Friday, February 24, 2017

Friday's Mad Mad World!

Greetings End-Times Warriors, here we go again!  Take all as matters of prayer, not fear, and enjoy the good news too!  God Bless and have a great weekend. Things are getting closer!


UN has turned a blind eye to Christian genocide in the Middle East
Atheist group convinces Virginia town to cancel trip to new ARK Encounter 
Atheist group seeks to stop prayers at New Hampshire National Guard Base 
Facebook suspends Homeschool Mom's account because she quoted Bible on homosexuality   
ISIS swears to Allah to eradicate Christians 
Baker found NOT GUILTY for refusing to write Bible verses on cake for Christian customer 
Melanie Trump attacked for reciting The Lord's Prayer at rally 
Christianity banned from the classroom while Islam is celebrated
Christians compared to Islamic state for standing firm on Biblical truth
Atheists force school to drop Ten Commandments monument
Campuses encouraging students to turn in fellow students for offensive speech

Immorality and Evil and Lawlessness

NBA warns TEXAS not to pass transgender bathroom bill or else!
Bay Area restaurants register as sanctuary businesses 
New boy/girl doll a trick to emasculate men 
Finland the latest country to legalize LGTB marriage
Washington Florist loses business when refuses to provide flowers for gay wedding
Christian leaders silent when Washington Florist loses her fight
Arch of Baal displayed for third time in NYC in honor of World Government Summit 
CBS new show "No Doubt" pushes Transgender lifestyle 
Professors warned not to assume gender of students 
LGBT groups planning to incorporate Glitter Ash Wednesday in 21 states for Lent 
Liberal Left joins forces with radical Muslims to fight Trump 
DNA editing of the unborn? 
Letter from Chicago schools sent home to parents encouraging kids to obstruct Immigration law


Why are Christian women watching 50 Shades of Darker?
Roman Catholic group urging Pope to make Mary able to forgive sins
Pope Francis declares Muslim Terrorism does not exist, sets stage for one-world gov

Wars and Rumors of Wars

Iran calls Israel the biggest threat to world peace
Iran vowing to remove the cancer of Israel 
US sea warship buildup against North Korea, China, and Japan
Russian sending 1 billion in weapons to Iran
ISIS training toddlers to kill in Middle East orphanage 
There is a war brewing in GAZA that Israel cannot prevent 
Iraqi forces push to retake Mosul

Earthquakes/Plagues/Famines, oh my!

6.3 Earthquake strikes northern Argentina
Severe winter kills 46,000 livestock in Mongolia 
Source of earth-shaking explosion in SC remains a mystery
Giant sinkholes and massive cracks around the world create anxiety
4 Tornadoes strike San Antonio 
India's only active volcano is spewing smoke 
Swarm of 300 earthquakes rattle New Zealand

Signs in the Sky / Aliens

NASA confirms meteror seen over Alabama
NASA using discovery of 7 new planets to promote idea that Alien life exists


Robots poised to take over many military roles

Good news!

Oklahoma Republicans acts to legalize copy of Ten Commandments on Public Property
Venezuela shuts down CNN for distorting the truth! 
Tornado Survivor reveals how God wrapped His arms around me
Melania Trump reciting of Lord's Prayer at rally, an historic event
After 953 days in prayer, a miracle happened!

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  1. The infertility testimony touched me SO much! It is God indeed who opens the womb.:) Praise Him for this miracle!