Friday, February 10, 2017

Friday's Mad Mad World!

Greetings, Warriors of the Most High!  Here's another list of world events as they relate to Biblical prophecy of the end times in which we live. Read with caution, discernment, and in an attitude of prayer. Don't allow fear to penetrate, but be encouraged that our Savior is coming soon!


Rare Red Heifer for Temple offerings found!
British antisemitism rises to record levels 
War is coming if U.S. moves embassy to Jerusalem 
Iran warns they can hit Tel-Aviv with a missile in 7 minutes


Planned Parenthood workers who reached abortion quotas rewarded with pizza party
Popular Children's magazine includes homosexual men on the cover
Human Pig Hybrid - Gross! 
Transgender man can be girl guide leader and parents are not informed 
Boy scouts to accept transgender boys 
Texas Major comes out as a transgender 
Divinity school told to use gender-neutral terms for God
Pregnant women no longer allowed to be called "Mothers"
Sex robots coming to a store near you


Lutheran church votes in favor of same-sex marriage
Catholic nun says Mary wasn't a virgin


Satanic temple wants to erect homage to Satan at Arkansas Capitol
Houston area students give Nazi salutes while yelling Heil Hitler 
Satanism now taught in prisons 
Shooting at Quebec mosque 5 dead

Wars and Rumors of Wars

North Korea threatens to nuke LA if  U.S. continues threats
Mikhail Gorbachev - it looks like the world is preparing for war
Iran threatens to fire missiles at enemies after twitter spat with Trump 
Hamas military capabilities restored to pre-2014 strength
China warns of nuclear war if Trump doesn't back off 
U.S. imposes new sanctions on Iran after their illegal missile tests 
Navy Patrol sent to patrol off Yemen amid tensions with Iran 
U.S. would have overwhelming response to a North Korean nuclear attack 
China tests missiles with ten war heads 
Attack on Saudi frigate meant for U.S. warship 
U.S. troops hold joint drills in Poland for possible attack 
Russian biggest artic military push since Soviet fall 
Fears grow over Jihadist cyber threat 
U.S. tanks and infantry arrive in Estonia as NATO builds up forces on Russian Border 
Trump's chief adviser predicts war with China and in the Middle East

Big brother

Left-wing Media matters will work with FaceBook to fight "fake news"

Signs in the Sky - Aliens

NASA cuts live feed from Space station when strange object appears
2nd miss in 3 weeks! Asteroid barely misses hitting earth 
On Feb 2nd another asteroid zoomed past earth
More than 7 fireballs disintegrated in the skies above the UK and U.S. 
Fireballs change night to day in Wisconsn and Illinois 
Eclipse, comet, and full moon happening tonight


Bird flu outbreaks raise fears for human pandemic
Vegetable shortage in Europe due to harsh weather
Earthquake swarm rocks Etna, schools evacuated 
Macedonia reports outbreak of H5N8 Bird flu 
Super volcano in Italy about to blow 
Huge sinkhole in PA, swallows truck
Massive 2 mile crack found in Arizona desert
Mysterious "Booms" heard around San Diego county
6.3 Earthquake strikes off Pakistan 
Violent tornadoes hit Louisiana! 


Man fired for invoking Christ's name in an email
Christian converts in Somalia face beheading 
You Tube shut down sermon channel 
Florida couple told to remove cross from front yard 
5th Christian found murdered in Egypt in 2 weeks 
Meet the Christian who may spend years in prison for preaching Christ 
Two-thirds of democrats believe Islam and Christianity are equally violent 
Street preached locked up for hate crimes for quoting the Bible to a Gay teen
Attacks on Christians in France skyrocket 245%!
Angry mob beats up man in India for handing out free Bibles

Chaos/Anarchy/Loss of Freedom of Speech

Ex-Obama official calls for military coup to oust Trump
San Francisco refuses to obey Federal Law
U.S. on precipice of widespread civil unrest
Seattle creates safe sites where addicts can inject illegal drugs  
Google bans 200 publishers, labeled as "Fake News" 
Over 12,000 tweets call for Trump's assassination  

Good news!

Trump will prioritize persecuted Christians seeking asylum.
New CIA director Pompeo says "Jesus Christ, our Savoir, is truly the only solution for our world" 
Trump: "As long as we have God, we are never alone"
Worship artist credits Psalm 91 for miraculous healing from cancer
Latin America experiencing a spiritual awakening!

Praying you all have a lovely, restful weekend!



  1. This is alot to take in!!! Thank you thank you for posting all of this. I need to just sit down and read everything that you have gathered for all of us. I always look forward to your end sign articles. Thanks for all three research that you do!!

  2. wow. Just wow.
    So, what happens if they successfully oust Trump? Does Pence become president? I wouldn't mind that at all.

    1. Yup. Pence would step in. Yea, I'd be happy with that too. Although the people who would have ousted Trump probably wouldn't be. ;-)

  3. Thank you, MaryLu!!

    Love, hugs, and prayers!!