Friday, March 17, 2017

Friday's Mad Mad World!

Greetings saints of the Most High!  Here's another listing of recent events related to Biblical prophecy of the end of days. I could have put so much more in here, but ran out of time and room. Many people don't know the things that are happening all around us. If I didn't go looking for them, I wouldn't either. Yet, as you glance down the list, you can't help but realize that we are the generation Jesus spoke about. It is both exciting and unnerving, yet we are blessed!  Many believers throughout the past longed to see the things we are witnessing every day.

Read prayerfully with a spirit of anticipation for the soon coming of our Prince!


Mt. Etna in Italy exhibiting increased activity
164 feet wide sinkhole opens up in Russia
Bird Flu fears in Alabama
6.0 Earthquake strikes India
5.1 Earthquake hits Burma
Avian Flu strikes Nepal for the first time
20 million at risk of starvation in Somolia
Yellow Fever outbreak in Brazil 
Volcanic eruption in Alaska threatens village 

Wars and Rumors of Wars

Russian spy ship returns off US coast 
Russia gearing up for another intervention in the Middle East 
World War 3 is coming! 
North Korea threatens merciless attack on US 
US Navy Seals take part in joint drills against North Korea 
Within a few years, North Korea could have a missile capable of hitting U.S. 
Global leaders rattle their sables as the world marches toward War 
Iran continues to test missiles in defiance of agreement

Signs in the Sky/Aliens

What the prophetic star calendar says about Jesus's coming


Mother and Son become Father and Daughter 
Minnesota University drops Homecoming "King and Queen" and replaces with "Royals" 
Demon activity in the U.S. on the rise according to Exorcists
Satanist students at Clemson University hold Bible torching ceremony
Air Force says words like "Boy" or "Girl" could be offensive

New World Order/loss of freedoms

Big brother is watching you through your cell phones
New war to label conservative news sites as "Fake News" 
Canada rolls out new blasphemy laws


Many young adults are turning to witchcraft as a way to rebel against Christianity 
Warming: The hyper-grace movement rewrites the Bible 
Pastor says God is Transgender


Beauty and the Beast actors mock Christians 
China arrests two pastors on serious allegations 
Mommy blogger under fire for canceling Disney vacation 
Brave Chinese Christians attend church despite intense persecution 
Judge rules that public school's visit to Christian sports complex violates constitution 
Hawaii Senate passes bill forcing churches to refer women to abortion clinics 
Iran arrests Christian Mother and Son and seize Bibles

Good News!

Armed rebels release Franklin Graham aid workers
X-Satanist radically saved and baptized 
Visions and dreams of Jesus are causing thousands of Muslims to get saved! 
Tombs of Biblical Esther and Mordechai found intact after 2500 years! 
8 year old boy says Angels helped him lift car off his dying dad 

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