Saturday, April 29, 2017

Saturday's Mad Mad World

Greetings, Watchmen and women!  Here's this week's crazy news. I don't see how anyone could read these each week and not admit that we are living in the final days before our Lord's return.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Wars and Rumors of Wars

US deploys Anti-missile complex to South Korea
Air force to launch test missile off California coast 
UK risks being wiped off the map by nuclear counterstrike 
Iran violating nuclear deal
Japan warns citizens they only have 10 minutes warning if N. Korea fires a missile
North Korea carries out live fire drills
N. Korea media issues threat to wipe out America
Top US military commander accuses Russia of arming Taliban
Washington D.C. to hold massive terror attack drill
Russia building largest aircraft carrier to take on the US
US War Fleet within strike range of North Korea 
North Korea says 5 million young fighters ready to annihilate US with nuclear bombs 
US preparing to evacuate 230,000 Americans from South Korea 
Feds hold nuclear attack drills in New Jersey 


False gospel claims Judas was crucified, not Jesus
Most Christian's lack of knowledge of the Bible causes immorality 
Christian abortionists promote the practice 
Only 1 in 5 Americans read the entire Bible.

World Government - loss of freedom

Google determined to root out "fake news"
Germany's speech police target truth 
How the Obama administration used fake news to influence public opinion


America's debt bomb is about to explode
6.9 Earthquake strikes Chile 
Feds conduct Ebola drill 
Renewed Zika outbreak on Texas border 
Small earthquake shakes up Lancaster county
Twin earthquakes shake western Turkey 
Earthquake swarm near the coast of Chile
3.7 Earthquake strikes Colorado 
Floods displace 17,000 after 15 inches of rain fell in 24 hours

Signs in the sky

Mysterious noises heard in the sky for over 10 years and nobody has an explanation
Strange aurora phenomena in the sky baffles Scientists


People are seeing UFO's everywhere


Kim Kardashain portraying herself as the Virgin Mary
Ethiopia moves to ban churches with fewer than 6000 members 
Pentecostals and Evangelicals the most persecuted groups of Christianity 
Pastor confronted by Satanist outside abortion clinic
Christian baker refuses to back down after Gov punishes him for refusing to bake a gay wedding cake
LBGT teacher bans cross necklaces in class
Prayer at Michigan Town Hall meeting drowned out by shouts of "Separation of Church and State"


Disney perverts yet another classic with gay agenda
Up to 60 teens swarm train to rob passengers
Bruce Jenner threatens Republicans over LGBT rights
Violent protests grip France after election results 
Man who identifies as woman sues Idaho over refusing to change birth certificate 
Harvard guide says gender can change from day to day


Anti-semitic acts spike in US since Trump's election
PLO leader says there will be no peace in middle east until the Israeli occupation ceases
Jihadist claims Islamic State will surround Israel

Good news

Trump Cabinet praying and studying Bible together
Massive national day of prayer draws 700,000 people in South Africa


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