Friday, March 31, 2017

Friday's Mad Mad World!

Greetings, Warriors of the Most High!  Here are the latest headlines that relate to end times prophecy. I don't expect you to read everything. In fact, I don't!  Just scan the headlines and click on those that interest you. This list is meant to open your eyes to what is happening in the world around us and to assure you that we are living in the end of days!

Do not despair.  We are going home soon!


Venezuela seizes bakeries amid bread shortages
3rd case of Bird Flu detected in TENN
Deadly rains and mudslides kill 72 in Peru 
The Global Famine begins 
More than 250 earthquakes strike Iceland Volcano 
6.4 Earthquake struck Bali 
Scientists warn that coming mega-quake could plunge parts of California into the sea (Yikes, I live here!)
Baseball-sized hail reported in Carolinas 
Volcano erupts in Russia after 248 years of being dormant

Economic collapse

Sears on the verge of collapse as PayLess prepares to file bankruptcy
Robots could replace a third of U.S. jobs in 15 years

New World Order/Socialism/Communism

Ex New Age blogger warns that occult members are forming the NWO
Google set to crack down on what it deems "offensive speech" 
Pakistan urging Facebook and Twitter to identify users who use blasphemous speech 
Far right news sites under investigation from the FBI 
New York School indoctrinates students by openly comparing Trump to Hitler and Mussolini


Turkey threatens to send 15,000 refugees a month to Europe
Muslim takeover of Britain already underway


New reality TV show will feature transgender bride 
IRS gives fast-track treatment to get tax exempt status for after school Satan Clubs 
Ohio town sees 82 overdoses in one week 
Homosexuality exploding among youth 
Beauty and the Beast director would like to rip pages out of the Bible
Yale to replace term "freshman" with more inclusive "First year student" 
Jerusalem to host this years Gay Parade (how God must be weeping)
School orders boy to tolerate undressing with a girl
We're waiting until Kindergarten to assign our child a gender. huh?
Gay club created and promoted by Idaho School staff and kept from parents
U.K. Parliament Terror Attack
Texas A&M's first openly Gay Student Body President to take office
Transgender man wins women's weight lifting contest
Power Rangers will feature big Screens first Queer character
First genderless person becomes legalized 
A warning for all you parents out there. Please read!


SCOTUS Judge warns of impending attacks against Christians
Atheists sue Texas Judge for opening court with Chaplain-led prayer 
Woman ordered to stop praying in her own home 
Christianity is wiped out from the Biblical Homeland 
VIMEO declares war on Gospel transformation

Wars and Rumors of Wars

American bombers in South Korea carry out Nuke-strike drills
U.S. military buildup near North Korea 
Syria claims they shot down an Israeli jet 
mini-nukes and mosquito-like weapons primed for future warfare (can you say locusts from hell?) 
North Korea warns that it will nuke the U.S.
North Korea to test another nuke soon
China warns U.S, as they position missiles closer to U.S. bases 
Britain bans all electronic devices on flights coming from certain countries amid terror threats 
China warns U.S. over Bomber flying in China Sea 
Over one million Americans at risk over North Korean Nuke Attack 
300,000 civilians at risk in Damascus battle 
Syria threatens to fire SCUD missiles at Israel 
NATO troops head to Poland to deter Russian Aggression  


Fake love, fake gospel and fake preachers
CNN continues to question the existence of Jesus
Christian college says Bible is not inclusive enough 
Part of the Methodist church splits over the homosexual debate 
Students at Christian university seek softer policies on homosexuals 

Signs in the sky

Giant fireball explodes over Pakistan
Solar Eclipse crosses U.S. this August, the first time in 99 years


Iran closing in on Israel: Deal with Syria could see new military base
Israel strikes Hezbollah convoy in Syria 
Syria and Russia forming alliance against Israel 
Israel preps mass evacuation plans for war
Palestinians prepared to present peace plan
Sanhedrin calls on Israel's greatest enemy to build the third temple

Good news!

Baby receives miracle after prayer!
North Carolina School removes first grade book about cross-dressing boy after complaints


  1. Hey, maybe you should move up North. :-) I'm pretty sure we are safe from falling into the ocean up here.

  2. Dear MaryLu,
    I am just catching up with -Cross and Cutlass- from over the weekend. Thank you again for all the work you put into these very important facts for us. Each time I read the lists I shudder-- because we are so headed in the wrong direction. We-as in - this country- this world--our government--schools--Please God protect our children from the evilness-- and please God put a hedge of safety around your people in Israel. And also Lord wake up those who preaching lukewarm messages to their churches.
    may you be Blessed by being obedient to doing what God would have you do in this time-- making others aware of what is happening all around us. To gather all this information is time consuming and I just want to say --Thank you💕💕

    1. Thanks Elsie, I worry most about the children and how they are being indoctrinated in our schools to believe evil is good and to have no understanding or idea of what our country is all about and how our founders believed and that this nation has only been successful because of God's blessing. How can the next generation (if there is one) ever stand a chance at knowing God? Yes, Bless Israel too. So much antisemitism rising these days. But God said it would. You're welcome, Elsie. I feel the Lord wants me to warn people.. so I do my best.