the San Andreas is about to blow
Tsunami warnings after a 7.8 quake strikes off Solomon Islands 
Bull tests positive for anthrax in Indiana
Back to back earthquakes shake central New Zealand 
120 small earthquakes swarm Mt. Helens 
11 volcanoes erupt around the world 
Earthquake swarms in Northern CA 

Wars and rumors of wars

China prepares for Anti-sattlelite missle test
Terrorist attack in Turkey leaves nearly 40 dead
US deploying 200 more troops to Syria to fight ISIS
China shows off its nuclear-capable bomber 
Syria is training ground for Israel's next war with Hezbollah 
Iran stages massive war drills 
Wave of terror strikes Africa and the middle east 
China installs weapons on artificial islands


Israel Rockets strike Damascas
Divine signs appear in Israel 
Fall of Allepo could be bad news for Israel

Christian persecution

"Voice" contestant booed after leading audience in powerful worship
School orders staff to remove Charlie Brown Christmas poster
Christians are among the worst persecuted people in the world
ACLU sues over Christmas tree cross 
Bombing at Egypt church kills 25
Priest in Italy won't display nativity scene for fear of offending Muslims
Christian nurse fired for offering prayer before surgery 
School choir in North Carolina banned from singing Christmas songs
TV show kicks baby Jesus during Christmas special
Indiana bans prayer from school functions following Atheist complaint 
Two Christian pastors facing death penalty in Sudan 
Child protective services after home schooling mom in NYC 
Jakarta's Christian Governor stands trial for Blasphemy


4 in 10 Evangelicals believe physician assisted suicide okay

Rise of Evil

Satanic display erected right beside Nativity in Boca Raton, FL
Historic Christian church in Connecticut to be converted to a mosque 
5 year old given okay to start sex change in Austrailia 
Taiwan on the brink of legalizing gay marriage 
Highlights Kids Magazine now features LBGTQ
Oxford University instructs students to use gender neutral pronouns so as not to offend anyone
Genderqueer identity book pushed on 7 year olds 
University expels student for using the wrong pronoun

Mark of the Beast/automation

Corporate giant Capita replaces staff with robots

New World Order

Agenda 2030 - A global society with no possessions, no privacy, and no freedom

Signs in the Heavens

Black hole rips star apart, creating biggest blast ever seen 
Massive fireball from the sky crashes in Spain

The Light grows!

170,000 crowd into a 3-day Billy Graham seminar in Myanmar.

Have a wonderful weekend, and don't forget to look up, for your redemption draws nigh!


  1. I'm sure that these posts are helping a lot of people...opening a lot of eyes.

  2. Thanks for keeping us up to date! Come quickly Lord Jesus!

  3. MaryLu I thank you for posting this for us. It is heartwrenching to read the dark and evil ways of our world. It breaks my heart to think of the little ones being indoctrinated with the evilness of lbgtq and forcing gender equality in a kids magazine-- Highlights . How far this land has fallen into evilness. God have mercy on us. I thank you for posting all the information on all the earthquakes and catastrophe of what is happening worldwide. It saddens me for all our young people who do not know Jesus Christ as their Savior , and seeing the ways nowadays- we do not really know what they are being taught in school.
    I have and will always shared my faith and tell any of what God has done for me -even if they do not want to hear it . I am not offensive but I try telling them as I would as if it was about a friend----and that is what He is-- my Friend, my Savior, My Everlasting God.
    Lots of stuff here to pray on and I thank you again. May God Bless you and yours in this Christmas Season and not only then but every day.

  4. You're very welcome, Ladies, and thanks for your comments. It does take some time each week to pull all this together, but I really want to ring the alarm bells for God's people to start getting serious about their walk.. and about saving the lost.
    There is so much deception.. I've never seen the likes of it. We must be in constant prayer... God Bless!