Friday, February 17, 2017

Friday's Mad Mad World!

Greetings, Warriors of the Most High!  Here's another list of world events as they relate to Biblical prophecy of the end times in which we live. Read with caution, discernment, and in an attitude of prayer. Don't allow fear to penetrate, but be encouraged that our Savior is coming soon!

Wars and Rumors of Wars

China prepares pre-emptive strike against US military targets
Iran fires another missile from launch pad
Russian conducts snap air force combat readiness check 
Millions rally in Iran chanting "Death to America"  
Worries rise over North Korea's EMP potential
Russian Spy ship near US Coast
Russian secretly deploys cruise missile

Signs in the skies

NASA warns of Asteroid impact


Egypt fires FOUR rockets into Israel
ISIS claims responsibility for rocket attack on Israeli resort


Army preps for urban warfare in cities
Protests erupt in LA when ICE rounds up illegal criminals

Immorality and Evil

Kindergartners taught sex ed and parents can't stop it
Toy maker to make first transgender doll for kids 
Sexual perversion, occult rituals, and violence fill our entertainment 
Medical ethics board determines newborn babies do not have a "right to life"  
Another magazine embraces transgender perversion
Human-animal hybrids are here! 


Crises prayer for injured teen deemed unconstitutional
Christians targeted in new NetFlix series 
Most Americans do NOT support religious liberty for Christian business owners 
Christian persecution coming to a city near you


Deadly virus kills off entire antelope population in Mongolia
6.7 Earthquake strikes Philippines  
Biggest Blizzard of the year hits Northeast US 
Mystery Boom rattles houses in Pennsylvania
More than 739 Earthquakes have struck Turkey since Feb 6th
Hole found in Earth's magnetic field!
Biblical plague of locusts destroy crops in Bolivia

Loss of Free Speech

Apple CEO says we must stop fake news
University students reject conservative students as unsafe and against humanity
Protestors block Education Secretary from entering public school


Scientists on the cusp of human-machine hybrids
Major push toward a cashless society


Good news!

Blind woman has sight restored after prayer!
Rap star turns Grammy's into Act of Worship
Famous Singer: I was dead for 8 hours, then Jesus touched my body
Marco Rubio speaks out on Christian persecution in China

Have a great weekend!

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