Friday, March 3, 2017

Friday's Mad Mad World!

Greetings, warriors of the Most High!  Here's another round of prophecy in the news, most likely things you haven't heard in the lamestream media. Once again, please don't allow fear to enter into your spirit. Use these stories as a matter of prayer and also hope that soon we will be with our King!



New HAMAS leader signals shift to Iran and more conflict with Israel


Top super model says "Church is in me"
The western church has adulterated the gospel

False prophets

Woman claims she is god and will soon conquer the devil


American society headed toward a breaking point
American Flag under fire 
Town hall outrage scripted by liberal activists


Witches target Trump in massive occult ritual
Face-biting killer blames demon named Daniel 
Satanic temple membership surges after Trump's election

Signs in the Sky

UFO sightings reach an all-time high
NASA to launch mission to the sun to protect earth from huge solar flare 
Ring of fire solar eclipse attracts stargazers
Fireball explodes in loud boom over Texas

Wars/Rumors of Wars

Pentagon considering sending troops to Syria 
Russia power play in the mideast brings Ezekiel 38 war countries together 
Iran holds naval war games among rising tensions with the US


Three Christian Evangelist standing trial on ridiculous accusations 
Humanist group demand teacher remove Christian displays from classroom
Danish man charged with blasphemy for burning the Quran
Ex-captive describes ISIS torture after they discovered he was a Christian 
Atheists attack seniors who love Jesus 
CNN calls parents concerned about bathroom bill overprotective and intolerant 
Liberal protestors freak after chaplain prays in Jesus' name
Franklin Graham calls for urgent prayer for Christians slaughtered by ISIS in Egypt
Centuries of religious conflict now on US soil 
Street preachers convicted of "abuse" for proclaiming the gospel 
Chinese Christians sentenced to prison over devotionals


Canadian Government employees must pass PRO-LBGT test
Teen Vogue magazine already pushed abortion on teens 63 times in 2017
New Prime Time TV show has kids playing into the hands of Jezebel
Hardcore porn found online at library for schools
California bans students and workers from state-funded trips to anti-gay states 
Drug overdose deaths tripled since 1999 
Man deliberately drives car into pedestrians in Germany 
ABC Gay propaganda series "Rise" goes to extreme
Schools push 11 year olds to question gender 
First openly gay football scholarship in the NCAA 
Disney's new Beauty and the Beast promotes homosexuality 
Ohio LGBT group says will target Christian churches to hold gay weddings 


Rare 5.0 Earthquake strikes Russia 
Giant Ice Crack in Antarctica has Scientists concerned
More than 300 quakes strike Spain
6.9 Quake hits Fiji
90,000 birds killed in South Korea Avian Flu outbreak 
Former WH budget director says after March 15th, economy will grind to a halt 
Something strange is happening inside the earth 
Mt. Etna in Italy erupts, sending ash into the air

Good News

Texas and Iowa try to end abortion
Hundreds gather for "Why the Bible is true" exhibit at Ken Ham's Ark Encounter 
Florida democrat invokes blood of Jesus in battle against witches attempting to harm Trump

Have a blessed weekend!!


  1. You saved the best for last in your comments above under "News."

    1. Thanks Phyllis, I always try to end on a positive note. :-)

  2. MaryLu, thank you for gathering all the news and posting it for us. Reading them and thinking that even though some make you wonder what is going on-- we know what is going on. The evilness, the countries unrest, the hatred, the demeaning of anything pertaining to Christianity, pushing lbgtq or what ever they are called, subjecting our young school kids with warped ideas, now the movies you thought you could trust are going by the wayside.our weather, earthquakes, floods and I am waiting for some mountains to fall because it sure sounds like we are in are in the days of the Revelations. But the good news-- we have 7 new planets! "and my Father has many Mansions" . Does that sound silly? I would not know half of what you listed and I am very grateful. More to pray for. Look forward to your next Friday's posting. Blessings to you💕🙏🏻

    1. Heard about the planets! How weird... Expect to hear much more in the coming months about possible alien life. The great Deception is coming.
      Bless you, Elsie!!! Thanks for your prayers and encouragement!