Friday, December 9, 2016

Friday's Mad Mad World!

I can't believe how many things are happening all around us. I pray this information doesn't lead to fear, but challenges you to work every harder for God's Kingdom AND to keep looking up! For the King is coming!


6.5 Quake in Indonesia 
6.0 in Indonesia 
5.3 Quake in Costa Rica 
6.3 quake strikes Peru
4.4 Quake hits Poland 
Two earthquakes strike off Oregon coast 
Sink hole  in Texas kills one and injures several
World's largest cluster of sink holes discovered 
Tennis-ball size hailstones and 6000 Lightning strikes hit Australia 

Apostasy in the Church

Celebrity preacher loses license after sex scandal

Persecution of Christians

Gay Bureaucrat wages war against Christian Ministry 
Illinois panel says Christian-owned Bed and Breakfast must host Gay weddings 
HGTV's Fixer Upper Couple Under attack for attending a Bible-believing church

One World Government - New World Order

Censorship coming to Facebook and other social media
Facebook planning on promoting news only from their favored sites

Signs in the Sky

Meteors explode over Siberia
Fireball seen in the skies over Scotland
UFO sighting over Turkey 
Astronauts in space spooked by strange knocking sound 
NASA and FEMA rehearse an asteroid strike in LA


Pillar of Cloud protects Israel from ISIS over Golan Heights 
The UN passes SIX outrageous anti-Israel Resolutions 
Obama signs waiver to prevent US embassy from moving to Jerusalem 
Ancient plants revived in time for third temple 
Rabbi Jonathan Cahn and Muslim authorities have a showdown on Temple Mount 
Israel struck with massive fires, now come the floods

Wars and Rumors of Wars

Ezekiel 38 Axis of power Russian and Iran affirm their military alliance 
Isis threatening Bloody Friday for Trump Inauguration 
Iran threatens response if Obama extends sanctions
China tests 10 DF-21 Missiles in show of force 
Putin sends warships to Crimea as Ukraine begins missile tests 
Russia and China prepare for Space War 
Turkey has declared War on Syria 

Darkness and Evil Increase

Argentina court rules that a woman can marry her stepdaughter 
Satanic temple in Texas says the new rule to be able to bury aborted babies violates their religious rights. Huh?

The Kingdom of God shines brightly!

Three men imprisoned for Christ in Iran are set free!
Students break out in song as Tornado sirens blare 
Tomb of Jesus opened the first time in 500 years 
A new Holy Spirit movement rippling through our youth! 
Underground church is growing in Iran, despite opposition 
Statue of Jesus the only thing left in home burned by Tennessee fires 
British Prime Minister takes strong Pro-Christian stand

I hope these posts are useful to you, and I pray you all have a wonderful weekend !


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