Saturday, April 8, 2017

Saturday's Mad Mad World!

Greetings, Watchers on the Wall!   Here's some of the latest news. Do not fear. Pray, Stay close to God, and keep looking up!


Baseball sized hail falling in Alabama
3.4 Earthquake strikes Kansas 
Hundreds of tons of fish suddenly die in Indonesia
6.1 Earthquake strikes Iran
Lyme disease set to explode and there is still no vaccine 
Zika mosquitoes detected in 129 California cities 
Japan's Mount Asama volcano first eruption since 2009  
Two volcanoes erupt in Russia 

Signs in the sky

Fireball reported over skies in Florida  
Sun releases 3 solar flares in 24 hours 
Are aliens trying to contact earth? 
Potentially hazardous asteroid hurtling toward earth


Appeals court rules that sex discrimination laws now also apply to gay discrimination
Global bank bows to transgender agenda 
Nursing home employees could be penalized for using wrong pronoun for patients 
Young Americans are killing marriage
Man marries a robot 
Mass media's hook up culture is ruining America's view of sex 
Nearly half of Americans between 18-59 are infected with sexually transmitted HPV 

Wars and Rumors of wars

Japan fumes as North Korea test launches another missile 
ISIS releases a kill list of 8786 targets in US and UK
Russia launches the most powerful nuclear attack submarine 
Military nightmare brewing in East China Sea 
Hundreds dead in suspected chemical attack in Syria 
Russian unveils unstoppable hypersonic missile 
North Korean defector says world should be ready for a NK nuke attack 
U.S. launches air strike against Syria
One EMP warhead from N. Korea could destroy the U.S. 


Jerusalem receives money to build the third temple 
Lamb to be slaughtered on Temple Mount for Passover

Socialism/OneWorldOrder/Loss of Freedom

Germany approves bill to stop online hate speech and fake news
University declares a Pro-Trump poster is offensive 
Facebook investing 14 million to fight fake news


Coptic Christian refused to deny Christ before ISIS ruthlessly killed him 
Lawmakers in trouble for quoting Bible in a House hearing 
Nurse is fired for encouraging a patient to pray 
Last year nearly 90,000 Christians were killed for their faith! Time to wake up!


Church if England faces extinction as last of true believers are dying out
Has the "relevant" church compromised Kingdom culture? 
only 4% of millennials hold a Biblical World View 
London: 500 Closed churches and 423 new Mosques


Mark of the Beast?
Employees in Sweden getting chip implants 

Good news

Colorado family credits prayer for survival 
Indian pastor sees world-wide revival on the horizon
Muslims turning to Christ in droves! 
Pastor scores big win for prayer in Florida Public schools

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