Monday, January 9, 2017

Who is really going to make America great again?

Yes, I voted for Trump.  If you want to see why, you can click HERE. But lately I find myself concerned about what I see happening on two fronts.

ONE: Christians who are SO EXCITED that Trump won, so exuberant and happy, and who seem to believe that once Trump takes office, everything is going to be wonderful.  While I agree that if Trump actually does the things he promised, this country will slowly begin to rise from the ashes of progressive liberalism that has, for the past several years, torched our economy, our healthcare, our education, our law enforcement, our safety, our constitution and our freedom, but what concerns me about some of the euphoria I see is that it borders on idol worship. Here is a man who is going to make things great again. Here is America's savior! When in reality, America only has one Savior, and that is Jesus.  No man or woman is capable of saving a country whose culture is full of filth, immorality, and violence, a country that produces the most pornography in the world, who has murdered over 60 million babies, whose child sex-trafficking is on the rise, who has taken God out of every public arena and punished those who stand up for Him. A country who proudly displays a nine year old boy on the cover of National Geographic who wants to become a girl, who lifts up the gay, transgender, queer, bi-sexual, asexual etc..(I'm sure I've missed some) lifestyle as perfectly normal (Acts which God calls an abomination) And most of all, a country where Christianity is declining and whose churches are mostly dead or lukewarm.

TWO: These are the people who think Trump is the anti-christ, who are storming the streets, the courthouses, doing everything in their power to get him impeached before he even takes office. These are the people who not only drank the propaganda koolaid but who swallowed it and digested it whole. They are so convinced that Trump is the reincarnated Hitler, that they are actually trembling in fear. Ridiculous.

Here's my point. Until Jesus returns, it is the job of His disciples, His church, to battle the forces of darkness, spread the Gospel, heal the sick, cast out demons, and be His ambassadors on earth.  

Yet, I haven't seen that happening here in America at all. Have you? Maybe sparks of it here and there in good churches who preach the truth. But overall, if we had been doing our job, do you really think America would be in the shape it's in right now? 

It's the church in America that has failed in our duties. Yet so many of us now think that Trump is God's man, that Trump is going to make things right again, that Trump's election has given us a reprieve from coming judgement, given us time to rise up and finally take back territory the enemy has stolen from us.

But will we? If we are all looking at Trump to save us?  But more importantly, when has the Church ever grown, ever stormed the gates of hell for God during times of ease, prosperity, and comfort?

Throughout history, the church has only grown and done it's mightiest work during times of persecution.

So, here's my question. If the Church and not a man is the only thing that will make America great, how is that going to happen unless we finally get serious, unless we finally get red-hot for Jesus, forsake ourselves, take up our crosses, and do the work He has asked us to do? And how is that going to happen while we sit on our couches with our bellies full, our wallets stuffed, in the safety of our homes?

It won't.  That's why I'm telling you that America will not become great again until the true Church of Jesus undergoes persecution.  Intense personal persecution, and intense violent public persecution. Only then will true believers rise from the ashes and, filled with the Holy Spirit, bring in a harvest of souls like never before.



  1. Hi MaryLu!

    Happy New Year to you! I share those concerns. There is so much excitement and fear surrounding the incoming president and his administration. Not just in the world or the nation but within myself even! But then I remember that I am a part of Christ's body and have the word of God to lean on, not my own understanding (Whew!).

    Each time I listen to the news it becomes more and more clear how badly people need to hear the Good News of Christ Jesus our Lord. I also see more clearly the need for me to pray, and to grow spiritually so that I CAN pray.

    That being said, it is my intention to keep you in prayer. Our Lord has blessed you with boldness to speak His word to the world and to urge the saints to draw closer Him. In addition to supporting you by buying your books (which I enjoy greatly!! Keep them coming!!) I am going to support you in prayer :)

    Please pray for me as well. Pray that I make known with boldness the mystery of the Gospel. Pray that I deny myself, pick up my cross and follow Jesus. Pray that I stand firm in the Lord and in the strength of His might. Pray that I endure. Pray that WE, the saints endure.

    Sincerely and with love,

    Your sister in Christ Jesus, Diamond

    1. Diamond, Wow, I really do appreciate your prayers. Thank you so much. It means a great deal to me. I believe time is short and I want everyone to fully commit themselves to the Lord. Like you said, to take up our crosses and follow Jesus. I hesitate to post some of the harsher words sometimes because I know it will affect my book sales, but I'm learning to just speak the truth and let God handle the rest. Yes, I will pray for you too! God always answers our prayers to serve him better, to speak His truth in love, and to fight the good fight... so you know He will. :-)

  2. So true, MaryLu - thank you for another wonderful post, your boldness for Him in taking a stand, and your fight/desire to help make all aware of what is/has happened/happening in the U.S. and what we, as it's people, must do to bring forth positive changes. Beginning with a country praying and turning to God for it's direction and needs!!

    Love, hugs, and prayers!!

    1. Thanks Bonnie... the US really needs a Holy Spirit revival!

  3. Thanks for posting truth! I shared your post on my blog today. Hope that's ok. Keep speaking boldly for the cause of Christ.

    1. Hi Aimee. Yes of course you may share whereever you want.. Thank you! God Bless!

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