Friday, January 6, 2017

Friday's Mad Mad World!

Welcome to a new year of madness! If you didn't see my predictions for 2017, click HOME and scroll down to find them in a different post. I hope you'll find them interesting.

While you were celebrating the Holidays, the world continued to spiral down into darkness. However when the darkness grows darker, the light always grows brighter. God never leaves His people alone. And He never ceases to equip those who are paying attention with the power, authority, and love they need to bring His truth to a dying world. So, be encouraged in 2017, even when you see things falling apart. God is still on the throne, and He is doing a marvelous thing!

I wasn't sure how to classify this one, but, as a parent, I was so shocked by it, I wanted to report it.  Don't think this won't happen in America, because I'm sure it will.

Netherlands children taught in school how to pray to Allah


Pronoun pins at University of Kansas let people choose their gender
Pennsylvania court annuls adoption so Father and son can marry 
The end of "He' and "She" pronouns. Use "Z and E" instead 
762 Murders in Chicago in 12 months
New York City issues first Intersex Birth certificate


Christian Clergy welcomes Islam into the church then bows to it

 Christian persecution

In 2016 1 Christian every 6 minutes was killed for their faith
Christians are the most persecuted religions group in the world 
2017 may be the worst year for Christian persecution

Signs in the Skies

Comet flew past earth on New Years Eve
Mysterious fireball disintegrates in the sky 
Total Solar Eclipse coming in 2017

Wars and Rumors of Wars

Obama orders sanctions against Russia 
Iran conducts war game exercises 
China's first aircraft carrier sails into the China sea
North Korea developing ICBM test 


The US just stabbed Israel in the back 
The first major step toward building the third temple 
Bloodshed will follow if Trump moves US embassy to Jerusalem


New York on high alert from ISIS threat of attacks 
Islamic State arrests reveal a threat near the US government 
ISIS plotting mass casualty chemical attack on Britain

 Earthquakes and other disasters

6 explosions at Colima Volcano as volanic activity increases worldwide
5.9 Earthquake strikes Japan 
Series of earthquakes hit near California/Nevada border 
Largest quake to hit Britain in 100 years 
Massive 7.2 quake off Fiji triggers Tsunami warnings
Severe storms sweep across Southern states, leaving 5 dead 
Worst flood in 30 years strikes Malaysia 
Arctic cold blast spreads from coast to coast 
Shocking new video shows what is really going on at Yellowstone 
6.2 Earthquake hits Indonesia 
50 dead 10,000 homeless in Congo floods 

Technology/Mark of the beast

Professional sports implementing biometric scans for fans
India Prime minister defends switch to cashless society


Scientists claim deep space signals are aliens making contact


Man saves girl from burning car "In Jesus' Name"
Teen legally dead for 20 minutes wakes up and says he saw Jesus

Remember, keep looking up!!
Have a great weekend.



  1. Thanks for keeping us up to date on these things. Can't be long!

  2. Wow!!
    Did you see this one too? :O

  3. Thanks for ending this post on a good Miracles. Very eye-opening.

    1. Yup. Going to always try to end on a good note!